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  1. Self-Empowerment with Colour Healing

    by Marion Zacks

    Using colour therapy these days is not about telling individuals what they need and prescribing for them. It is about facilitating and supporting those who wish to help themselves ...

  2. The Healing Power of Colour

    by Lauryn McGuiness

    This article focuses on Chromotherapy, a form of colour therapy using colour and light to balance energy in our body to prevent or heal diseases.

  3. The Healing Power of Incoherent Polarized Light

    by Lynne Curtis-King

    This article focuses on light therapy, which has a long history of use in medicine from ancient Egypt, through sunlight, to Danish Nobel Prize physician Niels Ryberg Finsen’s creat...

  4. Ultraviolet - the true story

    by Jeffrey Darlington

    For too many people, the dermatologists' message comes across as "the sun is bad for you". It's not true: the sun is good for you.

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