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Decorate Your House With Colour Psychology

by Alexander Courtney(more info)

listed in light and colour, originally published in issue 265 - September 2020


It’s a new year and a lot of people choose this time to redecorate the house and do a little bit of spring cleaning. But if you’re looking to redecorate, what colours do you choose? Well, have you ever considered colour psychology?

What Is Colour Psychology?

Colour psychology is the study of hues affecting the nature of human behaviour. Sunlight, and the colours generated by it, influence hormonal responses, making us feel certain ways when we see different colours. These can range from positive feelings such as being relaxed and focused to even negative ones that can cause anxiety. My Tool Shed have designed a guide to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, room by room.


MyToolShed-Colour List

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Colours And How They Can Make You Feel

If you’re wanting to use colours that will bring positive vibes to your home, this list below will show you which emotions are caused by certain colours.


MyToolShed-Colour  Room by Room


Positive Vibes Room-By-Room

Now that we know which emotions are caused by specific colours, we can transfer that knowledge to see how we can decorate our homes to promote positivity throughout. Here’s an example of how you could colour each room in the home to generate as many positive vibes as possible throughout.


MyToolShed-Colour Living Room


Living Room

Green as the main colour in the living room not only gives the sense of freshness but also possibly a more important trait here, harmony, perfect for a room designed to bring people together. After this try adding some yellows and oranges to promote happiness, joy and warmth to the space. Finally, a dash of purple here and there is always good to add a sense of luxury.


MyToolShed-Colour Kitchen



Brown gives off a sense of dependability, reliability and resilience. These traits are what we look for when it comes to furniture, something we can trust to store and hold things, so wooden coloured cabinets, dining tables and chairs etc all give off these emotions. Next, in a kitchen, because of the food, it’s important to feel clean, so a splash of white will tick this box. Then we all want to eat like kings, so let’s feel like it at the same time by adding some purple into the room. Finally, finish off the room with some black here and there for a bit of elegance and to give off a formal feel, perfect for around the dinner table.


MyToolShed-Colour Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom

When you are with your partner you want to feel love, passion and desire towards each other, and the colour red promotes this. In the bedroom, you also want to use colours that are going to help you relax and ultimately sleep. White is a great place to start as it can make the room come across as clean and pure. After this pink has a calming effect, which is important if you’ve had a stressful day at work, and then finally, use green as it gives off a sense of tranquillity.


MyToolShed-Colour Bathroom



The bathroom, especially if you enjoy a nice bath, is a place where people go to relax and recharge. Blue not only resembles water and the sky but it’s also a peaceful and calming colour, so this makes for a great main colour for the room. Pair this with white in order to make the room feel clean. When it comes to accent colours, use greens and browns. They promote freshness and calmness and then brown, in particular, is great for a sense of dependability and reliability which is always feeling you want to give off when the room has larger appliances.


MyToolShed-Colour Kids Room


Kid’s Room

For a developing child, anything that can help them grow mentally can only be a positive thing. As a result, if you analyse colour psychology, it appears orange is the perfect main colour to have in a child’s bedroom, as it encourages creativity, fascination and stimulation, a few amazing traits for a child. Importantly, it also gives us joy and happiness.

Yellow has many parallel attributes to orange so these can both be main colours. Yellow, aside from the same positive qualities as orange, also promotes intelligence and cheerfulness.

Great colours to pair with either of these as accents to the room are purple and white. Purple’s ability to promote wisdom and ambition will, of course, be beneficial for any child’s room and then white can emote goodness, innocence and purity.


MyToolShed-Colour_Home Office


Home Office

This colour palette centres around character traits you need to be successful in business. We start with a main colour of black. Black gives you the feeling of power and authority, some important traits to instil in yourself in order to succeed. After that, what do you want from your work? Perfection, so white is your go-to first accent colour.

Then, when you go about your work you want to be wise, confident and be intelligent while conducting key bits of business, which you can get from the green. And finally, work can be tough and can get you down and tired at times, so throw hints of red around the office space to give yourself sources of determination and strength.

Guest Room

When it comes to the guest room it’s important to give off a good first impression. The easiest way to do this is to make the room appear and feel as clean and fresh as possible. White is perfect for this as it gives off a purity to the room and then use some green to continue the freshness and tranquillity. After that, it’s important that your guests feel like they’re being treated like kings so throw in some blue and purple as these give off a sense of luxury, extravagance and royalty.

Not Everyone Responds To Colours The Same

Despite the colours we’ve used in our examples, it’s important to remember that many people react to colours differently. This could be due to certain colours reminding you of things or moments in your past, either positively or negatively, or it could be down to where you live and that culture. For example, according to verywellmind, the colour white in the west equals purity, while in the East it symbolises mourning.

Of course, the colour scheme of the house above may not be everyone’s ideal layout nor cup of tea, so here are the most important things to remember when picking colours for your home.

  • How Do You Want To Feel In This Room?
  • How Will Others Feel In This Room?
  • Which Colours Can I Put Together To Get The Best Out Of This Room?



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