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Reprogramming your Mind for the Resolution of Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions

by Olivia Roberts(more info)

listed in mind matters, originally published in issue 190 - January 2012

Have you ever wondered if you have supernatural powers? The first time many of us considered the possibility of having supernatural powers was probably when we were children, playing imaginary games like superman, or in my case, superwoman. As teenagers, most of us saw the Star Wars movie and imagined what it would be like to 'feel the force'. Many people today have experienced the gentle force of Reiki. I believe we are all in possession of a special force, I think of it as 'superhuman power'!

Neurological Wave Syndrome Diagram

Neurological Wave Syndrome Diagram

Ten years before I became ill, my sister and I were devastated when our mother died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage. She was only fifty years old. A few years later I went through a horrendous ordeal in childbirth. Five years later, my sister died from a mystery illness, after two agonizing years of deterioration. Perhaps it was the accumulation of these events that resulted in my own debilitating condition.

My illness began a few days after my sister's funeral. With no other diagnosis, the death certificate stated she had died of pulmonary failure, because that was the final blow. Her illness began with deteriorating eye-sight, low energy and chronic headaches. It progressed to gradual loss of control over speaking, breathing and swallowing. Finally she lost the ability to control her muscles, and could no longer walk. My heart ached with despair as the months rolled on without any enlightenment from the medical profession.

I was 33 years old (I am 59 years old now), when I became terribly ill, with chronic fatigue, full body pain and migraine. The pain raged through my body, escalating every day to unbearable heights, and thankfully subsiding every evening to tolerable levels. Day after day I waited for recovery to begin but it simply didn't happen, until I discovered the power of my own 'special force'.

It was quite extraordinary how I discovered a way to send my symptoms away. I was so infuriated that my life was being taken from me; I was a prisoner of searing pain.  I couldn't take my children to school or do any housework. I simply lay down, exhausted and distraught, day after day. I was so enraged, one day I unwittingly began to use my 'force'. This wasn't the gentle force that you may associate with Reiki; this was more like the angry, brute force you would associate with Star Wars! At first, nothing changed.  

At other times, I lay on the settee, reflecting on how my life had once been. I thought of the wonderful days when I revelled in playing with my children, the holidays we had enjoyed, the fun we used to have. While battling searing pain, I tried to think back to the joy of walking along the beach, Christmas shopping, my children's school plays.

On one fateful day, when I lost my temper, I screamed at my pain, and I felt my 'force' rip through my nervous system like a hurricane. I noticed that the searing pain that engulfed my head and all of my body, stopped for a fraction of a second, and then resumed as before. I continued with a combination of mental exercises and gradually began to notice that these 'gaps' were lasting longer.

The routine continued, and the gaps grew from seconds to minutes, and then to hours, days, weeks, months, and finally years. In the early days, when each gap came to an end, I felt as though I was all the way back to square one.  However, after a few weeks I noticed that each time the pain returned, it was less.
The pain disappeared completely from my body, confining itself to my head. Over the following months my returning migraine reduced to a tension headache, and this too, continued to diminish over many weeks until it no longer existed.

After months of debilitating, frightening pain, I was delighted to be free once again. My energy, which had improved early in the process, reached new heights. I was able to study science, and this led to an opportunity to study conventional medicine in a career as a medical representative. This was a job I loved so much, as I had always wanted to know more about health. I was saddened when I discovered that regular medicine was often unable to help people with debilitating conditions.

At the age of 50, I began to study Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and towards the end of two years of study, a life-changing moment arrived. It was the moment I learnt that if one person can do something well, providing you can identify the physical and psychological steps that were taken, any other person can learn how to do it too. For the first time, I wondered if other people could use my unusual method to make their debilitating symptoms disappear. I retraced my steps, formulated the programme - and looked for volunteers!

