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  1. 'Programming' in Therapy and Energy Work

    by Mike Webster (Deceased)

    The article describes the author sense of being expected to teach my pupils something he did not fully believe in. He was trained in Shiatsu, and mastered all the elements of theor...

  2. A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe

    by Mike Webster (Deceased)

    An amazing and very tangible world lies beyond what is considered to be the ‘normal’ range of the five senses. The reason we do not perceive this ‘other’ world that we are totally i...

  3. Addressing the 4 Pillars: Toxicity, Nutritional Deficit, Allergy, Mental and Emotional Blockage

    by Ronnie Turner

    After 40 years full time practice as an alternative practitioner it has become clear to me that most practitioners are just blindly following whatever system they're in, and missing...

  4. Bio Resonance Therapy for Parasites

    by Rheinhold Will

    The author outlines a seven point program he uses to treat parasitic infestation. This involves treating the whole body especially through diet and treating the intestinal tract,...

  5. Bio-Energy

    by Maurice Blackford

    I was one of those people, (and I know that there are many out there), for whom, what started out as a disc problem went on to become something far more serious; that is to say a s...

  6. Bioresonance - Fact or Fallacy? An Evidence-Based Approach

    by Roger Coghill

    In this article which reviews the facts and fallacy of bioresonance, the author traces evidence relating to emissions of electromagnetic radiations – the motion of electrons and it...

  7. Bioresonance Part II: Practical Approaches to Treatment

    by Roger Coghill

    This second of a two-part article on bioresonance concludes with Roger Coghill examining practical ways in which it is being applied in complementary therapy today. Although still ...

  8. Black Hole Principles, Biology and Belief

    by Gina Pickersgill

    The article goes on to explain the connections between black holes and our chakras, and introduces the reader to other important concepts – fractal elements of the cosmos, dark mat...

  9. Brain-Waves and Altered States of Consciousness

    by Dr Peter Grainger

    The author provides a highly technical and detailed account of the 5 types of brain-wave (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma), and the states of consciousness with which they are ...

  10. Can the Brain Really be Re-Wired?

    by Michael Cohen

    This article looks at how the brain can be re-wired and whether it can be done without the person having to work out how, why or when, through RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing treatments...

  11. Combining Vibrational Medicine Therapies

    by Julia Fairfax and John Chate

    There is a growing interest in vibrational medicine due to increasing awareness that pills and surgery do not necessarily provide all the solutions. As we perceive it, the body is ...

  12. Core Energy - Case Studies

    by Jon Whale PhD

    Case studies from the patient files of Jon Whale and Shanti Patricia Cole

  13. Core Energy - Case Studies

    by Jon Whale PhD

    The following four cases illustrate when it 'is' and 'is not' appropriate to shift a patient's Assemblage Point manually

  14. Core Energy Surgery for the Electromagnetic Body

    by Jon Whale PhD

    The short cut back to health, normality and freedom. The information presented below is not a theory but the result of 20 years of clinical observations. Anyone prepared to investi...

  15. Core Energy: Locating the Assemblage Point

    by Jon Whale PhD

    Every so often, a beneficial discovery or invention comes along that changes the course of fortune and history. Discovering and proving that every human has an Energy Body and Asse...

  16. CORE ENERGY: Shifting the Assemblage Point

    by Jon Whale PhD

    In the final part of this ground-breaking series, Dr Jon Whale describes how to shift Assemblage Points. Instructions regarding how to locate Assemblage Points, pre-requisite to ac...

  17. Electro-Crystal Therapy

    by Mark G. Lester

    'Our main work is energy restructuring. We are like a general energy-medicine practice and we can help anything that affects the mind-body inter-relationship.' This was how Harry O...

  18. Electromagnetic Therapy

    by Cyril Smith, Ph.D.

    Everyone who is involved in any of the many branches of Complementary Medicine whether as a practitioner or as a patient, is likely to be involved with some aspect of electromagnet...

  19. Energy & Vibration - A basis for a new paradigm

    by Julian Perry

    The public’s growing demand for complementary practices clearly indicates a dissatisfaction with the traditional allopathic process to the extent that many health centres are surve...

  20. Energy Medicine Self-Healing Tools

    by Ray Wilson

    Throughout history, people have created shapes and designs that can attract and channel energies, like the Great Pyramids of Egypt, beautiful patterned mazes, complex and compellin...

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