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Seed Essences - Powerful New Vibrational Essences from Nature that Resonate with our own Inner Seed

by Simon France(more info)

listed in flower essences, originally published in issue 243 - January 2018


Germ of an Idea

Many years ago one of my sons asked, as we walked past a bush full of rosehips, if remedies could be made from the seeds as well as the flowers of plants. Well yes, of course, the seeds of a plant can be can be made into remedies just as easily as flowers, but the thought was overwhelming, too big to contemplate – as many seed essences as flower remedies…! However, it was as if a seed had alighted on my being, did not blow away but germinated and rooted itself, for in the years that followed I reflected many times on what therapeutic uses seed essences could be put to.


Now, nearly thirty years from that initial seeding the pieces of the jigsaw have fallen into place and I have produced a set of fifty seed essences.

essences as flower remedies

A child can make a flower or seed remedy; just float the flowers or seeds on water in a glass bowl and leave under direct sunlight for three hours.  However, the trick or skill lies in knowing what the essence can be used for.  Flowers possess  rich and wide varieites of colours, scents and shapes which act as aids to the discernment of their uses as vibrational medicine.  Many seeds however, to the naked eye, look little more than a grain of sand or spec of dirt.  Although the unique characteristics of seeds can be seen at the microscopic level, personally I was not drawn to squinting at them through a magnified lense; somehow I would be moving too far away from the natural and naive approach I have always used in the making of remedies.

The Seven Groups

So like Dr. Bach some ninety years earlier, I found myself working with a group of seven.  Bach’s seven were emotional responses he observed in sick individuals; these were used in the development  of his homoeopathic nosodes* before they were later employed in his famous flower remedy repertory (fear, uncertainty, lonliness, despair etc) . My group of seven are my observations of the characteristics of seeds and how they resonate with our own inner seed.

In his philosophical writings Dr. Bach refered to our Higher Self, the spiritual aspect of our being which his 38 flower remedies reconnected us to.  He saw his flower remedies as creating pathways to our Higher Self, our divine self, which has the power and ability to heal ourselves.  The seed essences too create pathways but to our Inner Seed, rather than our Higher Self.  Seed essences resonate with our own inner seed, put us in touch, make us more aware of this core aspect of our being. Seeds fulfil their potential and destiny; our inner seed has the same desire. A seed knows its purpose in life; so does our inner seed.  All seeds contain the knowledge of what has gone before; our inner seed is naturally wise and experienced. Seeds can remain viable for many years, displaying great resilience and endurance; such qualities are found within our own inner seed. Just as within natural law, the awakening of the seed occurs at the time of germination, our inner seed can also be awakened in a similar fashion. 


Group 1 - The Hard Shell

Many seeds have a hard shell, protecting them from the outside. Seed essences can be used for the emotional, mental and spiritual issues associated with this quality. In the repertory this translates as:

  • Endurance, persistence, resilience, patience;
  • Not bending or caving in under pressure;
  • Increasing our ability to self-protect;
  • Feeling safe and secure;
  • Maintaining our privacy;
  • Any fear emanating from the outside world;
  • The calming of any form of panic.


Group 2 – Storing the Knowledge

The therapeutic uses categorised in this group arise from the seed being a vessel of information. It develops at the end of the growth cycle and contains all the information and knowledge needed to create a new life in the same form. Harvest. Within the seed essence repertory this quality is expressed  as:

  • Reconnecting to and strengthening the protective blessing that comes down to us from our ancestors;
  • Unblocking of the past;
  • Connecting us to the records of wisdom;
  • When we fail and have to do the same again;
  • The learning of lessons;
  • Growth and maturity;
  • Realization;
  • Reaping what we sow.

Group 3 - Quiet and Still

The seed appears at the end of the growth cycle.  All the energy and activity has died away, leaving the seeds to ripen on the stem and ultimately to lie dormant in the Good Earth.

  • Helping us to slow down and take a break;
  • The calming of agitations on all levels of being;
  • Convalescence;
  • Rest recuperation and recovery.

