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Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies - 21st Century Tools for 21st Century Challenges

by Thrity Engineer(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 231 - July 2016

“This Age of Anxiety is the result of using yesterday’s tools to solve today’s problems” - Marshall MacLuhan

In 1960 the laser was invented and humanity entered an exciting extraordinary and potentially dangerous new age - the light-energy-information age. We discovered an extraordinary property of light. What is the difference between a light bulb and a laser? To put it simply, a 100 watt light bulb can light a small room whereas a 100 watt laser can cut through steel and put a spot of light on the moon. So the same amount of light when it is differently organized gives an exponentially different result. The difference lies in one word - coherence. When the peaks and troughs of the electromagnetic wave match exactly, light becomes coherent. All life forms emit light and the coherence or incoherence of their light emission determines the state of their health.

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Just a few years ago before the advent of email, it took several days for a letter to reach its destination. Even a local letter took a couple of days and a letter to a distant country or continent took many more days. Today that same information can travel at the speed of light and arrive at its destination almost before I have taken a couple of breaths. Not only can I reach whoever I wish to reach wherever they are instantly, I can reach any number of people across the globe by just hitting a button on my computer. The rules of the game have changed - and we have to cope as best we are able and many of us fall down - badly. If you think about it for a moment, light travels at 186,000 miles per second and information travels even faster, they say. The internet, the tool of infinite choice, is both a gift and a curse. It has bent the rules of time as we knew it for millennia, out of shape and there is no going back. This super highway in which information is carried literally at the speed of light has put us out of synch with our bodies. So you can have a hundred or several hundred emails piled in your inbox - which travelled in at the speed of light from all over the globe, but your eyes which have to read them, your brain which has to make sense of them and your hands which have to type the response, unfortunately do not operate the speed of light. The end result? Stress levels through the roof. 

As far as health goes the scenario does not look too bright.  Stress is the number one killer today. Studies at the CDC (Center for Disease Prevention and Control) and the Stanford Medical School reveal the startling findings that stress is the cause of 80% (CDC)-95% (Stanford Med School) of all disease no matter what the label attached to the presenting symptoms. Despite all the advances in technology, young and old today are stressed as never before, with burnout, poor performance and downright physical and mental illness. Information overload, a polluted food chain, unhealthy electromagnetic work and home environments and non-nourishing life styles do not help either. Ask yourself this question - as the rate of change speeds up, will stress levels rise or fall? When the system is stressed neither eating organic food, taking super vitamins nor working out at the gym will do you much good. No diet is going do it for you either. When the system is stressed, it cannot digest or assimilate food properly, it does not matter much therefore whether the food you eat is organic super food or not. Doing physical exercise when the system is stressed may be more likely to result in an injury.

There is an uneasy knowing gaining ground that despite all the phenomenal technological advances of the of the 21st  century somehow in many ways things are not as they should be. There is an increasing awareness that we are in a crisis of unprecedented proportions. The old ways and quick fixes are seen not to work and yet the new ways have not yet emerged. Or have they? As the winds of change accelerate to gale force, what new strategies do you have to handle your life?

It may surprise you to know that 95% of you is hidden from you. Discover how and why you create your reality from the meagre 5% you have access to. Humans have a secret super sense which operates outside the boundaries of the rational mind, the emotions, the five sensory reality and bypasses the brain. It is the realm of total knowledge and super function that exists in each human on a separate largely inaccessible parallel track for most of us, until NOW. It is the part of us, the master controller, that coordinates the activities of our 50 trillion cells, informing each one what to do in every second of our waking and sleeping existence, keeping our miraculous body-mind in optimal function.

As a result of an extraordinary breakthrough the master code of human super-function has been decoded and this master key is now available to anyone. Radical new possibilities for super health, successful authentic relationships and happiness emerge as a result of this discovery.

Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies

The Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies (SRTLFs) are a 21st century consciousness technology and a tool for life force energy management   The SRTLFs have evolved from Biolumanetics.  It involves the Luminator, a real life ‘Star Trek’ technology. The Luminator  is an enigmatic subtle energy device invented by Patrick Richards, an American engineer. It creates an altered field and allows us to see the hidden internal  universe of the feeling human through the agency of  VRIC Imaging. VRIC ( Visual Reference of Image Coherence)  is a unique imaging system which allows us to assess the coherence of any life form with an unprecedented  quality of precision and objectivity. The SRTLFs are non-Hertzian information frequencies and are used to establish coherence in the bio-light field of the organism.

