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Mitochondrial Fatigue or Mitochondrial Sabotage?

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in cellular chemistry, originally published in issue 241 - October 2017

Mitochondria are protein-rich small bodies (organelles) with a double membrane and are located in the cytoplasm of all[1] cells (except red blood cells). Mitochondria contain genetic material and are known as the powerhouse of the cell because they produce the basic unit of usable energy.[2]

mitochondria structure

mitochondria structure[3]

Genetic material found in mitochondria and cell nuclei contains the blueprint or pattern for growth, maintenance, repair, reproduction and dispatch. Cells, although small are the building blocks of tissues, for example, muscle and nerve tissue. Tissues, groups of specialized cells, are the components needed to build organs such as the heart and liver. Organs build systems, for example the cardio-vascular and lymphatic systems. The body comprises all bodily systems including the nervous, digestive, endocrine and immune systems.

If mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, then they must also be the powerhouse of the whole body. They need usable raw materials to be able to manufacture a product which is available to cells for function and production. If mitochondria become deprived of essential materials and/or become faulty in any way the effect is generated to the cells. If cells are consequently deprived and/or faulty the effect is generated to the tissue and so on to the organ to the system to the whole body. All body cells, even though differentiated into different tissues types which are somewhat compartmentalized in structure and function, are still inter-dependent and communicate with each other.

 Cell to body

Cell to body [4, 5]


An interest in mitochondrial dysfunction seems to result in a list of nutritional remedies which will fix the physical problem(s). For example, some health authorities are promoting CoQ10, various vitamins, minerals and herbs, lifestyle changes etc. All of these are valid aspects of nutritional needs of mitochondria. Others are linking mitochondrial dysfunction to the depression/thyroid connection prompting a need for iodine as a potential factor. Again, these are valid conclusions.

Apart from being a bona-fide description of fatigue at cellular level, mitochondrial fatigue is also a description of chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis and many other similar maladies but from the bodily end of the spectrum.

at both the cellular and bodily levels there are
extremes of severity and uniquely individual interpretations

This all-encompassing aspect is often missed by focusing on one manifestation resulting in multiple different disconnected diagnostic labels with associated fragmented approaches to treatments which might or might not address presenting symptoms. This potentially leads to an inability to pinpoint any specific causal factor(s) and therefore might lead to partial resolution or be of no effect.

However, ethics aside, promoting relatively isolated conclusions based on data gathered from animal experimentation might not be quite what it seems and cannot be taken as conclusively applicable to human beings.[6] In just the same way, conclusions based on trials done with plants cannot necessarily be applied to fish. There are overall categories which cannot be crossed, for example, vegetables, fish, birds, insects, animals and humans. These categories have distinct differences which are ignored at our peril. Bacterial and fungal entities are set apart for a good reason and not relevant to this article. The question of “why drugs in the first place” is an eye-opening issue in itself and opens pathways right to the heart of so-called Pandora’s Box.

Unawareness of economic and political interests in the sickness, pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries is also ignored at our peril. This does not impute motives to people within these industries who provide help for many in times of need, especially the emergency and first line services who have the gratitude of us all. Neither does it mean that the only ‘props’ some have are not valid for a purpose.

For those unfamiliar with genetic manipulation in its various forms, this always entails a downward grade and never a beneficial outcome. Some might think that “bug resistant” this or that is a beneficial outcome but put in the context of the reality of crop benefits, insect, bird, animal and human health this concept is far from what it seems to purport.[7] Consequences can range from immediate to many years down the line and even then are unlikely to be associated with causal factors especially when those causal factors are whitewashed by the establishment.

Understanding what bacteria are and how they are created within organisms for the purpose of detoxification is the key to understanding the folly behind genetic manipulation and “against-life” drugs which strip the detoxification organisms of their identity, temporarily fooling the immune system into believing that the issue has been dealt with. The immune system then has to raise its stronger second line of defence when the toxicity level again calls for control. This is the origin of drug resistance, superbugs, superweeds  etc. Plants, fish, animals and humans are all suffering from pseudo-science which exults itself above creation (and therefore the Creator) for political and economic gain. This subject alone could take a book. There are those who are in a position of only having this sort of help as a lifeline to ‘get back on the road’ and sort out their health problems. This is the help they have and I am not condemning any form of help, temporary or otherwise, that anyone receives. I am simply explaining a bigger picture.

Oh, don’t forget to look at the political and economic bedfellows behind genetic manipulation in the first place. Before automatically presuming the well-rehearsed response of “feed the hungry” used to program the public to accept genetic manipulation as benevolent, look into the matter with an unbiased mind including research outside of big$ vested interests. There is enough food and money to go round for everyone. It is just concentrated in a ‘few’ select places for reasons of the ‘few’ select people! There is a golden rule, “those with the gold rule”. Look at the world and its history relative to those with the gold. Genetic manipulation will be in the hands of the rulers with the gold! That should send shivers down the spine!

It must also be appreciated that what is generated in the media is vetted and paid for by multi $billion business having the wherewithal to suppress information to the contrary, ridicule those who slip through the net like Dr Andrew Wakefield who has been wrongly accused of using fraudulent data in the implication of the MMR vaccination with autism. His “fraudulent data” was simply accurate reporting of facts surrounding the conditions of non-autistic children who became autistic after receiving an MMR vaccination. This highlighting of fact was considered highly dangerous to ‘the powers that be’ and Dr Wakefield had his medical licence revoked and was maligned for his scientific observations and data. Pioneers such as Dr Wakefield have also had their medical licenses revoked, been ridiculed, maligned and imprisoned for their truthful reporting and refusal to bow to political and economic pressures damaging to humanity. These people have been true to the Hippocratic oath that they took seriously, “first do no harm”.

