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  1. A 21st Century Healing Technology - Laser Therapy

    by Wendy Boast

    This article offers a detailed and technical explanation for the effectiveness of cold, or lower-level laser treatment for a wide range of health challenges. It is based on the inf...

  2. A Bright future for Light Therapy

    by David Noton, Ph.D.

    In July of this year (1998), when the summer sun was striving bravely to overcome a dark and rainy English spring, a group of researchers and physicians, leavened by a goodly crew ...

  3. Biolumanetics - The Science of Life-Light

    by Thrity Engineer

    Biolumanetics is a healing discipline that uses the light emitted by living beings to find a means of balancing energy and so bringing about a healthier state.

  4. Bioptron® Light Therapy: Polarized, Incoherent, Polychromatic and Low Energy Light

    by Hani Rifai

    This article recalls the history of light therapy, dating back to 1400 BC, including the awarding of one of the earliest Nobel prizes to a doctor practising light therapy. Bioptron...

  5. Colour Boosting for Cancer Patients

    by Sue Shattock

    In this article, the author, an Aura-Soma and metamorphic technique practitioner who has trained in many different forms of self-healing, focuses on the energy-boosting properties ...

  6. Colour Breathing for Healing

    by Alison Bourne

    The author describes how four years ago she developed a simple self-help therapy called Colour Breathing to aid relaxation and achieve inner and outer harmony and health.

  7. Colour Integrated with Aromatherapy

    by Gwyneth Pick

    Over the last twenty years, the subject of Aromatherapy has been much talked about and is fairly well understood by most people. The shop shelves are well stocked with 'aromatherap...

  8. Colour Light Therapy

    by Charaka Satyam

    Light is life. Without light, foods would not grow, flowers would not bloom and the life of animals and man would simply disappear. Sunshine raises our spirits and quite literally ...

  9. Colour Therapy for Anorexia and Depression

    by Alison Demarco

    Alison studied colour therapy with Vicky Wall and created her own colour system – the Colour Profile Analysis System. This includes Alison's work with Harry Oldfield and electro-cr...

  10. Cranial Laser Reflex Technique for Muscle Release and Pain

    by Gill Jacobs

    This article describes the innovative new development called Cranial Laser Reflex Technique (CLRT), which involves brief laser stimulation of specific cranial reflex points. The au...

  11. Decorate Your House With Colour Psychology

    by Alexander Courtney

    It’s a new year and a lot of people choose this time to redecorate the house and do a little bit of spring cleaning. But if you’re looking to redecorate, what colours do you choose?...

  12. EEA / Kirlian photography and Colourpuncture

    by Angelika Hochadel

    Kirlian photography shows the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. This is usually achieved by placing the finger and toe tips on a photographic unit and the energy emission...

  13. Healing with Colour Therapy

    by Pauline Wills

    The author states that we are ‘beings of light’, and need light for our well-being.  In our aura’s etheric layer are eight energy centres, or chakras, each vibrating to its own col...

  14. How Seasonal Change and Time Changes Mess With our Brains

    by Dr Henry Mahncke

    As we learned in school at a young age, the longest and shortest days of daylight come each June and December – with the extremes of darkness and daylight of these Winter and Summer...

  15. Illumination Therapy

    by Dr Charles Newman

    Personal transformation is the process of individual change that results from an increased level of perceptive awareness.

  16. Light – Luscious, Luminous, Life-Giving

    by Marion Eaton

    Dusk was drawing in as I finished the meditation. I put my hands over my closed eyes and suddenly it seemed as if the sun had come out from behind the clouds. I took them away to ch...

  17. Light and Colour for Optimum Health

    by Kathleen Ginn

    Over the last ten years, following a history of poor health, Kathleen Ginn has studied light and colour and has reaped their benefits for health and well-being. She is a lecturer a...

  18. Light and its application in Acupuncture

    by David Barker-Hall

    The therapy known as Acupuncture has fragmented into many differing methods, with each system appealing to various groups or individuals. In this article we will now consider yet a...

  19. Light It Up: How Your Lighting Could Affect Your Mental Health

    by Wandsworth Electrical

    In recent years, the way people respond to light has been something of a hot topic. From the growing numbers of people dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to the rise of ...

  20. Light Medicine and the Future

    by Steven Paul Warren the medical profession finds itself exhausting the valuable resource of antibiotic therapy through its overuse, many doctors are looking for viable alternatives. Light therap...

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