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  1. Why Do You Feel Fat After Losing Weight?

    by Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee

    This article looks at why people still feel fat after losing weight; why yo-yo dieting is so prevalent; and whether anorexics are really being honest in their heart of hearts whe...

  2. Why it's Hard to Change your Thinking

    by Thomas Garvey and Helen Kogan

    There are libraries of books encouraging people to understand themselves better; providing useful insights into various aspects of human behaviour. Given this abundance of knowledg...

  3. You Are What You Believe

    by Taymour Qabazard

    What we choose to believe about the world and ourselves determines the quality of life we have. Our beliefs dictate how well we perform, interact, grow our businesses and spot oppo...

  4. You Wouldn't Be Normal if You Didn't React in an Abnormal Way!

    by Robert D Dangoor

    The author raises a somewhat profound question – what is normal? He clarifies that normal is different from what is usual, but that normality is unusual because you have to react...

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