The first volunteer was a lady called Kay. She worked as a manager in a busy office, despite suffering from two migraine attacks every week. Each attack disabled her for one full day, and left her feeling ill for a second day. Kay's family life revolved around her migraine.  Kay had two small children, who never knew who would meet them at the school gate. There were no long-distance holidays, and relatives stepped in to help on children's birthdays, school concerts and often provided Christmas dinner.

Kay was willing to try something new, so I explained exactly how to do the routine. Even though Kay didn't believe for one moment that it could work, she just did it anyway. Kay kept a record of the intensity, duration and frequency of her migraine attacks. After a few weeks, the gaps were widening and the intensity and duration of the attacks were reducing. Kay eventually became migraine and headache-free.

I was elated. If this was the only person in the world that would benefit from this technique, I would be so happy. Kay and her family could begin to lead a normal life. However, I was quietly euphoric when the next two volunteers were equally successful.

When I began this work in 2004, many people came along with migraine and chronic fatigue. Each one had a unique set of symptoms, for example; neuralgia in many forms, vertigo, sinusitis, backache and tinnitus.

My clients discovered that the programme seemed to send away all of their symptoms, not just those they had discussed with me.  It wasn't just physical symptoms; people also mysteriously began to report that depression and anxiety were also disappearing. As time went by, the list of symptoms that had responded to the programme grew longer.

And then one day, I saw, written in a book about common ailments that "Irritable Bowel Syndrome begins with a wave of neurological activity". This immediately caught my attention, because the medical definition of migraine begins with the words, "Migraine begins with a wave of neurological activity". Did this mean that the same neurological wave that causes migraine, could change direction and cause IBS? I was about to discover the answer to this question.

I was so excited, because suffering from IBS for many years, I had never suspected, not for one moment, that it could be in any way similar to migraine. Now, I couldn't wait until my next attack! The very next IBS attack arrived with a familiar pain in my abdomen. I used the same technique that had freed me from migraine, and incredibly it worked again. The abdominal pain instantly disappeared and there were no subsequent symptoms. I asked all of my migraine clients if any of them also had IBS. Many of them did, and very soon, I discovered the process worked for them too. I was elated.

This discovery opened a new pathway of thought. For all of the years I had heard the phrase, "Migraine begins with a wave of neurological activity" I had not once thought about what this meant. I had assumed a signal was sent along the nerves, and this heralded the beginning of an attack. Medical research had also detected a similar wave before an attack of IBS, but once again, there was very little information about the nature of the neurological activity.

My own IBS attacks began with a sharp pain. I had always assumed that the pain was caused by the diarrhoea or the flatulence. However, when I had used my programme directly on the pain, it had disappeared instantly, and there had been no resulting diarrhoea or flatulence. I couldn't understand what had happened. After many days of thought, I considered the possibility that the pain was caused solely by the neurological wave. If this was true, the 'wave of neurological activity' was a blast of electricity! No longer did I hold the notion that it was a trickle of electrical signals - this was a searing, damaging, scorching discharge of electricity.

Having begun this new paradigm, I began to apply the principal to other symptoms that had responded to the programme. Symptoms like vertigo and earache could be caused when waves of electricity are fired off into the area of the ears. Sinusitis could be caused when these waves hit the sinuses; phantom toothache when the waves hit the nerves of the jaw; trigeminal neuralgia when any of the facial nerves are affected. The muscles of the body would contract when they received too much electricity, and this would cause backache and knee pain.

My theory continued to grow when I thought about where nerves terminate, and what would happen if a blast of electricity were to travel to that area. The liver for instance could be affected by these waves of electrocution in many ways; impairing the immunity, affecting the availability of energy, or causing nausea. The stomach would react with indigestion. The bladder would respond with bladder cystitis. Joints would react with the symptoms of arthritis - pain, inflammation and ultimately, deterioration.

I also wondered if psychological symptoms, like depression and anxiety, responded to the programme because they were the result of neurological waves travelling along neurones and affecting the finite emotional centres that have been identified in the brain.

