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The Miracle of Light

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in light and colour, originally published in issue 269 - March 2021


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The child’s symptoms were persistent fits that hospital staff attributed to mitochondrial disease.[3]  The mainstream and private orthodox medical sources agreed that there was no possibility of a cure.  Taking into account the treatment options available in the soap storyline from NHS and private orthodox medical sources, the prognosis was probably accurate. 

The treatments available within NHS and private sectors are both basically the same with differences relating to waiting times, choice of consultants, hospitals, comfort and regimentation, food choices and cost, of course.  Some procedures such as certain cosmetic surgeries are not available on the NHS and some consultants work for both private and NHS sectors.  In medicine, surgery and patient care there are good, bad and in-between, just as there are in every industry.  It pays to research hospitals and staff choices.

There are currently many alternative to mainstream options available but not promoted in real life or on television.  Indeed, many sound treatments for various disease states have been suppressed for many decades by the politico-economic powers-that-be.[4]  Medics, investigative journalists and researchers attempting to bring to public notice such treatments, have been silenced and worse.  This is ongoing today with mainstream media (MSM) reporting only one-sided narrative regarding Covid-19 cases, treatment, testing, government guidelines/control and  vaccination.[5] 

Despite global politico-economic domination over the past several decades, the status quo is changing.  Especially since the advent of the internet and social media, more information on the topic of health has been available to those who search.  Although we will only see mainstream narrative in the media, there is a great divide well under way. 

Old suppressed research and information is coming to the fore.   A generation fed up with being controlled and lied to is encouraged by recent leadership spearheading the battle to get corrupt and oppressive global-controlled governments back to the people.  Censorship by social media has attempted to diminish free access to information but new websites and search engines are sources to go to.[6]

In decades past insightful individuals pointed us to detoxification, sunshine, relevant exercise, healthy hygiene and life style, clean water, good food and natural remedies.  This regime would be able to put pay to many an illness.  However, the world we now live in is so sun-deprived and polluted yielding unhealthy air, water and foods,  that the old way of prescribing on its own would be woefully inadequate.

Today’s disease states need a thorough history, from conception if possible, to even come close to the complexity of causes and would need to be dealt with like peeling an onion, layer at a time.  Some issues such as lack of sunshine and pollution are on a global scale and must be dealt with from the top down.  For instance, an individual alone is able to do very little about the dumps of toxic nano-particulates sprayed into the sky daily under the guise of climate/weather control.[7]  This not only deprives humans of vital life-giving sunshine but animals, insects and plants too.  Sunlight is not an optional feature of life but a basic essential.  It could be classed as a primary nutrient essential for every cell, tissue and system in the human body in terms of structure, function and information transmission. 

Amongst other nutrients, non-toxic oils are essential for cell-membrane integrity that is needed for the beneficial action of sunlight.  This is of special interest in that mitochondria and nuclei are bounded by double lipid membranes. Over the years we have been told various theories about which fats/oils are healthy.  Author Mark Sloan[8] quotes research showing that traditional belief in unsaturated fats being beneficial is not necessarily so and points to coconut oil, olive oil and butter being healthier fat choices.  Toxic fats ‘block up’ energy generation in the mitochondria and this could explain why a ketogenic diet using right fats works especially well in treating epilepsy.[9] An organic healthy ketogenic diet as part of structured ketosis is not to be confused with the trend of flavoured keto drinks promoted on social media.

When looking to health issues it must be appreciated that as individuals the details of each case belongs only to that particular being.  If toxic elements, malnutrition and emotional negativity from conception onwards are known about then these issues can be assessed.  Such a history might include mercury from amalgam fillings, aluminium, fluoride, vaccines which contain toxic metals, formaldehyde and foreign proteins that could lead to autoimmune conditions.  Cigarette smoke, dehydration and alcohol are other potential factors to consider. 

