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The Concert Musicians Tale

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in stress, originally published in issue 201 - December 2012

Not so long ago I had the delight to be in the company of a world famous concert musician. He was in my home enjoying a healthy breakfast my wife had prepared. We talked about some of his experiences and one in particular hit a cord of wisdom.

Michael Levy

He told me that a few years ago he began to feel weak and his nerve endings began to lose their feel. He became quite concerned and thought he may never play his beloved instrument again. He was due to play in Hawaii in a few days and wondered if he had the strength to travel and play a solo in a concert. 

A friend advised him that there was a Kahuna (wise man) in Hawaii that may be able to help him return to perfect health. He made an appointment by phone and as soon as the plane landed he got in a taxi and went directly to the wise mans home. The Kahuna took one look at him and asked; why don’t you want to play your instrument any more? He replied I do want to play. Again the wise man asked the same question; why don’t you want to play your instrument any more? He responded a little angrily, I do want to play. This went on for a few minutes with the artist getting more and more riled.

On seeing the artist was becoming distressed he inquired; tell me of an experience you had recently, while playing, that you did not like. The musician thought for a moment and wondered how he knew he had a bad experience. He said a few months ago he was playing in an orchestra with a conductor who angered him and made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He began to develop a deep hate towards the conductor.  In the middle of his playing he inwardly vowed when the concerted ended that he would never again  play in an orchestra and would only perform solos or duets.

Ha! Whispered the wise man, we have the answer to the cause that is affecting your body. The memory of that incident is so strong in your mind that you are playing it over and over again like a stuck record needle. You are harbouring hatred towards the conductor and now you must genuinely forgive him and truly forget the incident ever happened.

They did a silent meditation and the next day, the concert artist played his solos and duets in a magnificent, masterful way, without any pains or aches. As soon as he lost his hate and forgave both the conductor and himself, he was healed. He learnt one of the most valuable lessons of his life; today he tries not to allow his negative emotions govern the manner in how he thinks.

Stress enters our lives via the negative emotions such as fear, greed, hate etc. Once we allow these illusions, which seem so real, to occupy spaces in our subconscious, then we become susceptible to stress related illness and dis-ease. Living stress-free requires an authentic mind-set that can distinguish the real difference between perceptions and truth. Perceptions constantly change and truth stays the same no matter how humans may try to twist it to suit their modern day requirements.


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