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Colour Therapy for Anorexia and Depression

by Alison Demarco(more info)

listed in light and colour, originally published in issue 35 - December 1998

In 1989 I became involved with colour and its therapeutic uses due to an uncontrollably increased heart rate that left me gasping for breath and believing that I was having a heart attack. Eventually medically diagnosed as suffering from depression involving panic attacks I was given beta-blockers. Due to my conviction that I had cancer I was given a mammogram, and as I had predicted a very small lump was found. I had no idea how suddenly I had become so mentally and physically ill and I needed to find out why. I was fast losing my will to live when my inner faith began to pull me through, intuitively knowing that there was something other than, or that could complement, my prescribed drugs. This provoked my search into Natural Healing.

color chart

A 'chance' meeting with a lady who was a Colour Therapist led me to choose my colour from her system, and then she accurately interpreted my colour choices into my life story. An abbreviated version follows:

My first colour choice was Clear/Pink which she told me related to a feeling of abandonment and being unloved at my birth. Amazed, I told her I had been adopted. My next colour choice was Orange/Orange, and she said that I had had a shock and trauma very early on in childhood due to a death, which resulted in a need to overprotect my self. Due to this, I turned all my emotional anger inward and began the self-destructive pattern which had a knock-on effect through my childhood. She went on to say that my third colour choice, Red/Red's interpretation was to do with unresolved anger. This I could easily relate to, knowing that my anger was the main issue in my life, and I wanted to understand why and be free of it. I knew somehow that it was connected to my increased heart rate and depression. My last colour choice was Green/Violet, which she referred to as my 'soul's depression', saying that I had a need to develop my spirituality and healing powers through colour, which in turn would heal me.

As memories came flooding back during this consultation I could see and begin to understand my self destructive teenage years, my abuse of alcohol, marijuana, cigarette smoking, traumatic relationships and eating patterns that verged on anorexia.

When the consultation was finished I felt uplifted and elated because for the first time someone had seen my inner hurt. At the same time I had been allowed to express myself without being judged and had finally been given positive feedback with guidance in relation to my true essence and life pathway. This provoked my will to live, and stimulated my interest to read, learn and then train in Colour Therapy.

My own healing programme had its basis in colour. I began to walk three miles every day, breathing in the calming colour blue, telling my negative chatterbox in my head to shut up. Then I would breathe out my anger and negativity with red, affirming that I was healthy and balanced. I related colour to aromatherapy oils and Bach flower remedies, studying their combined effects. I changed my diet, ate organic food, made amazing colourful creative appetising recipes and began to study nutrition with Dr Mackay.

Dr Mackay introduced me to Electro-Crystal Therapy, which involves electro-magnetically stimulating crystals that have a glass electrode. This equipment scans the person's subtle energy field to find out whether or not it is in a state of energetic flux or of low energy density. The colour intensities and gradations give us information on the person's energy field. The practitioner will balance the appropriate chakra(s) and organs by using tranquillising or stimulating frequencies through the electro-crystal unit. By using a modified video camera linked to a computer, with a special programme that analyses light emanating from the person, a colour printout is achieved. The difference I felt after treatment was my positive attitude and increased energy levels. My obvious improved health impressed me so much that I went on to train in the system.

I had regular natural daylight treatments and would also drape natural dyed coloured silk scarves over the light box to create my desired effect. The violet, blue and indigo were used on the days I felt stressed out and needed calming down, while the yellows, oranges and reds were kept for my gloomy lethargic days, giving me energy and vitality. I combined green and orange when dealing with deep rooted emotional issues. Turquoise, I used to help boost my immune system – a crucial factor in maintaining health – and I always ended the session with Magenta, the colour of love. In the days that were overcast I increased my natural daylight sessions.

The importance of natural daylight is that it is energy. In winter we become light-starved which triggers more of the sleep hormone, Melatonin, which makes us sleep more and causes depression, commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Research has proved that patients treated with Natural Daylight Therapy have positive results in maintaining their energy levels, attitude and health.

I used crayons and paints to draw out my emotions. Before I starting drawing I wrote out my age and the scene that I wanted to emotionally explore. My system used red to express my anger, black, my depression, orange, my trauma and the completion of the drawing allowed me to see these issues through my child's mind which enabled me as an adult to face my deep rooted fears and see them as experiences which I could learn, transform and heal.

I opened a clinic called Good Health for All in 1991, and qualified in Colour with Vicky Wall, Electro-Crystal Therapy with Harry Oldfield plus training in Nutrition and Spiritual Healing. The Scottish Academy of Colour Therapeutics was founded in 1993 due to an ever-increasing demand for colour treatments. My research proved the therapeutic value of colour, which is now part of the Colour Health Practitioners Course. Incorporated in the course is my own successful healing programme, which is called the Colour Profile Analysis System. Part of this uses the Aurora Borealis Collection, a set of 49 pyramid shaped bottles with single and dual coloured liquids which the client self selects, thus enabling the Colour Health Practitioner to find the root cause of their emotional difficulties.

The Sunday Times Magazine dated 16 August 1998 states: "Medicine switches on to the extraordinary healing power of light", and follows on: "it can cure cancer, TB, hepatitis and pneumonia as well as a range of viral diseases and psychological disorders. This powerful drug is staring us in the face, yet it is largely ignored by doctors – it is light." Peter Martin investigated, and has scientific medical evidence to prove that light cures.

