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Thrity Engineer, visionary, author and serial pioneer, searched for and loved the extraordinary, the exquisite and the exceptional. She studied psychoanalysis for eight years in her twenties, qualified as India’s first gemmologist in her thirties, dabbled in antiques and property, but discovered her life work only after cataclysmic events in her forties.

Thrity was Born Nov 1942 in Mumbai, India and Died 8th March 2023 (also in Mumbai).

She pioneered the use of Biofeedback Imaging in the UK in 1992, Biolumanetics and the Luminator in 1995 and the Monocrom Light/Colour Dome and the Monochord Sound/Music Table in 1998. This was the first time these powerful modalities had been brought together in the world, creating new possibilities for healing and the expansion of human consciousness. She also presented seminars on the theme of Stress Management through Self Understanding for multinational companies in India.

She was the founder of 3S (subtle-sacred-scientific), CETS (Coherence Enhancement Training Systems) and the Supercoherence Program and the co-creator of the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies - (SRTLFs) and the other frequency tools of the Supercoherence system. Her first book was Supercoherence - The 7th Sense (Hay House 2008). Her second book Supercoherence - The Return To Love was published in 2015. She has worked with the extraordinary real life “Star Trek” technology called the Luminator since 1995. Born and raised in Mumbai, she lived and worked in London and may be contacted via supercoherence@gmail.com or her websites www.supercoherencereturntolove.com   and www.supercoherencereturntolovebook.com

Articles by Thrity Engineer

  1. Biolumanetics - The Science of Life-Light

    Listed in light and colour

    Biolumanetics is a healing discipline that uses the light emitted by living beings to find a means of balancing energy and so bringing about a healthier state.

  2. Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies - 21st Century Tools for 21st Century Challenges

    Listed in energy medicine

    Just a few years ago before the advent of email, it took several days for a letter to reach its destination. Even a local letter took a couple of days and a letter to a distant coun...

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