More and more symptoms and reactions were responding as we tried the programme. I used it for my Reynaud's Disease (where the fingers of the hands go white in the cold) and hay-fever. Others found it was effective for asthma, rhinitis and even blushing.

As the years rolled on, more and more people used the programme to reduce their symptoms, and with each client, I learnt something new. The basic programme works in three areas; regulating the wave of neurological activity, reducing anxiety, and changing the effects of past experiences.

Sometimes it takes many weeks or months to gradually reduce the symptom until it disappears. My clients keep a record of the intensity, duration and frequency of their symptoms and the lines on the chart tend to drift up and down and slowly reduce over time.  

I discovered many things could influence the outcome of the programme. One day, I telephoned a client who had reached a plateau. His wife picked up the telephone. I asked her how her husband was, and she replied, "Much the same. I always know when he is going to have an attack; it's when he has been driving in his car". Instantly, I realized that as fast as this man was calming down his neurology, he was winding it up again with road rage! In the days that followed I devised a strategy that might work, and I asked this client to try it. After five journeys, the road rage had disappeared, and his neurological symptoms had further reduced. I had made the important discovery that present-day feelings could also contribute toward the development of symptoms.

Today, the mental exercises of the programme are now collectively called Resolution Magic. With a selection of these mental exercises, people can change the way they feel in any situation, and work to reduce any physical or psychological symptom, reaction or condition. One of the most wonderful features of Resolution Magic is that if it does no good, it does no harm. There are no 'side effects'.

Furthermore, Resolution Magic is a taught programme; people remain in control and can utilize these skills whatever life throws their way. It's so empowering to be able to use 'superhuman power' to control the way your mind and body operate, so that you can enjoy every moment of every day of your life.

Chronic Pain Cover

I have written a book Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution: Make Your Symptoms Disappear! It will be published by Findhorn Press in March 2012. The book tells my story, and that of many other people who have used the programme for a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. The book is rich in case studies of clients who have successfully freed themselves of debilitating conditions. The book explains what causes us to feel the way we do, and precisely how we can change the way we feel in any situation. It also explains how to stop incessant worry, and how to get a good night's sleep.

In the book I share my thoughts on what I believe causes symptoms and explain my ideas about the role of neurological waves of electricity. Step-by-step instructions are given for working with physical symptoms, e.g. migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), chronic pain; and psychological symptoms e.g. depression and Seasonally Affective Disorder (SAD). The book tackles over 100 common and uncommon symptoms, reactions and conditions.

The book is intended to explain how you can safely use these techniques on any unwanted feeling or symptom. It can work beside conventional medicine; there's no need to give up any medication. The techniques can be used in conjunction with the free CD given with the book to work on common ailments. People with a serious or complex condition may need the help of a practitioner to guide them through the programme. The book offers practitioners or students of NLP many new techniques.


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About Olivia Roberts

Olivia Roberts GQHP MPNLP, Master NLP Practitioner, Resolution Magic Master Practitioner and alternative pain specialist graduated in 2002 from the prestigious Dominic Beirne School of Psychotherapy (founded 1995) in Stratford-upon-Avon. Olivia Roberts is a speaker, author and creator of the Resolution Magic programmes. Her book Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution: Make Unwanted Symptoms Disappear! is to be published March 2012 by Findhorn Press.

Resolution Magic is based on a number of programmes that reduce physical symptoms and unwanted feelings until they disappear by using a collection of ingenious mental exercises. Resolution Magic was developed as a result of Olivia's experiences 25 years ago when she was debilitated by migraine, chronic fatigue and Irritable Bowel Syndrome until she discovered a mental exercise routine that made her symptoms disappear. In 2002-2003, Olivia studied psychotherapy and this became the pathway to developing the Resolution Magic Programmes based on her own discovery. Olivia's Resolution Magic has now treated hundreds of people throughout the UK and she is also now training Resolution Magic practitioners. Olivia may be contacted on Tel: 01202 257165;

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