At their simplest level the SRTLFs are a powerful stress relief and life force energy management tool, at their most profound level they reconnect us to the energy of our heart-soul-spirit and enable us to remain clear, calm, balanced and loving in the most difficult circumstances. The SRTLFs help us to face the uncertain present with courage, clarity, creativity and compassion. The SRTLFs reconnect us directly, systematically and precisely to Zero where past suffering is neutralized and clarity and coherence are re-established easily, immediately and effortlessly. The SRTLFs are a master reset button to the Source code. The source code of the Human, which goes way beyond the genetic code, is absolute love and extreme Intelligence - and this exists in every human at all times, though very often, it does not appear to be so.

The SRTLFs are subtle energy light-energy-information encodings encased in glass using a specialized proprietary technique. A simple way to understand them is to compare them to a CD or DVD, which are also encodings of light and information. The primary purpose of the SRTLFs is to restore supercoherence in the bio-light field. The SRTLFs are calibrated to the zero field of the Luminator and the high frequency of the Divine Mother, which dissolves incoherent emotional information from the human energy field. I call them instruments of grace because there is no effort and struggle involved in using them to restore ourselves to supercoherence, regardless of past pain and trauma. They restore the source code of intelligence and love simply for the asking.

The main reason for the SRTLFs being on the Earth plane is to break the millennial old cycle of human suffering. However, on an everyday level they are being used in many different ways and for many other reasons. They are a state of the art tool for efficient life-force energy management. The non-Hertzian frequencies they contain bring us into optimal balance and align us with zero and other frequencies that connect us with the heart centre. They do not contain any chemical substances or anything that is measurable by traditional scientific instruments or methodologies. The SRTLFs are immutable. They are not affected by heat, X-rays, radiation or a person’s energy field - they will hold their own frequency regardless of what is or is not in the energy field of the user. They can be used by many different people without the need for cleansing or reprogramming, unlike crystals. 

Getting Started 

The pink (drop) and green (round) Supercoherence Return to Love frequencies form a pair and must be used at the same time. They are side sensitive, which means that they need to be held or carried in the correct hand or pocket. The pink SRTLF is to be held or carried on the left side and the green SRTLF is to be held or carried on the right side. As an everyday practice one can hold or carry the SRTLFs (green on the right, pink on the left) every morning for 20 minutes. In the evening, at the end of the day, use them reversed (pink on the right, green on the left) for about ten minutes.

It is beneficial to use them every day because as we live in times of great and unrelenting change; stress levels are reaching breaking point for a lot of us. Illness, burnout or constant anxiety can be the result as we seek to cope with the demands that life makes on us. As the stress levels have no easy way of discharging or lessening, they take their toll, resulting in a slow, cumulative, insidious loss of function. How do you feel at the end of a long day at the office, after a commute, when you come home and face the demands of your family? How do you feel at the end of the week, at the end of the month? How do you unwind? It’s not so easy. Using television or alcohol as an anaesthetic is common, but these are simply coping mechanisms which will not give the result you would like. In contrast, holding  the SRTLFs reversed for ten minutes can take away our tiredness and give us access to calm, clear energy and vitality to enjoy the rest of the day.  The cares of the day simply melt away as our system unwinds and hits zero.

There are huge benefits in following this simple effortless practice. When our energy system accesses zero in this way, stress is not allowed to build up. This is one way to keep well, as our system has a chance to repair itself every day. There are enough studies that tell us that long-term stress is a killer. The unfortunate thing is if we do not pay attention to our stress levels on an ongoing basis and do not know how to neutralize them, they will keep mounting slowly - or not so slowly - and suddenly, when the system can take no more, it tips into the chaos of dysfunction, disease or depression.