What has all this to do with mitochondrial sabotage? Plenty! Symptoms (i.e. red flags) from the ground floor mitochondrial entities are rebellion against being sabotaged by toxic substances which block the sites of entry for valid nutritional materials such as iodine and other minerals. Mercury, fluoride and aluminium are amongst the better known very toxic ones, all proven to be extremely damaging to biological organisms. Sadly the list of toxic substances put into our water and food is very much longer. The most noxious and anti-human elements in vaccines even bypass the protective layers of the digestive tract. These noxious substances contain poisonous heavy metals, formaldehyde, foreign proteins (from birds, animals and aborted human foetuses).[8]

toxic substances embedded within cellular material
is the stuff of serious auto-immune reactions

The immune system can damage or destroy the cell (self) in order to dispense with the foreign substance (non-self) within it. Take just one of those elements[9] and examine its effects carefully! Then add inheritance of mercury in parental dental fillings, vaccination, antibiotics etc., and you can see the reality of genetic manipulation. Genes manipulated by malevolence for political and economic reasons but, of course, proffered for the benefit of all. In the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin[10] it is surmised that only three children didn’t succumb to being led away: one was hard of hearing, one was short sighted and one was lame. Nevertheless the moral is that, for whatever reason, they did not follow and therefore survived. Of course, even though this story has reality based back in the 1100s, and is probably subject to centuries of ‘Chinese Whispers’, there is a moral to it.

A propensity to inherited states is described by homeopathy as a miasm. This merely describes the path of down-graded generational genetic inheritance. We are now seeing several generations of complex miasms which is something akin to compound negative synergy.[11] Along with individually determined interpretation, there are extremes of manifestation. Mercury, fluoride and aluminium, for example, are toxic to all people:

they are not allergens, they are poisonous substances

The reaction of each person to these poisons depends upon many factors. However, a homeopathic detoxification based on a personal history, along with other essential measures, will help to reduce the resident tissue load.

Becoming aware of substances that damage and stopping the intake of them is an essential step towards health from mitochondria upwards. The resident toxic load must also be diminished and eliminated as much as possible. Detoxification, rehydration and nutritional supplementation work together along with any targeted specifics identified in a personal history and methods to aid elimination such as lymphatic drainage massage. Approaching treatment in an ineffective way can be a money-draining treadmill with discouragement as a sting in the tail. Awareness, information and a structured approach is the most successful. The time spent in research and effective implementation is time well spent.

three aspects of ill-health have to be treated as an entity,
dehydration, toxicity and malnutrition

Energy cannot be released from ATP in the mitochondria except by way of hydrolysis. Water is essential to this chemical step. If dehydration exists at a cellular level, fatigue, in whichever individual physiological pathway it is manifest, will ensue. The body has an inherent water rationing system.[12] Dehydration cannot be corrected if toxicity has hindered it. Dehydration is more than water intake. Water intake has to be balanced with unrefined sea salt and water uptake. If dehydration is present, not only will cellular solute be more concentrated bringing its own problems but malnutrition to some degree will also be present. Fluids carry nutrients across the cell membrane entry points, like ships carrying goods that can’t get into port because the gates are closed. Mercury is but one known blocker to ‘doorways’ in the cell membrane meant for nutritional uptake. Detoxification, rehydration and nutritional input have to work together and the cell has to be able to excrete waste and secrete products.

There is another aspect which is just as important but in a different way. Negative thoughts, words and emotions come from beliefs and affect the whole body-mind. Humans are spirit (likened to electric supply), mind/will/emotions/intellect based on beliefs[13,14] (likened to circuit board) and body (likened to end product, e.g. light bulb or what we see in our life).

Mitochondrial malfunctions, like other seemingly isolated diagnostic labels are parts of the overall puzzle of life. The most effective approach to identification of the cause(s) and then access to potential solution(s) is to zoom out and look at the overall picture. Briefly, the overall picture for health related puzzle pieces invariably involves dehydration, malnutrition, toxicity, brain involvement (circuit board) and can be addressed currently, as is, and then backwards involving inherited states.


1.         Mitochondria are found in eukaryotic cells of humans, animals, plants and fungi.

2.         Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) undergoes hydrolysis to produce adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and releases energy. Dehydration reduces the water available for hydrolysis and therefore will reduce the capacity for energy creation.



5.         Note: cardiac muscle tissue is specialised in that the cells connect to each other but have “gaps” to allow the electrical activity of the heart to be co-ordinated as one functional movement throughout.

6.         There is a wealth of valuable evidence showing drug test results carried out on animals fail to be applicable to humans and can lead to tragic consequences. Sites such as the ones below could start a productive online search.




10. .

11.       Synergy is the working together of two or more units producing an effect which is greater than the sum of their individual parts. The synergy of correctly chosen treatments can be very effective. The negative synergy of toxic substances can be exampled in aluminium taking fluoride through the blood brain barrier. It can only be imagined what this does to brain cells because data on this type of research is not promoted by the aluminium or fluoride ‘industries’ and Google is now very different in nature from the open search vehicle it used to be.

12.       Dr F Batmangehelidj, Your Bodies Many Cries for Water, Global Health Solutions, 3rd Edition (Nov 2008), ISBN-10: 0970245882, ISBN-13: 978-0970245885. The only water suitable for human ingestion is pure water. Distilled water with the addition of a pinch of sun dried untreated sea salt is the best for health. Some bottled waters are greatly better than others. Some are only the equivalent of tap water. Know what you are looking for on the bottle label and compare brands if you want to invest in your health.

13.       Barbara Hoberman Levine, Your Body Believes Every Word You Say, Aslan Publishing, revised edition (Feb 2000), ISBN-10: 0883312190, ISBN-13: 978-0883312193

14.       Holy Bible, Proverbs 23:7 As a man thinks, so is he.


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