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  1. Curing Polio with Magnesium: The Tip of the Iceberg?

    by Thomas E Levy

    While magnesium remains greatly underutilized in the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions, it is gradually becoming a more common nonspecific positive ‘health tonic’ adde...

  2. Diet Controversies

    by Udo Erasmus

    Let us take a short walk through different diets that traditionally sustained human populations on different parts of the globe. We will show the involvement of fat and oils in t...

  3. Diet During Renal Failure and after Kidney Transplant

    by Dr Mohan Krishnarao Kale

    In patients with chronic kidney disease or/on dialysis, the purpose of this diet is to maintain a balance of electrolytes, minerals, and fluid in patients.

  4. Dieting - A Recipe for Failure

    by Peter Cohen

    Dieting, like conventional medicine, works on the expectation of failure. Conventional medicine is designed to deal with ill health and it factors in a high drop out or death rate....

  5. Eat Less, Naturally

    by Gina Pickersgill

    The author discusses how eating has served both the function of keeping us alive and healthy, and as a cultural way to share time together, including cultural rituals around food a...

  6. Eating with the Heart in Mind

    by Gina Pickersgill

    What is it about food that makes us want to realize its nutritional benefits? Why are we so enthralled in finding out what it can do for our health and why is it used as a medium to...

  7. EU Directives - Health Protection Double Speak

    by Helen Fullerton

    Helen Fullerton looks at three Directives that the EU is forcing through in the guise of consumer protection: the Food Supplements Directive, the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Produ...

  8. Evolving Story of Vitamin D

    by Michael Sellar

    This article looks into the benefits and research history of Vitamin D which, the author says, isn't really a vitamin because it has to be metabolically activated before it can be ...

  9. Fibre What is it, What does it do – How to Meet our Daily Requirements

    by Natasha Cornelius

    Fibre - hardly headline news you would think but lately it’s been in the spotlight more than usual. All this media focused attention grabbing has been the result of the publication...

  10. Five Elements Nutrition

    by Penny Crowther

    As winter is the season for the water element, associated with the kidneys and the bladder, the author provides a wider concept of the kidney and our energy based on Chinese medi...

  11. Folic Acid: A Matter of Common Sense?

    by Linda Lazarides BA

    Nutritional health expert Linda Lazarides questions why research into the deficiency of folic acid (a B Complex Vitamin), which causes devastating birth defects, is not resulting i...

  12. Food and Nutrition for Optimum Health

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    The food that we eat exerts an extraordinarily potent influence upon our health and well-being at many levels – molecular, physiological, psychological and spiritual.

  13. Food for Male and Female Sexual Health

    by Christine DeLozier

    Most of us think of fulfilling sexual relationships as a psychological and emotional phenomenon. Within our bodies though, it’s when nerves fire strong, rapid impulses to and from t...

  14. Food Intolerance and Chronic Illnesses

    by John Graham and Mark Varey

    Intolerance to food has been implicated in playing a role in a wide spectrum of chronic illnesses; however, much of the evidence gathered to date has been from anecdotal clinical c...

  15. Food Supplements Risk Even Less than Lightning Strike

    by Dr Gert Schuitemaker

    A recent study explains that the risk of mortality from taking food supplements is far lower than other risks like smoking, pharmaceutical adverse drug reactions, cancer, and even d...

  16. Food Vitality - The Almost Neglected Ingredient for Health

    by Wendy Cook

    Changes in our diet have meant that supplements are now required to provide certain nutrients. The author suggests that by relying upon supplements, we are bypassing the need to ...

  17. Foods for Free

    by Anita Priddy

    This article focuses on foods grown in the wild. The author touches on their health value, where they can be found, how to pick them and also how to eat them.

  18. Fueling Breakfast To Increase Memory Power

    by BD Basu

    The author explains at the end that his recommendations are based on having overcome serious health problems, and that the nutritional principles he sets out are derived from resea...

  19. Georgia

    by June Butlin

    This case study illustrates how nutritional factors can affect not just physical well-being but also mental, emotional and behavioural patterns.

  20. Give Fat a Chance

    by Wilma Kirsten

    The author describes the fear of fats created by fitness

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