The following case study by Supercoherence practitioner Jane Cook illustrates what can happen with the build-up of daily stress:

“DH, a 44-year-old man, runs his own business. Although it is steadily expanding, there is a lot of pressure and work to do. He began having headaches and pain behind the eyes, which led to lack of sleep and tension in his neck. He thought of acupuncture, but my friend told him to call me and see if my new method could help. He came when he had the headache. We turned on some relaxing music and I gave him the SRTLFs. I left him alone. After 30 minutes he came out saying he felt great, all the pain had gone and he actually felt he had more energy. He has come weekly now for five weeks. In that time he has not suffered the headaches or the pain behind the eyes or the neck pain and is coping with the workload and having his three children at home through the summer holidays - an extra strain. We are trying once-a-fortnight visits now, as he is reluctant to give them up completely.”

Using the SRTLFs daily also allows us to use our life-force energy efficiently, as our energy system learns to remain coherent and operate close to zero, the point of optimal function. Because it is coherent, we are more aware and will feel discomfort more quickly and therefore be able to address it before it starts to build up to unmanageable proportions.

Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies

Verification with VRIC Imaging

When you hold the Supercoherence frequency tools or carry them on your person, your bio-light field or light matrix recognizes the information instantly and becomes coherent, neutralizing stress and trauma. This happens at the speed of light. So the job is already done and you do not need to do anything else. You may feel nothing, but the job is still done.

We know this because of the many tests that have been carried out using VRIC imaging. VRIC imaging actually gives us an idea of the incomprehensible speed with which the charge around trauma is nullified using the Supercoherence frequencies. We see that if a client simply holds them, along with a photo that formerly made that client incoherent (as shown in a fuzzy VRIC photo), they become coherent (as shown in a clear VRIC photo) in no time. This is amazing to witness, as the trauma may have been there for many years, or even many lifetimes. With clients over the years I had found it disturbing that despite years of therapy, healing, meditation and spiritual practices, the imaging revealed that the charge around painful emotional events remained present, potent and unresolved. Now there was a way to break free from the invisible prison.

SRTLF Effects

One of the main effects that people experience when using the SRTLFs is a feeling of calm. Emotional turmoil and extreme trauma are dissipated for no apparent reason. The trauma can be recent or of many years’ standing; it makes no difference. The outer circumstances may remain the same, but it is impossible to connect with the painful feelings around the event anymore.

For example, a client who had unexpectedly lost her beloved daughter and was understandably distraught told me that when she held the Supercoherence frequencies, the load of grief and sadness suddenly disappeared and she felt she was going mad, as she could not understand how the painful emotions had gone so unexpectedly.

Another lady in her fifties who had had an extremely challenging to non-existent relationship with her mother since childhood described how she was ‘freed’ from the pain after doing the process once. This was a seasoned practitioner who had done a lot of work and used many modalities but had not gained freedom from her suffering.

Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies

As I understand it from my observations, as soon as a person holds the SRTLFs and the image of the Divine Mother, their energy field is reconfigured, recalibrated and reset to zero. It is like pressing a master reset button - the system reverts to its source code at the speed of light. As a result the emotional energy that was locked in the painful event is freed up, made coherent and redirected, and the old emotionally charged information is deleted from the person’s ‘hard drive’.

As the emotional energy is released and redirected, there is a positive triple whammy. First, the fear and emotional pain around the trauma are gone; secondly, the unconscious non-nourishing belief systems that held that trauma in place are replaced by peace and hope; and finally, most importantly, the person gains access to creativity and joy again. They are free from their invisible prison and can taste the sweetness of freedom.

Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies

Clearing Trauma with the SRTLFs

A 20-year-old Overcomes Major Tragedy

Six months back the daughter of this woman committed suicide, and her older grandson, who was 20 at the time, found his mother’s body. As a result of this trauma and tragedy, he completely shut down - he would not communicate with anybody, would not sleep at night and basically became unreachable. He was deeply disturbed, justifiably so.

The grandmother was at her wits’ end and not really sure how to proceed. She got a set of SRTLFs and I suggested that she put them and the Divine Mother image on the young man’s photo. I was not sure, given the way he was, that he would be amenable to holding them. His grandmother later told me that he did hold them once.

Within seven days of having the SRTLFs and Divine Mother image put on his photo, there was a remarkable turnaround in the young man. He woke up, literally and figuratively, and decided he was going on holiday with his friends. The wonder of it was that he phoned home every day from that holiday and said, “How is everybody? I am missing home.”

