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Micro-element Therapy and Mineral Imbalances - A Practitioner's Case Studies

by Maya Kraus(more info)

listed in cellular chemistry, originally published in issue 63 - April 2001

As a therapist, I have used Micro-element Therapy (MET) for some 12 years and never cease to be amazed at its effect. This paper aims to give an outline of how it works in practice for myself and other therapists, as well as its development.

MET was developed some twenty years ago by Professor Charles Beijns of the Centre European d'Études Biologiques (CEEB) in Brussels, who produced what he describes as 'bio-catalytic micro elements' for his work in oligotherapy (oligo means 'little' in Greek).

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The principle was to 'fix' minute quantities (and the unique frequency) of individual minerals in a pure water-based solution. This is then taken orally in drop form (typically ten drops daily) and is designed to deliver the 'message' or frequency of the mineral or combination of minerals, rather than to deliver any significant quantities. In this respect, the doses used can be near-homeopathic (in the same way that tissue salts are not strictly homeopathic, but work along the same principles).

When the body's mineral balance or ability to absorb necessary minerals appears to have been compromised (typically through the impact of illness, lifestyle or environmental hazards, such as microwaves or electro-magnetic fields), MET can be used to help trigger cellular function and the absorption of the minute quantity of trace elements needed. The human body requires only small amounts of trace elements to function properly, and the full range of these minerals amounts to only 0.02 per cent of the body[1] so that triggering the cell's 'memory' and delivering the correct mineral 'frequency' can be more effective in helping absorption, in Professor Beijns' view, than our modern mega-dosing culture.

Professor Beijns has had particular success in his MET work with Ukrainian children and adults affected by radiation exposure following the Chernobyl disaster and has received recognition for his work on immune system recovery from the University of Kiev and The Lviv State Medical Institute – Ukraine.

Some 72 individual micro-elements are available, together with a further 40 combinations, which have been developed for ease of use and to cater for specific conditions. Frequently used examples include Cu-Au-Ag (Copper-Gold-Silver) for adrenal dysfunction and protection; Ca-F-Mg (Calcium-Fluorine-Magnesium) for calcium absorption; Ga-Pb-Sn (Gallium-Lead-Tin) for menopausal problems and PMT; TOTAL 72 (all 72 micro-elements) for severe imbalance and depletion of minerals, also found helpful as protection during chemotherapy; 'Sustain' formula for sports and/or libido; Rh-Ni-Pd (Rhodium-Nickel-Palladium) for arthritis; Al-Br-Mg-Ni (Aluminium-Bromine-Magnesium-Nickel) for asthma; Va-Li (Vanadium-Lithium) for eyes and improving circulation to the head; and Ce-La-Va-Sc-Y (Cerium-Lanthanum-Vanadium-Scandium-Yttrium) for protection to hands-on therapists, typically with only 2-3 drops needed.

I have drawn together a wide range of my own and other case studies of typical therapists' use of Micro-element Therapy, and the following examples may give a flavour of their use in differing situations.

Case Studies


Nicola Bradbury from Nr Malpas, Cheshire, is an experienced herbalist and has used MET as part of an holistic support regime for patients undergoing orthodox medical cancer treatments. They are often unable to eat normally due to chemotherapy, and suffer from nausea and other side-effects and, as a result, feel very tired and drained. MET TOTAL 72 and Ce-La-Va-Sc-Y3 (see above) have proved to be extremely supportive in improving energy and well-being, something Nicola has repeatedly observed over many years of treating cancer sufferers.

A current case study is a boy she first saw in 1998, aged 11, and suffering from leukaemia. He was pale, exhausted from heavy chemotherapy, covered in bruises and had an extremely low blood count which sometimes delayed ongoing hospital treatment. He received the micro-elements TOTAL 72, Ce-La-Va-Sc-Y 'C' and AAR (anti-atomic radiation combination for radiotherapy) as part of an intensive natural medicine support regime. Hospital blood count graphs showed amazing improvement. The boy is now 14 years old, energetic and plays for the school's football team, but has been kept on low-level chemotherapy by the consultant oncologist who told the boy's mother, "Little boys do not usually get this far through the maintenance programme".


Sue Czornenkyj has practised as a kinesiologist for 15 years and reports that in July 2000 she saw Mrs H who had suffered since May 1999 with repetitive dizziness, blackouts and vomiting. She had been referred to a neurologist and an MRI scan showed nothing; however, the medical professor decided that it was Ménière's disease and she was administered Serc 8, Paracetamol Plus and Cocodamol. Mrs H became, in her own words, 'a prisoner in her own house'.

Kinesiology testing suggested that Mrs H had, for some ten months prior to her symptoms, been affected by 'electrical interference', which coincided with a new job as a cleaner in high-tech offices packed with electrical and computer equipment, often left on. Sue prescribed MET AAR (see above) to counter the electromagnetic problem, as well as butcher's-broom to aid circulation. By August, Mrs H was fully fit and well, back to an active life with her family, and had gone back to her office-cleaning job, while continuing to take AAR before going to work. Other than that, she is now fully recovered.

