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Self-Empowerment with Colour Healing

by Marion Zacks(more info)

listed in light and colour, originally published in issue 62 - March 2001

By using the vibration of colours, we can help to harmonize and heal ourselves

The principles of empowerment and self-awareness come into force when individuals take control and responsibility for their own wellbeing.

Using colour therapy these days is not about telling individuals what they need and prescribing for them. It is about facilitating and supporting those who wish to help themselves to reach their full potential through the use and understanding of colour energy.

From experience we are being shown that, as unique individuals, we do know what we really need to heal and harmonize ourselves.

Coloured Bottles

We will all choose the colours as the energies we need for ourselves. We know the correct colour pathways that will work for us in a way that no other person can. We have always known, but because of the daily grind and past conditioning we have just forgotten.

As facilitators of colour therapy we remind individuals who they really are through the knowledge and understanding of colour and how, by using its vibrations, they can bring about their own healing, harmonizing but above all bring fulfilment and happiness back into their daily lives. In other words, being whole again so our full potential can be reached and lived; using both sides of our selves, the logical thinking part and the intuitive feeling part.

Wherever we live on this planet or whoever we are, from the moment our eyes open we see colour and accept it as a normal ordinary phenomenon. Scientifically proven, measured and recorded, colour is fragmented light and part of the electromagnetic spectrum (See Figure 1).

Figure 1: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Figure 1: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

In the past there was a difference of opinion regarding whether the rainbow had six or seven colours. However, scientists now confirm that the universe is made up of building blocks of sixes.[1] If we accept this, then we accept there are six main colours of the rainbow but obviously many colours in between.

The use of the dual colour system within colour therapy brought in by the pioneer Vicky Wall, allows deep analytical information to be accessed. And yet it is one of the simplest and highest vibrational energies we can access and its uses are unlimited.

As human beings it can be difficult to imagine that we are multi-layers of colour or energy vibrating at different rates; very much like a spinning sphere of energy containing more spinning spheres, all hopefully working together to create a healthy being. When even one aspect of these vibrating fields of energy goes out of balance, let alone several or many, it affects the whole.

So, over a period of time, although the body tries to counteract this in the best way possible, it builds up until finally it shows itself in the physical body. From being stressed and exhausted to the manifestation of chronic or acute illnesses, the origination point starts within us. Understanding what causes this to occur in the first place means that we can take steps to help ourselves both to rectify the situation and also to prevent it occurring in the future. We are dealing with the cause and effect. This is where the dual colour system works really well, analysing the chosen dual colours to find out what is going on within and using them to bring balance and harmony back again.

The two colour fractions relate to different aspects: the top relates to what we are aware of within ourselves and the bottom colour fraction to what we are unaware of. In other words, the top is about our consciousness and the bottom fraction our subconsciousness.

This immediately gives us much more information than choosing a single colour. But because we are dealing with a fluid substance that interacts and also amalgamates when shaken (which separates back to its original state) we create another dimension or level of hidden colours. So from just one dual colour bottle, a great deal of information is actually available. And, of course, the depth and dimensions of colour energy available for healing are therefore much greater.

As we follow this process through the use and understanding of the colours we choose we begin to become far more aware of our strengths and areas where we can expand our potential. As the colour energies balance and harmonize us we feel less stressed, stronger and healthier and far more able to cope and live with our hectic lifestyles. This creates a positive cycle of awareness and action, which, when brought into our daily lives, brings about inner growth and self-empowerment.

All energy is positive and likewise all colours are positive. No individual colour is more powerful than another. We as individuals will automatically choose or be attracted to the colours we need. This is a very important point. No one knows us better than ourselves. The need to trust ourselves within colour therapy, against the conditioning that so-called 'qualified' specialists know better, is very important.

Whatever imbalance we have, we will know the colour route to take to dissolve it. Assuming that because a particular colour has a meaning it will be the correct one to use is very unwise. If a therapist looks at a physical disease and states that a particular colour will heal it, they are not looking at the original cause of why the disease manifested. Each of us will have our own sole reason for the imbalance and it is by allowing the individual to choose and use their chosen colours that harmony and empowerment will safely be achieved.

Whether someone chooses and uses one bottle of dual coloured liquid after a simple explanation of what it means, or whether they have a full analytical interpretation session with a qualified practitioner, the benefits will be apparent.

Different colour companies will use the dual colour system in different ways. avaTara colour therapy uses a system whereby during a session the individual is encouraged to choose and place in any order as many combinations as they wish. This way, a true reflection of the person is placed on the table in the form of the dual colours. This usually involves eight or more bottles being used. Interpreting and analysing the dual colours as they relate to the person means the practitioners using their logical and intuitive skills. Using this method, with support and encouragement, the client can find a practical 'user friendly' way forward to self-empowerment that is tailor-made for them.

