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  1. Letters to the Editor Issue 35

    by Letters

    Natural Progesterone: Safe for women with hormonal cancers? + Dr Shirley Bond replies...

  2. Letters to the Editor Issue 36

    by Letters

    Breast Cancer and the Bra Connection + Baby with Squint: Can anybody help? + Genetic Determination + Electrodermal Screening: Evidence, please! + Anne Smithells Replies to Eric Sp...

  3. Letters to the Editor Issue 38

    by Letters

    Dr John Lee Replies to Letter from Janette Stroud (Issue 35, page 45) + Why are we experiencing an epidemic of glue ear? + Re: January issue (36): "Baby with squint" + Water Fluori...

  4. Letters to the Editor Issue 39

    by Letters

    Will Wilson’s Comments re. Editorial, Issue 37 + Open letter to the Medicines Control Agency from the BHMA

  5. Letters to the Editor Issue 40

    by Letters

    Stop the MCA from banning our products and services! + The Editor Replies: What You Can Do About MLX 249 + Dr Atkins’ New Diet Revolution: one reader’s concerns?

  6. Letters to the Editor Issue 41

    by Letters

    Re: March issue (38): differing treatments for non-malignant musculoskeletal facial pain, Turp and colleagues.

  7. Letters to the Editor Issue 42

    by Letters

    The Dangers of Aspartame + Editorial Note + Internal Warfare! + The Editor Comments

  8. Letters to the Editor Issue 43

    by Letters

    Preconception Care Seminar + How much Deodorant do you Feed your Baby?

  9. Letters to the Editor Issue 44

    by Letters

    Against 'Against Mind-Body Medicine' + The Editor Replies + Coincidence or a Tale of the Unknown? +Prostate Cancer – The Future Treatment, Another Chance? A Patient's View Of Cryo-...

  10. Letters to the Editor Issue 45

    by Letters

    Conflicts within Complementary Medicine + Advertising and the Law + Reflexology following surgical intervention + A Response to the Which? Report Published 5th August 1999 by The H...

  11. Letters to the Editor Issue 46

    by Letters

    Midwives' Concerns about HIV Testing + Compulsory HIV Testing: an Error of Judgement? + Safety of AZT in Doubt + Channel 4 requires your help + The Sad State of Complementary Medic...

  12. Letters to the Editor Issue 47

    by Letters

    Acupuncture: West borrows from East?

  13. Letters to the Editor Issue 49

    by Letters

    Inappropriate Standards for Complementary Medicine + Cosmetic Link to Breast Cancer + Homeopathic Help for OCD + Meningitis Vaccination Questions

  14. Letters to the Editor Issue 50

    by Letters

    Regulation and Research – The Authors’ comments + The Artist replies… + The Editor comments… + Comments Re Leon Chaitow’s Column (Issue 45 October ‘99) + Leon Chaitow Replies…

  15. Letters to the Editor Issue 51

    by Letters

    BCMA: Clearing Up Some Misunderstandings + Tom Litten Replies

  16. Letters to the Editor Issue 52

    by Letters

    According to Sri Chinmoy, the philosophy of the New Millennium will be: + Mercury Exposure and Alzheimer's Disease + St. John's wort : Should its safety be questioned?

  17. Letters to the Editor Issue 53

    by Letters

    Psychotherapy: dealing in intangibles + Healers: merely a catalyst? + Seating & Back Care: not just for the office!

  18. Letters to the Editor Issue 54

    by Letters

    Fluoridation without Consent + Reflexology not appreciated + Doctors' Mistakes + Another Dorothy Rowe Fan + Alternative Therapies for Asperger Syndrome + Help for Dry Eyes + Backdo...

  19. Letters to the Editor Issue 55

    by Letters

    Gerson Book is Available + Liver-Gallbladder Flush that Works + Review: Massage 2000 – Energy and Transformation Conference

  20. Letters to the Editor Issue 56

    by Letters

    More Gallstone Remedies + More on Dry Eye Problems + Reflexology Thrown Into Focus + The International Light and Sound Conference 2000

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