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  1. Reflexology for a stress-free Christmas

    by Hazel Goodwin

    Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy, deeply relaxing and restoring and a great way to reduce stress and tension.

  2. Reflexology for Children and Babies

    by Lynne Booth

    Many parents seek out complementary therapies to help their children when they suffer minor ailments; reflexology is particularly helpful, as it is gentle and non-invasive as only t...

  3. Reflexology for skin disorders

    by Beryl Crane

    The skin problems that a reflexologist may come into contact with include: eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, urticaria, seborrhoea, shingles, erythema and ringworm.

  4. Reflexology for Stroke

    by Polly Hall

    Stroke is a major cause of disability and death in the UK, and this article describes the positive role that reflexology treatment can play in the recovery process. Qualified refle...

  5. Reflexology from the Grassroots Up

    by Candice Caradoc

    Candice Caradoc describes the career of established reflexologist Lynn Hatswell who from small beginnings became involved in developing the practice of reflexology in Australia and...

  6. Reflexology Practice - Moving into the New Millennium

    by Sue Ricks

    This article looks at the history and practice of Reflexology over the past two decades. In recent years, reflexology has come to be recognized more as a 'complementary' rather tha...

  7. Reflexology reaches out to Bosnia

    by Adrian Seager

    Adrian Seager is a busy reflexologist and trainer who made three visits to Sarajevo in 1998 to assist in the training and qualification of a group of physiotherapists in reflexol...

  8. Reflexology to Help Stress and Anxiety

    by Lynne Booth

    Reflexology can work very specifically to help the body heal itself and clients will often seek a reflexologist for help with common ailments such musculo-skeletal pain, insomnia, h...

  9. Reflexology: Helping to Alleviate Migraines and Headaches

    by Lynne Booth

    The author lists possible precipitating factors for headaches, and more specifically migraines, and explain that hand reflexology can be used to address the various areas relating ...

  10. Reflexology: the Feet are an Underestimated Part of the Body

    by Lynne Booth

    This article examines an extraordinary technique, very similar to reflexology, that brought fame and fortune to a Canadian physician in the 1930s, and also highlights areas in ther...

  11. Reflexology: What Is Its True Potential?

    by Mary Martin

    Reflexology is a powerful therapy that can have far-reaching effects on health and well-being. Introduced to the UK in the early 1960s, it should by now have earned a place alongsi...

  12. Reflexology: Working Corresponding Limbs to Ease Cramp, Restless Legs and Painful Elbow

    by Lynne Booth

    The therapy of Reflexology has mapped areas of sensitivity on the feet which are connected to all parts of the body

  13. Reflexology's Supporting Role for Complex Combat Injuries

    by Lynne Booth

    When complementary therapist Zoe Warner’s husband was injured in a roadside explosion and later medically discharged, she used complementary therapies including reflexology alongsid...

  14. Reflexology’s Role in Cancer Care and Support

    by Lynne Booth

    Almost everyone knows someone who has developed cancer; reflexology is a gentle, supporting, non-invasive complementary therapy that is used widely to support people who are living ...

  15. Reiki Reflexology for Mental Health Conditions

    by Rosie Langdale-King

    The author, a complementary therapist at a mental health drop-in charity, based in Feltham, focuses on the value of combining Reiki and Reflexology for Mental Health Conditions. Fo...

  16. Relief from Chronic Illness

    by Mary Martin

    In this column, the author provides cases studies on the effects of reflexology on certain chronic illnesses, and adds that where illness cannot be reversed, patients still exper...

  17. Research and Reflexology

    by Lynne Booth

    I studied for my reflexology diploma nearly 25 years and in those days I spent a lot of time explaining to people what reflexology actually was. There were few articles about it and...

  18. Self-Help Reflexology - Empowerment for Holistic Health

    by Lynne Booth

    Reflexology is one of the more accommodating therapies when it comes to self-help techniques.

  19. The Three Rs: Relationship, Reflexology and Rebirthing

    by Anne-Marie Schuller

    The article is about relationship. Not just the relationship between the different therapies but, what is much more important, the relationship between the patient and the therap...

  20. The Vital Link

    by Mary Martin

    By examining the scientific evidence of quantum physics and the findings of research into energy fields, this article provides support for the basic principles of reflexology and i...

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