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  1. The Mind, Metaphor and Health

    by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

    This article explains why metaphor is a natural way to describe illness and health, the importance of recognizing patients'/clients' metaphors, and how working within these metapho...

  2. The Missing Ingredient in our Spiritual Growth and Healing Practice is…

    by Dave Markowitz

    You’ve read all the self-help books. You’ve attended workshop after workshop and researched all the best ways to remove blocks to finally get ahead.

  3. The Myths We Live By

    by Dorothy Rowe - Deceased

    The author sheds light on how our assumptions about life and how it should be affect our behaviour, health and ability to cope with life's challenges, using an example of a 40-ye...

  4. The Power of Beliefs - How they can make or break your life

    by Karen Charnock

    The author looks into the power of personal beliefs and says the first step is to identify any troublesome beliefs we may have, whether it is to do with marriage, or religion or ev...

  5. The Power of Thought over the Physical Body

    by Keith Mason Ph.D

    The power of thought processes and the act of thinking, and the effects upon the human organism in connection with health and illness, have largely been ignored by conventional med...

  6. Thinking Yourself Well

    by Dr Josephine Odber

    The author gives a very clear exposition of the interaction between mind and body, discussing the nature of our body's stress responses and how although helpful in the short term, ...

  7. Unleash Your Mind Power to be in Control of Your Life

    by Elena Nanos

    Here the author examines the power of the mind, and states that in order to have the outcome we desire in life one must tap into mind power to achieve our goals and dreams. The min...

  8. Unravelling Superhumans Thinking Strategies

    by Frances Coombes

    Many of the people we hail as genius are simply clever people who have developed strategies for doing things incredibly well. Human beings have limited brainpower; there is only so ...

  9. Violence Against Women

    by Ann Fillmore PhD

    “. . . if my mother, at any point during the ages of five and twelve, picked up a knife or any other weapon against my father, I would have held her hand as she did it. I would have...

  10. What's next?

    by Dave Markowitz

    Who here hasn't asked, "What's next?" We're seeing our insular financial, healthcare, spiritual and political environments white-knuckling the outdated ways while newer ideas are e...

  11. When All Else Fails to Heal You, Part II: for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Intuitives, Healers and More

    by Dave Markowitz

    This is a continuation of the series. When All Else Fails to Heal You. Part I can be found at

  12. When All Else Fails to Heal You… Part I

    by Dave Markowitz

    If you’re dealing with symptoms that no one can diagnose, much less treat effectively, maybe there’s someplace else you’ve yet to look.

  13. Why Do You Feel Fat After Losing Weight?

    by Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee

    This article looks at why people still feel fat after losing weight; why yo-yo dieting is so prevalent; and whether anorexics are really being honest in their heart of hearts whe...

  14. Why it's Hard to Change your Thinking

    by Thomas Garvey and Helen Kogan

    There are libraries of books encouraging people to understand themselves better; providing useful insights into various aspects of human behaviour. Given this abundance of knowledg...

  15. You Are What You Believe

    by Taymour Qabazard

    What we choose to believe about the world and ourselves determines the quality of life we have. Our beliefs dictate how well we perform, interact, grow our businesses and spot oppo...

  16. You Wouldn't Be Normal if You Didn't React in an Abnormal Way!

    by Robert D Dangoor

    The author raises a somewhat profound question – what is normal? He clarifies that normal is different from what is usual, but that normality is unusual because you have to react...

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