The importance of breast-feeding for immune system and gut health and childhood feeding are vital parts of a thorough history. Emotional trauma and premature births can give rise to fears locked away in the subconscious but continue as background ‘programs’ that can last a lifetime.  Unless this aspect of health issues is identified, there is no resolution.  This does not mean that symptoms cannot be managed but if deep seated subconscious fears cause adrenal exhaustion, for example, palliative treatment is the only option.  Considering potential damage the cardiovascular system and kidneys, for example, this is not a good option. Virtually all health issues will involve mitochdrial function.

Admittedly, the potential coverage of even these few factors would take volumes but in Oliver’s case in the soap story, none of the above was mentioned in regards to tests carried out or real history taking even hinted at.  As soon as they had their differential diagnostic tests completed the outcome was negative without possibility of thinking outside the orthodox medical box.

Outside the box

The Science of Photobiology

In terms of healing, the implications are immense. Dr Fritz Albert Popp[10], a pioneer in the research of biophotons,[11] demonstrated that quanta of light can start or halt chemical reactions in cells and that cellular genetic damage can be quickly repaired by low level light therapy (LLLT). Dr Popp stated that he didn’t fully understand the complexity between light and life, as we still don’t, but he believed that the function of our entire metabolism depends upon light. Biophotons transmit coherent information and communication within and between cells at the speed of light. Photons from sun result in only a small amount of heat vs light energy. 

In his excellent article, Jed Shlackman[12] states that, “In Popp's view, health is a state of perfect subatomic communication, and ill health is a state of communication breakdown.”

Popp showed that substances could disrupt or scramble cellular light information and communication.  This loss of coherence is seen in cancer cells that become out of harmony with the rest of the body.  The process of photo repair, using specific light frequency ranges, can restore to cells a state of coherence and harmony. 

Using his photomultiplier machine, Popp showed that cancer tumours reacted to high intensity levels of UV light. By illuminating cells with a weaker intensity of UV light, the DNA underwent rapid healing. In multiple sclerosis cases there is apparently an overwhelm of light preventing normal function of  low-level light intensity.  Popp experimented with toxic molecules and non-toxic molecules. The toxic molecules absorbed light but emitted it as scrambled frequencies.  Light absorbed by non-toxic molecules was emitted as coherent and unaltered. 

Considering Popp’s comments on cancer cells reacting to high intensity levels of UV light, it raises the question of why certain cells behave in this way towards light.  Some believe that it is the body’s way of attempting homeostasis because the light in these cells is “going out”.  Putting this together with the known effects of emotional stress/trauma on cells, long-term trauma being especially damaging, this would make sense of what happens to cells when they become cancerous,[13] and where the cancer is located.[14]  Feeling powerless and trapped is common to most cancer sufferers. 

Nutritional and fluid status, oxygen levels, toxins and inadequately handled emotions affect biophoton activity.  The effects of electromagnetic radiation resulting from modern technology and negative music frequencies all have a damaging effect. Combine these issues with those mentioned above and it is a deep, dark man-made rabbit hole. 

While measuring these photons in human beings, Popp discovered that body cells have biological rhythms, which are the recurring cycles of physical, emotional and intellectual states.  He noted that people with cancer had disturbed biological rhythms. His research also showed that stress triggered an increase in biophotons, which short-term can be beneficial to good health.  Again, this could be a first line attempt at homeostasis because the light in the cancer cells is “going out”.  Poor handling of stress, especially long-term stress, is a major factor in the causal chain of cancers.

Only plants are capable of absorbing sunlight and transforming it into their food via the process of photosynthesis.  We eat sunlight through those plants.  It makes sense that fresh unpolluted foods are highest in biophotons and many are found to be natural cancer remedies.  Dr. Gabriel Cousens states that people who have junk food diets register less biophotons in their systems, whereas people eating fresh raw food diets have more biophotons in their bodies.  Light is essential in the chain of complete cellular metabolism.

