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Alexander Courtney BA Hons in Sports Journalism  is the current content manager at SEO company Evolved Search. He’s recently been tasked by leading tool provider MyToolShed to delve into the topic of how colour in the home can alter your emotions and how you can use this ‘colour psychology’ to promote positive emotions throughout the house by picking the right colours for each individual room. He’s previously been tasked by leading team wear provider Samurai Sports to delve into the topic of concussions in sport and to highlight the signs and symptoms of a concussion, as well as the best way to help someone recover and squashing some myths along the way too. The aim of the work is to bring further awareness to the issue of concussions and provide information to those who take care of people participating in contact sports. He may be contacted via Evolved Search on Tel: 0800 043 0173;  hello@evolvedsearch.co.uk   www.evolvedsearch.co.uk

Articles by Alexander Courtney

  1. Concussion In Sport

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Concussions are always a big talking point in the world of sport and as a result, sports bodies are doing what they can to limit them through various avenues. But which sports suffe...

  2. Decorate Your House With Colour Psychology

    Listed in light and colour

    It’s a new year and a lot of people choose this time to redecorate the house and do a little bit of spring cleaning. But if you’re looking to redecorate, what colours do you choose?...

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