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  1. The Empath Realization

    by Dave Markowitz

    My first glimpse of an empath was in the original Star Trek series. Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, Dr McCoy, and a woman from another planet were captives of an alien race called Vians wh...

  2. The Empath vs. the Highly Sensitive Person

    by Dave Markowitz

    Have you wondered, "What is the difference between an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person?" As these terms get more into our everyday lexicon, their meanings sometimes overlap and/...

  3. The Enneagram and Health: A tool for transformation

    by Denise Coen and Jane Vukovic

    The Enneagram is a tool to uncover our compulsive life patterns. We create our own intimate world, by the thoughts we hold, the words we speak.

  4. The Enneagram: Basic Instincts

    by Andrew Shaw

    There are three fundamental instincts by which we are governed: self-preservation, social and sexual/one-to-one relationships. In my previous article about the Enneagram (Positiv...

  5. The Fear Process - Beyond the Initials PTSD

    by Ann Fillmore PhD

    When you experience intermittent violence, interspersed with attacks on self-esteem, an abrogation of causality and the perception that the perpetrator has good intentions, this bri...

  6. The Five Steps to Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person

    by Dave Markowitz

    If you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), or empath, you are not alone. There are an estimated 40 million HSPs in America alone. HSPs often face unique challenges; mainly, healing...

  7. The Good Mood Guide

    by Donna Welsh

    In light of today's increasing use of antidepressants, Donna Welsh describes different holistic approaches to overcoming negative moods.

  8. The Hidden Language of Intuition

    by Susan Hannibal

    Susan Hannibal, who practices in Vista, California, begins her article by discussing how energy medicine and intuitive diagnosis have become a major part of alternative and complem...

  9. The Importance of Strength of Character and Why it Shouldn’t be Underrated

    by Mike James

    I'm sure you know the story of Victor Frankl. His career as a psychotherapist and neurologist was interrupted by the Second World War and the Holocaust. He spent three years in four...

  10. The Incredible Dream Oracle

    by David Melbourne & Dr Keith Hearne

    Here, the authors explain an amazing and completely new way of getting important messages from the unconscious mind, via dreams, yet requiring no interpretation.

  11. The Jigsaw Health Puzzle

    by Dave Markowitz

    Stop. Breathe. And read with an open mind, because what I'm about to share may shatter your illusions, your beliefs, and your very way of being: both Western and even alternative m...

  12. The Logic of Emotion

    by Ann Fillmore PhD

    Emotions are not deep, dark unfathomable mysteries. You only need some clues to unlock what has been made mysterious into something that makes clear sense.

  13. The Mace Method for Emotional Healing

    by Jane Smith

    The article explains the basic tenet of this therapeutic method, which is based on the concept that the sole function of the mind is to produce an image of whatever your attentio...

  14. The Mind Map as an Aid for Therapists

    by Ian Woodrow

    This article, based upon my experience using learning-to-learn models for therapeutic benefit, features visual aids and particularly Mind Mapping®. My own, mainly content-free styl...

  15. The Mind, Metaphor and Health

    by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

    This article explains why metaphor is a natural way to describe illness and health, the importance of recognizing patients'/clients' metaphors, and how working within these metapho...

  16. The Missing Ingredient in our Spiritual Growth and Healing Practice is…

    by Dave Markowitz

    You’ve read all the self-help books. You’ve attended workshop after workshop and researched all the best ways to remove blocks to finally get ahead.

  17. The Myths We Live By

    by Dorothy Rowe - Deceased

    The author sheds light on how our assumptions about life and how it should be affect our behaviour, health and ability to cope with life's challenges, using an example of a 40-ye...

  18. The Power of Beliefs - How they can make or break your life

    by Karen Charnock

    The author looks into the power of personal beliefs and says the first step is to identify any troublesome beliefs we may have, whether it is to do with marriage, or religion or ev...

  19. The Power of Thought over the Physical Body

    by Keith Mason Ph.D

    The power of thought processes and the act of thinking, and the effects upon the human organism in connection with health and illness, have largely been ignored by conventional med...

  20. Thinking Yourself Well

    by Dr Josephine Odber

    The author gives a very clear exposition of the interaction between mind and body, discussing the nature of our body's stress responses and how although helpful in the short term, ...

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