Hyperactivity in Children

Mary Atkinson of the Maypole Hyperactive Children's Society Support Group in Upminster, Essex, reports that her group has been recommending parents to use MET for some years now, particularly as the micro-elements are easier to take and absorb than conventional mineral supplements. They recommend MET Zn (Zinc) for memory weakness and improvement of concentration, and MET Cr (Chromium) for food cravings, with parents monitoring and administering as needed. A number of children have shown marked improvement in behaviour following MET.

Emotional Problems

In my experience over many years, I have found that MET is equally helpful for emotional conditions, especially MET Br (Bromine). A recent example was the case of Robert, who I saw last May. He had suffered from depression for 17 months and received antidepressants and ongoing psychiatric treatment. He frequently woke up after gruesome and violent dreams, sweating profusely and very upset. I took him off coffee and tea and gave him a course of MET Br (Bromine). He later reported an almost immediate easing of his sleep pattern and benefited from health kinesiology analysis and stress release in parallel with the MET Br. He is now fine, feels balanced, and is getting on well at college. Incidentally, one of his issues was previously undiagnosed dyslexia, which can often be an understandable cause of depression and anger, as the therapists among you will of course recognize, and which we dealt with in one of his sessions during which I used educational kinesiology.


Some migraines can be very difficult to diagnose, especially where not wholly food or structurally related. Martin was an active retiree and keen cyclist who found that he frequently suffered from migraine after exercise. Kinesiology testing showed that he suffered from hypertension and needed a detox from formaldehyde, maybe from his work as an undertaker. Alongside my other work, I gave him a course of MET Ge (Germanium) for his hypertension and, on his next visit two months later, he reported a complete recovery from the migraines that had affected him since aged 12.


Vahida Starcevic is one of the 20 therapists practising with me at Castle Street Clinic in Guildford and uses MET alongside acupuncture. She comments, "I have used MET for many years, and I have trust in their effectiveness. They are easy to use, safe, inexpensive and effective in a gentle way and also suitable for children, since they have no taste. I have also regularly found them very helpful for the menopause and premenstrual conditions".

Maria, aged 45, came to see her two years ago suffering with hot flushes, tiredness and irritability. She also suffered regularly from common colds and infections and was recently diagnosed as having asthma. "I gave her MET Ga-Pb-Sn, to which she responded almost immediately, and now manages to control her hormonal symptoms. The MET Cu-Au-Ag has also been very beneficial in as far as it supported and strengthened her immune system. She no longer has asthma and has only had one cold since we started treatment."


Many babies and small children who we see at our Clinic have had low levels of calcium absorption, often coinciding with childhood eczema. As well as the classic exclusion of dairy products where indicated, I have found that a course of MET B (Boron) micro-elements can be very helpful in reducing eruptions and progressively aiding proper mineral absorption.


As well as looking at causation, both dietary, emotional, and inherited pre-disposition, we have consistently found MET Mn (Manganese) and MET Al-Br-Mg-Ni (Aluminium-Bromine-Magnesium-Nickel) to be helpful in reducing acute symptoms, usually quite quickly.


Alongside health kinesiology desensitization for residual viral toxins, I have found that ten drops of MET H (Holmium) taken first thing in the morning has shown extraordinary results. Typically most of these clients suffer from hypoactive thyroid conditions and MET Holmium or MET Molybdenum (M), in my view, is fundamental to aiding recovery. I also give MET Cu-Au-Ag (Copper-Gold-Silver) for adrenal dysfunction and immune support, and, in cases of extreme depletion (and resistance to any form of treatment), MET TOTAL 72, which is designed to give a natural stimulus to try and restore cellular integrity and normal mineral absorption.


Although this is not part of my professional practice, I have regularly found that MET works equally well in my treatments of our four-legged friends – often with startling effect when supporting conventional veterinary treatment! Horses, dogs, cats and even pet rats (!) have benefited, according to feedback from holistically-minded vets.

I hope that these comments and case studies will give readers an insight into the many ways in which MET can be used as a helpful adjunct to a range of complementary therapies (and indeed orthodox medicine!). Because of their diversity and number, choosing which micro-element or combination to prescribe can be a problem for therapists who do not have, say, kinesiology, dowsing or vega testing as one of their diagnostic tools. A practitioner's table has been developed over the years, however, which can help by way of cross-reference between the MET range and the conditions which have been found to benefit from their use. This table can be downloaded from the supplier's website.

Further Information

Further information and the MET diagnostic table can be obtained from Sue Atterbury on the above number or downloaded from


1. What the Doctors Don't Tell You. 11(10). January 2001.


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