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Biolumanetics - The Science of Life-Light

by Thrity Engineer(more info)

listed in light and colour, originally published in issue 26 - March 1998

Patrick Richards the inventor/developer of the system describes it as the science of Life expressing as Light or briefly Life-Light. The word is taken from the term Bioluminescence that describes the electro-chemical action in a male firefly when it lights up. Numerous studies confirm that life-forms emit light.1 In Biolumanetics we believe that light is the primary/fundamental expression of life and that we are primarily energy beings with a physical dimension. In this article we will attempt to inform the reader of only the health aspect of this life discipline.

The system was developed in the US by sixty two year old American engineer, Patrick Richards, who has worked with it for fourteen years. In 1983 he designed an instrument to balance air temperatures for efficient energy management. The device now called a Luminator™ did create a balanced air environment – but on further exploration turned out to have a more important and unexpected application.

While testing the unit in open plan offices it was discovered that people working in the environment of the Luminator™ reported beneficial health changes ranging from loss of low back pain to reduction of stress and migraine headaches. The results, protocols and the methods and the markers of  this unpublished study can be made available upon request.

Photo 2 Base line photo in different configuration show different energy dynamics – one person stands to the right of the other one and vice versa.

Photo 3 Neither carrying tube. Only lumanetic male frequency on the floor between the two persons creates coherence.
Photo 2 Base line photo in different configuration show different energy dynamics – one person stands to the right of the other one and vice versa. Photo 3 Neither carrying tube. Only lumanetic male frequency on the floor between the two persons creates coherence.

Searching for an explanation for the health changes he found that the Luminator™ altered the environment in three ways – temperatures were balanced floor to ceiling and wall to wall, an altered magnetic field was created, and the available light in the room was reorganised from normal incoherent light (light going in many directions) to coherent polarised light. There are several unpublished papers/studies on this work.

In 1985 he discovered by accident, that the cell light from life-forms could be imaged in the field of the Luminator™. Late 1985 found him imaging people holding their medications.

As a researcher he has seen, tested and treated over a thousand individuals who have been referred to him because they did not respond to traditional approaches. He has seen the following types; bone and other tissue that would not heal, Diabetic ulcers and neuropathy, PMS/PMT, SAD, Chronic Fatigue or ME, environmental illnesses, degenerative problems associated with ageing, arthritis and hyperactivity in children, among other conditions.

Working with these individuals, long term follow-ups show marked improvement to total loss of symptoms, without the client acquiring new symptoms. Case studies are available upon request to  licensed practitioners  with  specific needs.  At this point it is important to state that all the “diseases” described above were “diagnosed”  by conventional health practitioners who have a different model of understanding. In Biolumanetics we do NOT “diagnose” “diseases” nor do we address symptoms directly. 

Biolumanetics is a complete assessment and healing system. Biolumanetics is the synthesis of many different approaches including acupuncture, homoeopathy, flower essences, gem elixirs, colour therapy, kinesiology, chelation and radionics. The result is a synergistic whole which is greater than the sum of its many parts. It is an integrated vast new model of understanding.

VRIC Imaging – The Assessment System

VRIC is an unique active imaging system for measuring vitality or coherence of any life form, human, animal or plant. VRIC (pronounced Veerick) stands for Visual Reference of Image Coherence. Organisms/life forms emit light. The brightness, intensity and the coherence of the light emitted is an indication of its health. We define health as vitality or coherence. A healthy person emits brighter, more intense light. In a life form suffering from dis-ease (we define disease as a loss of vitality) the level of light or photon emission from the cells is lowered. So far there has not been a means to see the level of cell-light being emitted by a life form, as a true physical image.

To make a VRIC assessment we use two devices, a fixed focus Polaroid camera and a Luminator™. The Luminator™ creates a special environment in the room which makes it possible to use the VRIC assessment method. Up until now it has not been possible to know in advance with any degree of certainty, whether a particular medication/remedy/supplement/treatment would work for the client/patient’s benefit. It has also not been possible to verify in any objective manner, whether bioenergetic and “vibrational” forms of healing are “really” effective or not. VRIC is a milestone for all practitioners of subtle energy medicine and forms of healing. At last spiritual healing, homoeopathy, flower essences, acupuncture, shiatsu, reiki, colour therapy to name but a few, can be assessed in an objective manner. No longer can they be dismissed, as being totally subjective “placebo” effects existing only in the imagination of the patient because there was no “scientific” basis for drawing any conclusion.

What happens when you come for a VRIC assessment?