Being able to prove where the knowledge and information that is being given to the individual relates to the dual colours in a simple 'down to earth' fashion, means that it can be accepted and understood. There is no special way of using these colour energies.

Just trusting oneself and how we feel we need to use them means we have the flexibility of how, when and where the dual colours are applied. The individual then becomes responsible for how it is used in practical everyday terms. They see progress and feel better and are hopefully encouraged to continue to help themselves with colour energy.

The direction of the individual's growth and empowerment using this form of colour therapy takes them to a point when they are able to be free to live their own truth from their own energetic heart centre, in balance with themselves and in harmony with the Earth.

Research in the USA actually confirms that when we access and live our own unique heart truth our energy waves match those of the Earth's resonance.[2]

Questions Often Asked

If all colour is energy will the colours of my clothes or in my home have the same effect as the dual colour system?

The answer is no! Although colour is used in every walk of life and of course affects our moods and wellbeing on some levels, the primary intent of our clothes, decorations, furnishings, etc. is to be just that. The dual colour therapy system uses colour for healing and empowerment as its primary intent.

How are the dual coloured liquids made, how are they used and what do they contain to make them so special?

Although each company using this system of colour therapy will have their own method of producing their colours, basically they use oil-based and water-based fractions. Because of this the oil fraction sits upon the water fraction giving a clear definition of two separate colours. Added to the colours will be each company's special formulas of essences and/or oils.

Generally the liquids are made to be mixed together and massaged into the skin where the body will absorb what it needs. They can also be used in other ways with excellent results.

It is obviously impossible to state how other companies manufacture their colour therapy products, but within avaTara colour therapy the crystalline quality of their products corresponds to their high vibrational quality. Similar to the production of flower essences, the products are energized to ensure that the colour vibrations are the best possible for the primary intent of being tools for self-healing and awareness. Producing this system so that it has the highest energetic colour vibrations but also the highest physical qualities complying with current legislation takes many years of research, development, integrity and dedication.

avaTara makes all their colours on site from primary cosmetic grade colours (unfortunately natural colours are unstable) using the purest quality ingredients available, including the highest grade pharmaceutical mineral oils. As a point of interest, mineral oil is distilled from crude oil, which has taken millions of years to form from vegetation deep beneath the Earth's crust. Its energy and stability support the overall quality of the products.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Miss M had had a traumatic childhood, which had created a foundation of difficult experiences in her adult years. To cover her hurt and inner loneliness, she tried to bring comfort to herself by making people laugh and like her. Although she tried to improve herself, she had difficulty learning and trusting her own abilities.

Unravelling the layers of imbalance and emotional insecurities has taken many sessions of colour therapy and of Miss M working with the dual colours. During one particular session, a chosen combination of clear white over red placed on the side of her head (where forceps were used during her birth) resulted in an immediate blockage of energy being released.

Within moments and continuing to this day, she felt pressure in her head being released and is now able not only to see more clearly physically but her memory has greatly improved.

The overall transformation of Miss M during the past two years has been incredible. Continuing to use the dual colours, she feels much more confident in herself and, at long last, in control of her life.

Case Study 2

Mrs B had no confidence in herself or her abilities. She had had a difficult childhood and a disastrous marriage. Although she was now in a good relationship, her fears and lack of self-esteem caused her to bury her personality and skills by rigidly conforming to what she thought was expected of her.

Over the course of intensive use of the dual colour system, the difference in Mrs B has been extraordinary. Her physical appearance has greatly improved as she feels far better in herself. For the first time in her life she has studied and worked through an intensive learning course, achieving a high-level pass mark. Her renewed confidence and feelings of self-worth have now given her the opportunity of helping other people to reach their potential using this dual colour system.

Further Information      Tel: 01297 444772.


1. Particle Physics Group of Royal Holloway, University of London, Information Sheet 2.
2. McArthur David and McArthur Bruce. The Intelligent Heart. ISBN 0-604-389-9. 1997.


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About Marion Zacks

Marion is the co-founder of avaTara colour therapy and their principal teacher and lecturer. Years of research, the application and understanding colour energy, and the use of the dual colour system by the company are now being recognized worldwide. Applying the knowledge of this form of colour therapy with the scientific data available, they are working to bring awareness of its uses to all walks of life with honesty and simplicity. Marion has always had an intense interest in colour. Throughout her childhood her main delight was using her artistic abilities, culminating in running a ceramic painting business for 15 years. Researching the use of colour energy was therefore a natural progression. Marion is the niece of the late Vicky Wall and, with this lineage, is committed to bring colour therapy into the 21st century following the original intent of the dual colour system.

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