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  1. An Introduction to Precision Reflexology

    by Jan Williamson

    Precision Reflexology is one form of reflexology and, as such, it holds the same rationale as other forms of the therapy. It focuses on stimulating "reflex points" on the feet in o...

  2. Back Issues and Reflexology Support

    by Lynne Booth

    Thousands of working hours are lost each year due to backache or back trouble, but this vague generic description can cover a wide range conditions ranging from very acute to chroni...

  3. Case Study 20: in Reflexology

    by Ann Gillanders

    A case study for cystitis, diabetes, frozen sholder, irritable bowel syndrome and laryngitis.

  4. Coping With Stress

    by Mary Martin

    This column focuses on the benefits of Reflexology as a non-invasive way of coping with stress and why many people are opting for this therapy.

  5. Cranio Sacral Reflexology

    by Dr Martine Faure-Alderson

    The author writes about the development of Cranio Sacral Therapy, and being qualified in Reflexology as well, has herself developed the application of reflexology principles to Cra...

  6. Gentle Touch of Reflexology

    by Sue Ricks

    Gentle Touch of Reflexologyâ„¢ (GTR) is an extension of traditional reflexology practice, based on softer, more subtle techniques developed by Patricia Morrell. It works on the princ...

  7. How Reflexology can Support those Living with Dementia

    by Lynne Booth

    For decades dementia has been on the increase due to a burgeoning ageing population and is now one of the greatest pressures on healthcare systems around the world.

  8. How Reflexology Evolved

    by Mary Martin

    This article traces the history of Reflexology which evolved (and is still evolving) from the ancient technique of acupressure introduced to the Chinese. The surviving source of al...

  9. Integrating Colour with Reflexology

    by Pauline Wills

    Reflexology and colour therapy have their roots in the distant past. As individual therapies, they have tremendous therapeutic value. When used in conjunction with each other, they...

  10. Intuition and Sound Reflexology

    by Helen Perkins

    Helen Perkins, a professional reflexologist, trainer and Bowen technique therapist, describes how she expanded her knowledge of reflexology to develop intuition and sound reflexolo...

  11. Problems Affecting Muscles and Joints

    by Mary Martin

    Mary Martin demonstrates how Reflexology can be used to treat problems affecting muscles and joints.

  12. Reflexology - A Second Look

    by Ingrid Sahai

    This second look at reflexology follows the article in issue 9 of Positive Health and aims to enlarge upon the theory and practical application of reflexology.

  13. Reflexology - Caring for Older People

    by Lynne Booth

    Reflexology is suitable for older people, as it helps circulation, normalizes bodily functions and can aid detoxification. It is easily accessible, as only the shoes need to be rem...

  14. Reflexology and Breathing Techniques for Respiratory Issues

    by Lynne Booth

    During the winter months many people will succumb to coughs and colds and, although the initial acute symptoms may disappear quite quickly, a person can be left with a residual tic...

  15. Reflexology and Mental Illness

    by Gwen Potts

    Awareness of mental health issues has increased greatly over the recent years, which means that those suffering in silence have an increasing support system, gradually reducing the ...

  16. Reflexology and Shoulder Issues

    by Lynne Booth

    Shoulder problems are some of the most common conditions that people present to complementary practitioners and medical doctors. Many people complain of muscular tightness around th...

  17. Reflexology and Trauma

    by Mary Martin

    Using case examples, Mary Martin illustrates how reflexology can assist in post-operative care by speeding up recovery, healing scar tissue and alleviating long-standing post-opera...

  18. Reflexology Around the World

    by Beryl Crane

    An expert's roundup of international reflexology practices, by the chairperson of the Reflexologists Society and president of the International Council of Reflexologists.

  19. Reflexology as a Diagnostic Tool

    by Mary Martin

    According to the author, who also helped found the Association of Reflexologists in 1984, many patients consult her because other methods of treatment have proved unsatisfactory....

  20. Reflexology can Help Sleep Issues

    by Lynne Booth

    Reflexology has always been considered to be a particularly relaxing and pleasant therapy as well as being very therapeutic in supporting specific conditions. Many reflexologists of...

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