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  1. Oxidative Stress and Thyroid Secretions – A Review

    by Dr Mohan Krishnarao Kale

    This article looks into the causes and consequences of oxidative stress, which arises when highly reactive free radicals produce oxidative damage to the macromolecular structures o...

  2. Realaxation® - Method Created by Leon Eeman, Revisited

    by Dr Toff (Christopher) Freeland

    We often hear people saying “Just relax!” Quite right! Of course you know that you should relax, but has anyone ever told you how to do so, or even why? Probably not!

  3. Stress at Work – Myths, Signs, Causes, Effects and Tips to Beat

    by Carole Spiers

    Many people experience stress at some point in their lives. Stress is like a light switch; your mind turns it on automatically but you need to learn how to turn it off.

  4. Stress in the Workplace as Experienced by Men and Women

    by Romana Abdin

    For the Simplyhealth/YouGov Everyday Health Tracker, YouGov commissioned a survey among its online panel between 26 - 30 October 2015, drawing on a nationally representative sample ...

  5. Stress, Illness, Monks and Cab Drivers

    by Jonathan Brown

    The author discusses the effects of stress, in a current population of very stressed people, either by their jobs, the fear of losing their jobs, or not having a job. But just as c...

  6. Stress: Symptoms, Causes, Approaches for Stress Reduction

    by Wilma Kirsten

    Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

  7. Take a Deep Breath and Let Go of Stress

    by Harry Dalford and Julie Kingston

    The article gives examples of cases in which the importance of breathing is emphasised, including an anecdote about a woman who, when having a potentially fatal heart attack, foc...

  8. Techniques to Combat Stress & Anxiety at Work

    by Will Bridges

    Work-related stress and anxiety is something many of us will have experienced at some point in our careers. Whether it’s due to an impending deadline, a heavy workload or workplace...

  9. The ABED Method™ - Managing Stress for Busy People

    by Michael A Clark

    According to much research, anywhere from 75%-90% of all modern day illnesses have their roots firmly in stress. Stress is also the number one reason giving for staff absenteeism. I...

  10. The Concert Musicians Tale

    by Michael Levy

    Not so long ago I had the delight to be in the company of a world famous concert musician. He was in my home enjoying a healthy breakfast my wife had prepared. We talked about some ...

  11. The Devastating Effects of Stress on our Health

    by Jo Dunbar-Lane

    We know that our contemporary life-style is not sustainable for the health of our planet, but it can also be unsustainable for our individual health

  12. The Dissolving Anxiety Exercise - an Innovative Approach to Anxiety

    by Dr Tomasz Kopec

    Most of our behaviours, decisions, opinions are triggered by gentle physical feelings in the body which we feel and recognise in flash. It happens so quickly that we do not usually ...

  13. The Effects of Stress on Your Oral Health

    by Dr Harold Katz

    The Mental Health Foundation states “research has shown that around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems each year. Most of these suffer from anxiety...

  14. The Energy Equation: Better Work Performance

    by Daniel Browne

    Stress is an increasing problem in our society. A third (32%) of UK companies said that employees often experience excessive pressure in their job and well over half of UK organisat...

  15. Tibetan Bowls for Stress Relief

    by Brian and Rosemary Hussey

    Certain levels of stress can lead to better performance, but there needs to be a balance between stress and calm. This highlights the effects of unbalanced stress, which leads to p...

  16. Touching Stillness to Assuage Stress

    by Kay Zega

    The author explains what causes stress and looks into holistic approaches to treating this condition, such as meditation which not only relaxes the mind  but can lead to profound h...

  17. Unravelling GI Problems – Stress

    by Emma Lane

    I believe in working to achieve real healing. A client’s level of health is a direct result of their lifestyle, so when a part of that lifestyle does not support health it must be c...

  18. What Makes a Good Work-Life Balance?

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    Getting the balance right between work and family time can be difficult. And in today’s busy society, it can be difficult to take the time to reassess lifestyles.

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