Case History – Anorexia

Susan was aged 15 when brought by her father for her first consultation. Wearing black, she looked painfully thin, her long hair covered her eyes, she hung her head and was inaudible.

Softly I spoke to her, showing and telling her about the Aurora Borealis Collection, and how she could choose four bottles that she was attracted to and four she was not. Her head lifted revealing her huge brown doe-like eyes, and she stated that her family were overreacting in thinking she had an eating problem; she knew it was only because she was eating less then her normal. I suggested that she choose her colours from the collection and I would show her how to interpret these into English.

This agreed upon, Susan chose her colours. These were as follows:

Dislikes: Violet/Blue Blue/Turquoise Red/Yellow Blue/Green

Likes: Clear/Pink Clear/Yellow Green/Orange Blue/Indigo

I began with the Clear/Pink - relating this to a void in her childhood as if she were not nourished or loved, which left her with very low self-esteem. Behind this was Violet/Blue indicating that she was spiritually depressed and in denial of her artistic qualities. The Clear/Yellow did indeed point to eating issues, with certain nutritional deficiencies and allergies with the stomach, intestines, liver and adrenals being depleted in energy. The Blue/Turquoise revealed that she felt as if nobody ever listened or talked to her and she had buried all her emotional pain, including her creativity, which in turn was having a disastrous effect on her immune system.

As her story progressed through my interpretation of her colours Susan began to open up, telling me how she always felt an outsider within the family unit. Then we moved onto the Green/Orange, which I felt had to do with an emotional break up and I asked her if her parents were divorced. Susan nodded her head. I suggested that at that time she had had an accident, which had made her very angry and drained all her energy as seen in the Red/Yellow. The Red/Yellow also tells us that this anger will control the Central Nervous System and her eating pattern. The Red is also related to her back and legs.

Susan began to speak quietly, saying at the time her father left the family home she fell off a swing, ending up in a wheelchair for months and was spoilt with sweets, cakes and biscuits. She was taken to see as many as 40 different healers and doctors; no medical reason was found as to why she could not walk, and Susan remained in this state for months. Susan went on to say that when she decided to come out of her wheelchair she was shocked to see how fat she had become. Her father moved back to the family home, which created arguments and stress until he demanded the family home be sold. All along Susan had sided with her mother against her father, and she went to live with her mother and her two sisters. Susan became the counsellor to her mother. Her mother entered a destructive relationship that included Susan being given drugs by the mother's boyfriend as a bribe to keep her out of the house. Eventually she could take no more and left to stay with her father who she said was a very controlling man. Her interest growing she asked me about the Blue/Indigo which I said related to depression, and with the Blue/Green asked her if she was suffering from increased heart rate and feelings of fear, to which she replied "yes".

I kept my focus off the subject of anorexia at this point because I felt that everyone else had said enough on the subject. I told Susan of her creative essence, and how she could develop this in a therapeutic form that would help her communicate and understand her emotional issues. I answered her question that I believed her eating patterns were stemming from unresolved childhood issues and that if she was willing to come back we could look at some of these in more depth. Susan nodded in agreement and I went on to explain my system of using painting and writing, also the Electro-Crystal Therapy, nutrition, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and light treatment including Colour Puncture, which uses acupuncture points from Chinese medicine to transmit light through the meridian system.

I explained Aura drawing to Susan and asked her if she would allow me to draw hers, which would give us a visual representation of her physical, mental and spiritual bodies by picking up on her body's frequencies on a telepathic level and transcoding them into colour.

Susan, intrigued, agreed, and combining all the information that I had gained in the one-hour session I wrote out a full detailed Healing Programme that we would work to. I asked her to keep a diary of what and how much she ate. By now Susan admitted that she was eating next to nothing so I suggested we began Susan's eating process by using small jars of baby food, so as not to set her unachievable goals. I suggested protein drinks, vitamins and minerals and reported my findings to her father and received his authority to proceed.

Susan visited our aromatherapist while I took charge of all her other treatments. At first Susan came once a week, but she asked to increase her visits as the trauma she was experiencing with home life, and her now recognised anorexia, left her unable to cope.

Susan started bingeing and she quickly lost pounds eventually going down to five stone. I saw the need for Susan to involve the medical profession and at last persuaded her to have her blood analysed to find out exactly what was going on physically. This achieved, we kept all other treatments going and slowly she began to respond. At last I decided, as she still spoke in whispers, to bring in her father, and give Susan the opportunity to find her voice, and express her feelings to him. Susan found her voice with a lot of persuasion but once found she grew from strength to strength. She began to see projection from others and developed her self-esteem and began to eat. Susan did a lot of writing and painting at home and my suggestion was that she placed fresh coloured flowers and our coloured aromatherapy candles in her bedroom to enhance the energy and her creativity. She brought all her diaries to our sessions, sharing her innermost thoughts with me.

Susan had treatment for ten months before I decided that she was ready to take positive control of her life, and suggested that she should lessen her visits. Shortly after this she began to eat regular meals of nutritious food, and decided to begin the Colour Health Practitioners Course using her personal experiences as a springboard to her learning. I am delighted to say she qualified in July 1998.


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    i ask u about baldness how to treet this baldnees to color therapy...? please suggest me the right path....

  2. peter dennington said..

    I feel like my aura is moving from magenta/blue to yellow/blue what does that mean?? What's the color of gay?? Could I BE GAY???!?

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