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  1. Acid-Base Balance: Indispensable for Our Metabolism

    by Dr Helga Handschuh

    A highly technical account of the operation of acids and bases within our digestive and metabolic processes.  Of particular interest is the indicated link between acid overload of ...

  2. Acidity - The Silent Killer

    by Rob Spears

    Today, there’s a new worldwide health concern affecting everyone. If free radicals and antioxidants were the focus of the last twenty years, body acidity, body alkalinity, and the i...

  3. Antioxidant Carotenoids Free Radicals Neutralizer

    by Yostan Absalom Labola

    Plants, animals and different types of microorganisms have been constructing various types of compound bioactive and important for human health source. One of the bioactive compound...

  4. Bad Breath Perceived Causes and Ways to Deal With It

    by DentaVox

    Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem with social and health implications. A recent survey among 261 respondents detects common perceptions about bad breath and strategies to de...

  5. Choosing Health - Preventing and Reversing Cellular Malfunction

    by Raymond Francis

    The author states that the next major advance in health will be determined by what people are willing to do for themselves. The rest of the article spells out what he believes we...

  6. Food toxins, molecular mimicry, leaky gut and the MS connection.

    by Lynn Toohey, Ph.D.

    It has been accepted for a long time that several factors play a major role in MS. In fact, the multi-factorial involvement has contributed to the puzzle of determining the etiolog...

  7. Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt - Mother Nature’s Gift

    by Klaus Ferlow

    This has to be one of the greatest re-discovery of modern times! Natural Himalayan Alexander Crystal salt for a healthy and energetic life! It is estimated that between 250-300 mill...

  8. Importance of our Internal Environment

    by Dominic Speirs

    In this article, the author explains the importance of pH balance and blood cells on the health of the body and their function.

  9. Micro-element Therapy and Mineral Imbalances - A Practitioner's Case Studies

    by Maya Kraus

    As a therapist, I have used Micro-element Therapy (MET) for some 12 years and never cease to be amazed at its effect. This paper aims to give an outline of how it works in practice...

  10. Mitochondrial Fatigue or Mitochondrial Sabotage?

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    Mitochondria are protein-rich small bodies (organelles) with a double membrane and are located in the cytoplasm of all[1] cells (except red blood cells). Mitochondria contain geneti...

  11. Stress, Diet and Body Acidification

    by Nicki Woodward

    This column focuses on optimal health created by a good pH balance- between the acid and alkaline in the body. Acid has a detrimental effect on the body as it can cause enzymatic d...

  12. What Your (Bad) Breath Reveals About Your Health

    by Dr Harold Katz

    Some of us have the unfortunate problem of sitting downwind from a co-worker whose breath brings tears to your eyes. Our first question is “Don’t they realize that their breath is...

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