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  1. Tibetan Bowls for Stress Relief

    by Brian and Rosemary Hussey

    Certain levels of stress can lead to better performance, but there needs to be a balance between stress and calm. This highlights the effects of unbalanced stress, which leads to p...

  2. Touching Stillness to Assuage Stress

    by Kay Zega

    The author explains what causes stress and looks into holistic approaches to treating this condition, such as meditation which not only relaxes the mind  but can lead to profound h...

  3. Unravelling GI Problems – Stress

    by Emma Lane

    I believe in working to achieve real healing. A client’s level of health is a direct result of their lifestyle, so when a part of that lifestyle does not support health it must be c...

  4. What Makes a Good Work-Life Balance?

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    Getting the balance right between work and family time can be difficult. And in today’s busy society, it can be difficult to take the time to reassess lifestyles.

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