This was a radical shift from not communicating with anyone, and all in the space of a few days. Just by having two little magical pieces of glass placed on a photograph and holding them once, there was a complete flip. In this sweet, gentle and extremely loving way, this young man’s suffering was lifted and his life put on a different trajectory where hope, function and even fun were possible again.

Grief and Bereavement

One of the greatest traumas we can suffer is the death of a loved one. This is especially so if the one who died was young, a child or a sibling or lover. Worse still, the death may have happened as a result of violence or suicide. Feelings of overwhelming grief, sadness and guilt can take over for years and make joy impossible. If not addressed and mitigated in some way, they can destroy the lives of the living. Whole families can be devastated by these tragedies. While it is natural to feel grief when someone we love dies, excessive grief is another matter.  

The SRTLFs and/or the Supercoherence Panic to Calm frequency can help find the way back from grief and guilt to life, laughter and function simply, easily and quickly. What happens is that while the grief is neutralized, the love remains, and it is possible to honour and celebrate the life of the one who has left.


MV, 33, came from a close-knit traditional Indian family and her only brother had died suddenly the previous year of a massive heart attack at the age of about 30. This had left the entire family in a state of shock. On the first anniversary of her brother’s death, MV was thinking about him and missing him a great deal and was unable to do her work as she was crying throughout the morning. When I met her, I decided to introduce her to the Supercoherence Panic to Calm frequency. I told her briefly about it and she was very open to using it.

After holding it against her solar plexus for about 20 minutes, she told me she was able to remember her brother without the accompanying trauma, sadness and tears. It was lovely to see a smile on her face again and she was most grateful for the ease with which she could let go of the pain she felt. Later we spoke again and she was able to understand that although her brother was absent in the physical, he was present in another realm.

SM (Malaysia): Bereaved Friend

A friend of mine’s only brother killed himself two months ago. She had been distraught and had been asking herself over and over if she had missed some sign that could have alerted her. She had even lost control and become hysterical with her husband.

When she came to see me, I handed her the SRTLFs and told her to just hold them. Though she had prepared herself for a light social call, she talked for three hours, relating how she really felt - the challenges and the distress. I sometimes interrupted her to ask how she was feeling. She remarked that she was surprised that she could laugh again. She felt lighter and left in a better frame of mind. The effect on her was truly remarkable.

SRTLFs: Self-Harm

MB and Son

My son, 20, had had a tendency to self-harm since he was 13. He usually did it when things got out of control or when he got very angry or depressed. We had a tough year last year and there were lots of times when he self-harmed. Then, when we were going through one very difficult phase, I bought the frequencies [the SRTLFS], told him a little bit about them and just asked him to put them in his jeans pockets. He did put them in his pockets, and whereas normally we would have had a few episodes of him cutting himself with a knife and things like that during that difficult phase, none of that actually happened.

He said he couldn’t understand it - he prepared himself to self-harm because of the emotion that he was feeling, but then it just didn’t seem the right thing to do, so he didn’t do it.

He has a Chinese sword that we bought for him in San Francisco. It is a beautiful sword and he would keep it very sharp and use it to harm himself, but now he says he does not want it anymore and it is now in storage. Pretty big deal! He still gets angry and upset, but he is not harming himself. He swears by the frequencies now.

Note: MB was in a very abusive marriage when her son was little. She experienced a lot of physical violence and divorced her husband, the father of her son. Her son subsequently told her how much it had upset him that he had not been able to protect her.


SRTLFs: Nightmares

Lotta Naess: JP

JP, 48, had suffered from terrible nightmares for many years. He was a refugee from a country with a military dictatorship, where he had been imprisoned because of his political opinions and had suffered mental and physical torture. This was at least 20 years back but he was still ruled by nightmares.

His daughter came to see me about the problem. The family was sick and tired of her father screaming, shouting and yelling, scaring the whole family to death night after night. Sometimes this happened seven days a week. They really felt sorry for him, but also helpless because they couldn’t do anything to help him. Maybe the SRTLFs could?

I asked his daughter to put the SRTLFs on his photo to begin with. since he was not open at all to this kind of healing. She called me two days later: the nightmares had stopped instantly when she had put the SRTLFs on the photo.

That was four months ago and as far as I know JP is still free from the nightmares and the family sleeps well at night - all of them.