No light means no life

So how does light link to mitochondrial disease?  The Citric Acid Cycle or TCA (Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle) is also called Krebs Cycle, named after its identifier Sir Hans Adolf Krebs (1900-1981). It is simplified as a series of reactions occurring in mitochondria that oxidises Acetyl-CoA from the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to carbon dioxide, and oxidizes the pyruvate formed during the breakdown of glucose into carbon dioxide and water.  Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride (NADH) is the biological form of hydrogen essential for harvesting energy in the form of ATP from fuel substrates[15].

This might sound like simple chemical reactions but the ramifications of each step requires multiple contributory factors to produce each step and allow the next step to continue.  The metabolic chains have many links and if any link is missing, regardless of size or importance of that link, then the chain is injured.  Multiple factors are involved in mitochondrial metabolism that can result in improper functioning.  These can involve deficiencies of essentials or toxic blocks.  Both can be acquired from conception onwards from parents or after birth from the environment. 

To my knowledge, no one has factored in the vitality of sunlight or the effects of emotional trauma/long term distress into Krebs cycle or considered how those factors could be entered into the classical Krebs cycle representations.  The diagram below is a simple representation of the immensely more complicated chemistry.

Krebs Cycle diagram

Nutritional deficiencies are not the only way to reduce the efficiency of the Krebs Cycle.  Toxic substances such as mercury from amalgam dental fillings, fluoride from tap water and toothpaste, aluminium from cooking pans, foreign proteins from vaccinations and many more can inhibit the chemical steps necessary to complete the cycle by causing deficiencies or directly interfering with cellular respiration and energy production.  In mitochondrial issues, supplementing NADH is especially relevant in correcting a deficient nutritional profile.  No one has estimated the amount of damage potential in loading the sky with toxic nano-particulate matter which blocks out the sunshine, essential for health, and damages the fresh air we were meant to breathe. This would be impossible to factor into a Krebs Cycle diagram but it is a reality for mitochondria suffering from such assaults.

Deuterium or heavy water is an isotope of hydrogen, which slows down mitochondrial energy production.  This can lead to lowered immune response and premature aging.  The addition of lemon to water provides Vitamin C, which acts as a proton acceptor in defective mitochondria. This performs and augments substrate-level phosphorylation (SLP) by removing deuterium from the TCA intermediates and results in the production of ATP independent from the ATP synthase (ATPase).[17] 

Thomas Cowan MD in his book, Cancer and the New Biology of Water[18] shows that the role of ATP is misunderstood.  He states that ATP binds to the end of intracellular structural proteins, unfolding them, therefore allowing them to bind with the water in the cells to form gels.  Without ATP no gel forms and the function of the cell collapses.  He emphasizes the function of cytoplasm integral in cellular energy efficiency.  This gel state called structured water, EZ (exclusion zone) water or the fourth phase of water is covered in detail in Gerald Pollack’s book The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid & Vapor.[19]

The opportunity to investigate treatment options doesn’t only depend on research.  Should such research not yield grand profits to ‘big pharma’ it is doubtful that it would attract funding anyway.  Stem cell therapy[20] is well worth thorough investigation as are supplements not considered run of the mill such as bone marrow, collagen, glandulars, NADH, Modified Citrus Pectin and nutrients with high photon properties. 

Tackling time-limited health issues, such as that of Oliver in the soap storyline, can be scary especially when support for a positive outcome is scarce.  It is useful to consider a paradigm shift as far as health and sickness are concerned, but this can only be part of an overall societal shift from dark to light.  As an individual, therapies like ultrasound, red light therapy, low-level laser therapy, homeopathy, photon-high nutrition and herbals, deuterium depleted water, keto-diet, structural correction, emotional therapy and many other natural avenues to health are available.  A few practitioners and private clinics address alternative approaches to mitochondrial disease but as a people we have been programmed to become too dependent upon others doing the digging. 

In conclusion, it doesn’t pay to presume any portrayed outcome as the only possibility.  It is rare to find comprehensive coverage of any one issue in any one place.  Let the miracle of light touch our hearts and minds to think and research outside the box.  We will find some information gems.[21]


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