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Marion is the co-founder of avaTara colour therapy and their principal teacher and lecturer. Years of research, the application and understanding colour energy, and the use of the dual colour system by the company are now being recognized worldwide. Applying the knowledge of this form of colour therapy with the scientific data available, they are working to bring awareness of its uses to all walks of life with honesty and simplicity. Marion has always had an intense interest in colour. Throughout her childhood her main delight was using her artistic abilities, culminating in running a ceramic painting business for 15 years. Researching the use of colour energy was therefore a natural progression. Marion is the niece of the late Vicky Wall and, with this lineage, is committed to bring colour therapy into the 21st century following the original intent of the dual colour system.

Articles by Marion Zacks

  1. Self-Empowerment with Colour Healing

    Listed in light and colour

    Using colour therapy these days is not about telling individuals what they need and prescribing for them. It is about facilitating and supporting those who wish to help themselves t...

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