SRTLFs: Clearing Phobias

Fear of flying, fear of spiders and fear of dentists are very common phobias. Age does not grant freedom from these fears. They come from a place beyond our conscious control and evoke reactions which are very physical, from profuse sweating to absolute unreasoning terror which can paralyse us.

Fear of Flying

Farah B: Mehru

My friend Mehru was travelling with me from Mumbai to Chennai and back. As we were taking off, I noticed her clinging to her seat for dear life and sweating profusely. I immediately got her to hold the green SRTLF in her left hand and she automatically sat back within a few minutes and was more comfortable. I did this for her on the return trip as well and it was much easier to have her sit next to me. Something changed in her and I know it was due to the SRTLFs.

Catia Simionato from Brazil

I started wearing the SRTLFs maybe 18 months ago. I received them at the airport when I was going to travel. I had been very afraid of flying all my life, with symptoms of hands shaking and heart beating faster at check-in. During a flight I wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep - I wouldn’t be able to do anything but walk, feeling very nervous.

When I received the Supercoherence frequencies, I did not know much about them. I put them in my pockets and after five minutes I went to the check-in queue. Some minutes later I noticed I wasn’t shaking and I wasn’t afraid, and that was very surprising. When I got on the plane I still didn’t feel afraid and I could sleep and eat. It was a very easy flight. I know it was because of the SRTLFs, because I hadn’t done anything else. Since then I have never been afraid of flying.

Jane Cook: NJ

NJ, 44, was a keen athlete and rowing fanatic and trained two or three times a week. He was very careful about his diet and took an interest in alternative therapies. His worst nightmare was a visit to the dentist. He could get close to a panic attack when he had to go. He asked me for help.

He thought it stemmed back to his childhood when, because of overcrowding, he had to have a number of teeth removed. They were taken out two at a time every school holidays. At first he was offered gas, but he could not cope with the mask covering his face, he pulled at it and I think let in some air; anyway, he felt considerable pain with the first two extractions. After that, each visit was a nightmare, causing vivid dreams before and after the visit. The other extractions were done with injections, but the dentist had no sympathy with NJ and said he should “be a man about it”. NJ thought he was about 11 when this happened. The fear had dogged him ever since.

I thought we could help using the Supercoherence Panic to Calm frequency. NJ sat and held it in the dentist’s waiting room and described going from “total nervous wreck” to “complete calm” in less than 30 minutes. He put it in his pocket and was able to sit in the dentist’s chair to be examined and even endure the scraping and poking, which previously he had not been able to do without extreme difficulty and “gritting his teeth”.

Fear of Spiders

Lotta Naess: VN

VN, aged 19, had been terrified of spiders for many years. Since he lived with his family in a 100-year-old house, he met a spider on and off, for example in the basement. According to him, they were always huge, almost the size of a mouse! His fear became worse every time he met one. One day he came running up the stairs from the basement, waving his arms and screaming like a three-year-old child: “Mum! A spider, a spider! It is in the laundry room! Take it away!”

She did. But afterwards she suggested that he should clear his fear of spiders.

He did it, but with the attitude that it wasn’t going to work.

A few weeks later he came into the garden as his mother was sitting in a chair drinking coffee. When he stood beside her he noticed something.

“Oh, there is a spider on the armrest,” he said. Without thinking about it, he casually swiped it away with his hand and it fell onto the grass.

His mother said, “What did you just do? You are afraid of spiders.”

VN’s shocked response was: “Yes, I am! No, I am not! Anymore! Did you see I touched it?! It works! Really, it works!”

His fear of spiders was gone, just like that.

That clearing was done by writing a note with the word “spiders” on it. The note was held in first one hand, then the other, with the SRTLFs and the image of the Divine Mother. He also said out loud, “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” and then “I love and accept spiders exactly as they are” while holding the note with the SRTLFs.

SRTLFs in Extreme Crisis

SRTLFs and the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan happened a couple of days ago and the devastation has left me feeling numb, helpless and sad. Last night Satoshi, my Japanese client and friend, phoned me from Tokyo. I had been concerned about him. He had been in his office on the twenty-fourth floor when the earthquake struck. He told me that he had not felt fear or panic and had been calm. He said in the past he would have been panic-stricken and this time around his response was surprisingly different. He uses the SRTLFs every day.

Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies

Whole Life Healing – the Supercoherence Way


AL had initiated her divorce and it hadn’t been particularly pleasant. The post-divorce relationship was understandably cold and communication between her and her ex was the absolute minimum. They would meet to pick up and drop off their daughters at weekends and holidays but there was very little conversation at these meetings and in fact AL’s ex did not seem to even want to look at her.

AL dealt with this as best she could, as she wanted the best for her daughters and knew they needed their dad in their lives. She made sure that she did not talk badly about him to the girls. But life as a single mother with two young daughters was not easy. She knew she was in trouble. So she came to see me for a VRIC assessment.

When I imaged her with her daughters, she was OK. Next I took another image with her and her daughters with one difference: I asked her to hold a photo of her ex-husband. The results were shocking to her, but pretty much what I expected: her image was badly fragmented and incoherent. But even more telling was the effect on her daughters. Though they were not holding their dad’s image, they fragmented badly. So AL could see why she and her daughters were in difficulty. The unresolved, unspoken emotional charge around the challenging and painful events of the divorce had not been healed.

AL told me she had done her inner work of forgiveness, and I believed her, as I had known her a long time and she had always been truthful. However, the imaging showed that there was some way to go. By this time I had the prototype SRTLFs and so I had her hold the two frequencies along with the photo of her ex-husband, had her two girls stand beside her and took another VRIC image. To her relief and amazement her image, which a minute before had been completely fragmented, was sharp, clear and coherent. Her daughters’ images were clear as well. AL’s response was, “Wow, this is magic!”

The trauma and tragedy of that painful event and the hurt and the havoc it had created had all dissolved in a millisecond, just by holding two miraculous little pieces of glass encoded with the light-energy-information of grace and love.

The story does not end there. I instructed AL that she was to use the SRTLFs every day, but as importantly she was to place them on the photograph of her ex-husband every day, as he needed healing as much as she and her daughters did. Obviously she could not tell him to hold them as they were not on real speaking terms. But the VRIC images had clearly demonstrated that everyone heals or no one heals. AL was a bit dubious as to whether this would have any effect, but she trusted me enough to follow my suggestions.

A couple of months later I phoned her to ask her permission to use her VRIC images for the Supercoherence DVD and she gave me her permission. I was also curious to see whether anything had changed either in her relationship with her children or her relationship with her ex-husband. She reported that a couple of weeks after starting using the SRTLFs, she and her daughters met her ex-husband in town. What happened caught her by surprise. For the first time since the divorce, he looked directly at her and said, “I still miss you every day.” The stone wall of hurt had come down, to be replaced by the strength to be vulnerable. No, it does not mean that they fell into each other’s arms and got back together again, but some internal barrier was dissolved and what was always underneath could show its brave, shy and shining face to the one who had ‘hurt’ him so badly. And a huge invisible lethal burden of suffering was lifted from that whole fractured family.

SRTLFs make it possible for all humans to find peace, love and happiness. This is our birthright and our responsibility.


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About Thrity Engineer

Thrity Engineer, visionary, author and serial pioneer, searched for and loved the extraordinary, the exquisite and the exceptional. She studied psychoanalysis for eight years in her twenties, qualified as India’s first gemmologist in her thirties, dabbled in antiques and property, but discovered her life work only after cataclysmic events in her forties.

Thrity was Born Nov 1942 in Mumbai, India and Died 8th March 2023 (also in Mumbai).

She pioneered the use of Biofeedback Imaging in the UK in 1992, Biolumanetics and the Luminator in 1995 and the Monocrom Light/Colour Dome and the Monochord Sound/Music Table in 1998. This was the first time these powerful modalities had been brought together in the world, creating new possibilities for healing and the expansion of human consciousness. She also presented seminars on the theme of Stress Management through Self Understanding for multinational companies in India.

She was the founder of 3S (subtle-sacred-scientific), CETS (Coherence Enhancement Training Systems) and the Supercoherence Program and the co-creator of the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies - (SRTLFs) and the other frequency tools of the Supercoherence system. Her first book was Supercoherence - The 7th Sense (Hay House 2008). Her second book Supercoherence - The Return To Love was published in 2015. She has worked with the extraordinary real life “Star Trek” technology called the Luminator since 1995. Born and raised in Mumbai, she lived and worked in London and may be contacted via or her websites   and


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