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  1. Natural Coping Approaches for Children with ADHD

    by Violet-Ann Remba

    In this article, the author, the mother of a young hyperactive child, discusses ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and how best to deal ...

  2. One Mind, Peace of Mind - Calm in the Face of Adversity

    by Simon Cole

    Peace is an Attitude of Mind. If you don’t believe me, picture the scene when you last felt totally at peace… lying in the sun on the beach; curled up by the fire with a good book; ...

  3. Perceptual Enhancement Programme by Inside-Out Learning

    by Jeffry and Pamela Sharp

    This article describes the idea behind the perceptual learning programme developed by Inside-Out Learning, the key features of the programme and the benefits achievable.

  4. Personology - Connections between Physical Structure and Personality

    by David Gavriel

    Personology is the knowledge of the personality or character of man. It is both an ancient and modern method dealing with interpersonal communication, and is based on scientific emp...

  5. Psychoneuroimmunology and NLP

    by Nancy Blake

    The author explains the required paradigm shift that is needed to bridge the divide between science/allopathic medicine and the holistic, mind-body approach to health, highlighti...

  6. Rediscovering Your Own Unique Reality

    by Regan Duggan

    In this article, Regan Duggan shows us how to put aside the worldview created for us by the experiences of our parents, teachers, partners, etc., and recreate our own unique realit...

  7. Reprogramming your Mind for the Resolution of Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions

    by Olivia Roberts

    Have you ever wondered if you have supernatural powers? The first time many of us considered the possibility of having supernatural powers was probably when we were children, playi...

  8. Response-Ability

    by Dave Markowitz

    Depression is what happens when we have sad experiences (genuine, or as in watching a film, in imagination) and do not let the sadness be experienced. Anti-depressants will suppres...

  9. Schizophrenia is Incurable – Myth Blighting Patients

    by Manisha Jain

    While any mental illness needs to be treated and taken seriously, schizophrenia commands extra attention as it is ridden with several myths and an utter lack of awareness among the ...

  10. Self Leadership and Vision: The Power of Future Life Progression

    by Catherine Dixon

    Great leaders lead from the heart. Very often their vision is created out of great need or extraordinary conditions that demand change. Their vision is rarely founded on rehashing t...

  11. Simple Memorizing Techniques

    by Laura Lane

    This article takes a heartening look at how our memories can be easily influenced in order to improve our capacity for remembering facts and figures, stressing that so-called poor ...

  12. So You Think You’ve Mastered Mindfulness ... Now What?

    by Simon Cole

    I meet a lot of people who have become disenchanted with mindfulness, either because they think they’ve ‘done it’ and it hasn’t made any difference, or because their life doesn’t wo...

  13. Social Media Impact on Wellbeing - Photographs' Role in Happiness

    by Corinne Sweet, the online photo lab, has partnered with celebrity psychologist Corinne Sweet (author of the best-selling Mindfulness Journal) to research the negative impact social ...

  14. Survival and Transformation from Terminal Cancer

    by Martin Brofman

    The author takes us on his remarkable journey of self-discovery that led to a total transformation of his whole Being and complete healing following a diagnosis of terminal cancer ...

  15. Symbology: Walking the Path to a Healthier Life

    by Michael Schwartz

    This article focuses on Symbology, a radical new breakthrough in the field of health care that goes beyond traditional medicine and reveals the real causes of disease and ill-hea...

  16. Taking Humour Therapy Seriously

    by Wendy Lawson

    Wendy Lawson introduces humour therapy as a significant aspect of integrated healthcare, as part of the three-way relationship between patient, carer and health professional.

  17. Tempering Temper

    by John Minard

    John Minard, a practitioner of spiritual healing, discusses the implications of temper and outbursts, and how to overcome them. He uses the example of having his ideas interrupted ...

  18. The Benefits of Thought Field Therapy

    by Charles Stone

    Discovered in 1980 by Clinical Psychologist Dr Roger Callahan, TFT is completely different from any other form of Psychotherapy; TFT operates at the deepest level of consciousness,...

  19. The Concept of the Virtual Self

    by Dr Keith Hearne

    Dr Hearne has developed the concept of the Virtual Self – a psychological self-image that includes present, childhood and seeming past life information.

  20. The Emotional Dimension in Children's Life Threatening Illnesses

    by Tony Quinlan

    Using the case of an eight-year-old girl, who was found to be suffering from Stevens Johnsons Syndrome - a severe allergic reaction to medication - Tony Quinlan explores the comple...

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