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  1. Health Applications of Flower Essences

    by Clare G Harvey

    The author looks at the ancient and modern art and application of flower remedies which can be traced back to the Egyptian civilisation (who possessed knowledge of the therapeutic ...

  2. Icelandic Flower Essences - Raising our Awareness

    by Kristbjorg E Kristmundsdottir

    This author shares the power of the flower essences found in Iceland's unique unpolluted and unspoiled nature.

  3. Impact of Bach Flower Remedies on Stress Among Emergency and Health Service Workers

    by Sheila Hicks Balgobin

  4. Moon Flowers: Accessing the Past

    by Simon France

    This article focuses on Moon Flowers made under moonlight and explains the differences between the qualities that radiate from the Sun and the Moon. It also looks at why the absorp...

  5. Pacific Essences - Gifts from the Sea

    by Sabina Pettitt

    The greens and golds and persimmon of the Arbutus trees and the blue of the Pacific Ocean called us to this island in 1981. This jewel in the Pacific is the home and birthplace of ...

  6. Phytobiophysics - A New Philosophy

    by Diana Mossop

    Phytobiophysics is a new and relevant scientific approach to the problems of mankind that incorporates modern knowledge, traditional therapies and ancient wisdom. Above all it is a...

  7. PTSD, Shock and Trauma - The Role of Flower Essences

    by Clare G Harvey

    Post-traumatic Stress disorder, is by it very nature insidious and is usually the result of the after effects of shock and stress, traumatic which can if left unchecked have a deva...

  8. Seed Essences - Powerful New Vibrational Essences from Nature that Resonate with our own Inner Seed

    by Simon France

    Many years ago one of my sons asked, as we walked past a bush full of rosehips, if remedies could be made from the seeds as well as the flowers of plants. Well yes, of course, the s...

  9. Self-Mastery Through Flower Essences

    by Lila Devi

    If you want to improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, consider flower essences: an extraordinary healing method both time-tested and dynamic.

  10. The Healing Power of the Flower Essences

    by Rosemary Williams

    Rosemary ... sees the Flower Essences as a wonderful network that aims to bring the world together healing through nature.

  11. The Healing Properties of Rosewater and Rose Oil

    by Teresa Scarman

    The value of rose has been recognized for centuries and today there are four main centres in Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and France where roses are grown for the production of rosewater...

  12. The Many Uses Of Flower Essences

    by Cynthia Alves

    The author, a certified essence practitioner, explains the history and meaning of flower essences and describes some of the myriad ways in which they can be used for physical, ment...

  13. The Science of Flower Essence Therapy

    by Richard Katz

    Richard Katz, founder and associate director of the Flower Essence Society in California, explains how flower essence therapy works, based on the Society's research findings, the m...

  14. Understanding Flower Essences

    by Cynthia Alves

    This article takes both a scientific and more spiritual look at the use of flower essences, which are neither essential oils extracted from the plants nor homeopathic, but rather v...

  15. Working with Sound and Flower Essences in Combination

    by Clare G Harvey

    Essential to our nature, sound gives us a sense of space, depth, and form. Like colour, it adds richness to life and our world, and a feeling of interconnectedness with others and t...

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