Every assessment, whether for the individual or group always starts with taking a polaroid photograph of the subject(s). This photograph we call the “base” photo. These photos are taken with a simple fixed focus polaroid camera in the environment of the Luminator™. The Luminator™ and the photographer are at least twelve feet away from the subject/s. All photos are taken from the same fixed position. Blurred, dark or indistinct photos reveal loss of vitality or incoherence in the subject. Most base photos reveal a greater or lesser degree of incoherence. The object of the exercise is to improve the coherence of the subject in the photo. We interpret a sharp in-focus photo to be vital or coherent. The subject is photographed holding various energetic solutions, creams or frequency pads. This part of the process is quite unique, in that the subject simply holds the energetic substance in their hand. They do not have to take anything by mouth. When the appropriate energetic(s)/remedy/medication/supplement is held by the subject the photo becomes sharp, clear and light; this we term coherence or vitality. As the old saying goes “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” is illustrated time and again. Up until now it has not been possible to have a custom made solution for each individual. Now it has become possible to arrive at the uniquely appropriate remedy for each individual. Furthermore the efficacy of the remedy can be confirmed before the individual has swallowed a single dose! The assessment may last from an hour and a half for an individual to two hours or more for a family.

Unique features of the VRIC system

Accuracy, specificity, precision and safety are the hallmarks of the assessment system. The photos can’t lie.

Empowerment for the client/patient, as they can see for themselves what or who causes them to be coherent or incoherent. They do not have to take anyone else’s word for it!

Confirmation for the practitioner and the client that the remedy is effective when the photo becomes coherent.

Visual verification and validation for subtle energy devices – claims made can now be verified. We know that many of these devices are effective and now we can prove/disprove whether they are helpful or not. Previously with Kirlian Photography and Biofeedback Imaging (“Aura Photography” as it is popularly called) one could see changes – but what those changes meant was open to interpretation.

The most amazing use of VRIC is to be able to see interpersonal energy dynamics in relationships in a photograph. “I feel drained when I am with that person” can now be seen to be true in a photograph. The Celestine Prophecy is now! Healer/client relationships, family, professional and personal (any relationship at all) can now be examined in a clear non-judgemental manner.

The uses of the VRIC method are limited only by one’s imagination. In the field of alternative and complementary medicine and quantum physics there is general acceptance of the fact that everything is at some level only energy. Light, sound and unseen intelligence are the building blocks of life and that, at a primary level of expression, we are simply radiance and resonance. Light is radiant energy and sound is resonant energy. The new measure of wellness and vitality is visual coherence.

What is illness?

In Biolumanetics we believe that illness is the energetic imbalance of the human organism as a whole (mind/body/spirit). We do not attempt to diagnose the illness – the diagnosis if made is simply “loss of vitality” or the inability/incapacity of the life form to conduct the life-force in an optimum manner.

The vibrational mode or frequency of the physical body is a reflection of the dominant frequency at which it resonates.2 The body, when shifted from equilibrium vibrates/oscillates at a different and less harmonious frequency than when healthy. This abnormal (for that individual) frequency reflects a general state of cellular energetic imbalance within the physical body. When a weakened individual is unable to shift his energetic mode to the needed frequency (which allows the immune system to defend the body), a certain amount of subtle energetic help is needed. If the individual is supplied with the requisite quantum of the appropriate energetic frequency, it allows the cellular bio-energetic frequency to resonate in the proper vibrational mode – thus throwing off the toxicity of illness.

In Biolumanetics we do not directly address the symptoms of illness. The practitioner cannot know at which level of expression the bio-energetic disturbance is. The individual does not know this either. In fact we know that disturbance at the emotional level impacts on the mental and physical levels and vice versa. Disturbance at any level automatically impacts on every other level. So our approach is to ask the question, “What will make this system vital or coherent?” Not what made it sick.

There is a well-spring of joy and vitality within each one of us, sometimes buried deep under layers of illness and stress. In this process we enable the person’s bio-energetic system to remember that joy and vitality. We create a window of opportunity for the marvellous innate wisdom of the body to take over and do its own healing. This we consider a fundamental difference in approach from many other methods.

So how do we give the client the healing frequency they require? The pharmacological approach uses drugs at the molecular level; in Biolumanetics only the Vibrational Signature[3] of the substance is utilised for healing benefits. To any reader who notices a passing resemblance to Homoeopathy, they would be right in so far as the same principle is the foundation of Homoeopathy. However, there are substantial differences between Biolumanetics and Homoeopathy. In Homoeopathy the vibrational signature of the substances are carried in sugar pills or alcohol based solutions, whereas in Biolumanetics the carrier is an anionic chelate fluid which is a negatively charged fluid made in a special field. This fluid does two things, it holds the frequency of the vibrational substance which it broadcasts into the field of the person, it also magnetically binds with the impurities or toxins in the person’s system and enables them to be eliminated from the body gently. All toxins and impurities carry a positive charge.

The key difference is that in Homoeopathy the principle of treatment is about addressing a person’s symptoms by treating like with like, of delivering an energetic signature of a medicinal substance into the body in order to allow it to produce the antibodies to remind the person’s bio-energetic system to defend itself. In Biolumanetics we take note of the symptoms but do not address them directly. We simply determine which substance’s vibrational frequency will raise the vitality or coherence of the person’s bio-energetic system. We believe that when the system becomes vital and in balance, symptoms disappear as a “side effect”. Modern Allopathic medicine deals with the dysfunctions or diseases at the molecular level and, although it has made great advances in the last fifty years and it undoubtedly remains the treatment of choice for treating certain critical problems, it does have its limitations and unwelcome side effects. Like all matter, the body has an energetic as well as a molecular dimension and addressing the body’s energetic imbalance is a valid approach and shows great promise going by the results so far achieved.

The healing process in Biolumanetics works in three different ways – purification/detoxification – fine tuning/ balancing and vitalising/rejuvenating. All of these processes go on simultaneously and create changes which can be observed and evaluated by the client and the practitioner, using VRIC Imaging. Progress can be accurately assessed by observing changes in the baseline photos taken each visit.

The Biolumanetics Tool kit is purely vibrational.
In simple terms it means that if one took any of the Lumanetic™ creams, pads or solutions to the laboratory there would be no physical/molecular evidence of any substance apart from the carrier. In Biolumanetics we use anionic chelate fluids, frequency pads and topical creams to aid the healing process. We call these Lumanetics.

The Lumanetic Transceiver pads, creams and anionic chelate fluids described above carry different broadcasting frequencies or energy signatures of various substances. – Meridian frequencies, Light frequencies, Cell salt frequencies, Biological frequencies to name but a few. The anionic chelate fluids, the frequency pads and the topical creams can be used separately or in various combinations. All of them have been tried and tested using VRIC Imaging over many years.

The following case studies are illustrative of the changes that take place in the Biolumanetics process. It has to be emphasised that the “diagnosis” or definitions of the various disorders are made by medical practitioners – modern medicine is a different model of understanding, generally based on diagnosis of physical symptoms and dealing directly with those symptoms. In Biolumanetics we do not “diagnose” or effect “cures” but simply raise the vitality of the system in an extremely precise manner and symptoms disappear or abate markedly. It is a solution oriented approach and not a problem centred one. Looking at problems and defining them does not necessarily mean that one knows what will fix them.

Case Studies at 3S

Case Study 1

The subject is 57 years old, had been diagnosed 5 years back as suffering from a rare genetic disorder called Anderson-Fabry disease. She came to see us in beginning March 97. Her last assessment was at the end of May. Total number of visits/assessments – 5. She described her symptoms as follows. They ranged from low back pain, joint pain/stiffness, walking problems, allergies, cold/tingling extremities, diarrhoea, constipation, haemorrhoids, heart problems, ankle swelling, vision and dental problems.

The following is an abridged version of her account of the changes that have taken place since starting “treatment” using Biolumanetics.

1.    As a Fabryite one of the symptoms is that you don’t sweat and this can be very painful as the toxins stay in the body and you feel aches and pains and can get very bloated. Now I sweat.
2.    I can now eat most things in moderation without the Fabry pain in my hands and feet, except for alcohol.
3.    My skin no longer feels raw. It used to feel like there was no skin and it was painful to touch.
4.    My stamina has increased – despite a particularly taxing 18 months. I know that under similar circumstances with my previous record I would probably have had at least six Fabry attacks under this kind of stress and I have not had the slightest problem.

Case Study 2

The subject is a 50 year old male, diagnosed as suffering from MS by his neurologist three years back. First assessment was 8th Feb 97, last assessment was 10th May 97. Total number of assessments – 8, between the above dates.

Asked by us to establish the markers for his illness, his stated challenges were as follows: When under stress he would get a tingling in his hands, eyesight would blur, legs would give way and he would walk into walls. Extremities would feel numb and cold. He could work a maximum of fifteen hours per week and felt exhausted all the time.

Using VRIC and Biolumanetics for assessment and healing, he has not suffered a single attack since he started. His eyesight has improved markedly by his own count. He now works a full forty hour week and leads a full life which is symptom free. He describes his healing as miraculous.

Case Study 3

The subject is a 50 year old female. First assessment 27th March 96 – last assessment 2nd July 96. Total number of assessments – 4, between the above dates. When she came to see us she had been ill for ten years. Her symptoms/challenges included severe digestive food allergies, frozen shoulder, irritable bowel, constant headaches, very poor memory, eczema, severe depression, low back pain/stiffness, thrush plus lots more. In her own words she felt “toxic” She had been treated with allopathy, homoeopathy, nutrition therapy, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and had been seen by at least ten practitioners. She was extremely distressed, desperate and was less than hopeful. She desperately wanted to visit with her son in Colorado but her condition made this impossible. Using VRIC and Biolumanetics she made a full recovery. In July 96 she left for Colorado and even managed to go climbing in the Rockies.

Case Study 4

Subject is 30 year old male. Stated complaint was he had panic attacks, crying for no apparent reason, which he found very distressing and embarrassing. He felt out of control and was very miserable. He was also very grounded and practical, worked full time in the family business and was a good family man with several small children. Using Lumanetic pads and creams he was well in 17 days. When asked how he felt – he said “I feel human again”. However, the interesting aspect of this case is that his wife was far more unwell than he was. This was discovered when we imaged the whole family. It was staggering for both him and her, when we imaged him with the children all of them were coherent and when we imaged her with children all were incoherent or fragmented. This raises many questions – and has many implications which may be explored in future article/s.

Biolumanetics at 3S

3S is a new research, healing and training centre which incorporates unique assessment and healing modalities under one umbrella. 3S was founded in 1995 by Thrity Engineer. 3S is a vision, a concept and a company. 3S stands for subtle, sacred and scientific at one level and synthesis, symbiosis and synergy at another level.

We at 3S believe there is no conflict between these seemingly different, vital aspects of reality and seek to find the correlation between them through scientific means. We feel that the Luminator™ and VRIC Imaging is the means by which this will be accomplished. Biolumanetics/ VRIC is the cornerstone of 3S.
We hope this will result in the creation of new models of reality which are whole, integrated and coherent. Acceptable to the questioning mind, the understanding heart and higher knowingness and can be shared by all. The means by which these aims will be realised is through the synthesis of different approaches, the creation of symbiotic relationships between cutting edge super technologies and the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the past. Thus we hope to create a synergistic whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

It is our core belief at 3S that healing should not and cannot be limited to the body. We acknowledge that each of us co-create our personal reality and must accept the responsibility for healing the self through conscious intent and inner awareness. Our primary purpose is to heal our lives and this we believe can be achieved only by a holistic approach where we seek to align the needs of the mind, emotions, body and spirit. To this end in addition to Biolumanetics, we use proactive counselling, addressing lifestyle issues and conflicts, suggesting emotion management techniques for relief and resolution. We seek to have the individual/client participate actively in the process of their healing. We believe that we are simply facilitators of this process.

Our aim is thus to facilitate the expansion, transfiguration and transformation of human consciousness by making radiance, resonance and coherence possible for all.

At this moment in time 3S is the only place in Europe and one of only four in the world, where Biolumanetics can be availed of.

3S offers seminars, workshops, and lectures and some unique services made possible by our access to these cutting edge modalities.

For more information please contact Thrity Engineer at 3S. 3S, 199 Mortlake Road, Kew, Surrey TW9 4EW. Tel/Fax: 0181-878 6693. Email address:

• VRIC photos are taken in a special altered environment – the field of the LUMINATOR™.
• All VRIC photos are taken with a simple fixed focus Polaroid camera. The only modification to the camera is that we mask the flash. The film used is ordinary Polaroid 600 colour film.
• They are taken from the same distance and in the same lighting conditions.


1.    Vibrational Medicine – Dr Richard Gerber,  Bear & Co,  1955
2    Stalking the Wild Pendulum – Itshak Bentov Bantam 1977
    The Origin of Consciousness in the breakdown of the Bicamaral Mind –  Julian Jaynes, Houghton Mifflin 1976
3    T. G. Hieronymus – US Patent no.2482773 Sept 1949.


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Thrity Engineer, visionary, author and serial pioneer, searched for and loved the extraordinary, the exquisite and the exceptional. She studied psychoanalysis for eight years in her twenties, qualified as India’s first gemmologist in her thirties, dabbled in antiques and property, but discovered her life work only after cataclysmic events in her forties.

Thrity was Born Nov 1942 in Mumbai, India and Died 8th March 2023 (also in Mumbai).

She pioneered the use of Biofeedback Imaging in the UK in 1992, Biolumanetics and the Luminator in 1995 and the Monocrom Light/Colour Dome and the Monochord Sound/Music Table in 1998. This was the first time these powerful modalities had been brought together in the world, creating new possibilities for healing and the expansion of human consciousness. She also presented seminars on the theme of Stress Management through Self Understanding for multinational companies in India.

She was the founder of 3S (subtle-sacred-scientific), CETS (Coherence Enhancement Training Systems) and the Supercoherence Program and the co-creator of the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies - (SRTLFs) and the other frequency tools of the Supercoherence system. Her first book was Supercoherence - The 7th Sense (Hay House 2008). Her second book Supercoherence - The Return To Love was published in 2015. She has worked with the extraordinary real life “Star Trek” technology called the Luminator since 1995. Born and raised in Mumbai, she lived and worked in London and may be contacted via or her websites   and

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