Group 4 – Burial and Resurrection

The seed has the desire to fall to the Good Earth and bury itself: the end of the cycle of life is reached.  Transformation is about to occur.

  • Fear of the dark and unknown;
  • Assisting us in periods of transition and transformation when aspects of our being die or peel away in order to give new life the potential to emerge;
  • The dark night of the soul;
  • Finding the light at the end of the tunnel;
  • Going through radical change;
  • Reinventing ourselves.

Group 5 - Germination

  • Reconnecting us to the font of eternal youth;
  • Making us feel younger;
  • Rejuvenation on all levels of being;
  • Starting out afresh;
  • Butterflies and nerves that proceed an event;
  • Journeying into the unknown.

Group 6 – Growth, Potential and Purpose

The seed knows its purpose in life.  In the repertory this translates as:

  • Putting us more in touch with our life's purpose;
  • Being true to ourselves;
  • Greater clarity in our life;
  • Greater meaning to our existence;
  • Helping us engage more fully with our destiny;
  • Enabling us to fulfil our true potential;
  • Staying focussed and committed even when there appears to be little or no success or movement forward;
  • Greater self-confidence;
  • Greater self-belief;
  • Improving creativity;
  • More confident self-expression;
  • Inspiration.

Group 7 – Cosmic Seed

The Cosmos has seeded the Earth.  Everything on this planet, including Gaia herself, has grown out of the seeding from Cosmic Dust.  Each one of us resonates with the Cosmic Seed.  Our own inner seed is a core part of our spiritual nature.  The seed essences in the group reconnect us to this part of our being.


The Seed Essences

The above structure is akin to a tree upon which the fifty individual seed essences have been hung.  The choosing of the collection of seed essences has occurred primarily through serendipity: being in the right place at the right time and feeling inspired to capture the seed’s essence.  The majority of the seeds have been collected in the south west of England, where I live, but my travels and connections with other places has led me to collect from other parts of Britain, Bulgaria and the Mediterranean basin.  There are fifty seed essences in the collection.

Initially I wrote no descriptions for individual seed essences: I told people that if they identified a need within themselves as documented within the seven groups, they could choose any of the seed essence through dowsing or other intuitive processes such as muscle testing.  However, I was continually asked what were the qualities of the individual essences.  I was receiving a strong and consistent message that folk were expecting and wanting individual seed essences descriptions.  So it was at this point that I started to hang the seed essences on the tree structure created by the seven groups.  This was achieved through dowsing with a pendulum to ascertain which of the seven groups each seed essence aligned most strongly with.  From this data it was a natural progression to assign key qualities to each of the essences.

Although the seed essence repertory is much narrower than that of flower essences, it goes to the very core of our being, for that is where our inner seed resides.  Because of the restrictions of space I am only listing the first twenty of the repertory, the rest can be viewed on our website.

1  Aquilegia Seed Essence    Key Quality  Stillness

Like seeds we too need to lay still.  Use Aquilegia Seed Essence when we want a greater degree of stillness in our lives.  Aligns with Group 3.

2  Ash Seed Essence   Key Quality Creativity

Seeds are storage vessels of powerful creative forces.  Use Ash Seed Essence to connect with this quality within ourselves.  Aligns with Group 6.

3  Blackberry Seed Essence    Key Quality Aspiration

Blackberry Seed Essence increases courage so we can better aspire through our endeavours.  Aligns with Group 6.

4  Bugloss Seed Essence  Key Quality  Resilience

Use Bugloss Seed Essence when we want to become more resilient to what life brings our way.  Aligns with Group 1.

5  Buttercup Seed Essence  Key Quality  Respect

The key quality of Buttercup Seed Essence arises out of knowledge and understanding.  Aligns with Group 2.

6  Carob Seed Essence  Key Qualities Maturing,  Growth

Carob Seed Essence aids in the process of turning our knowledge and experience into maturity.  Use Carob Seed Essence to help in the process of any type of growth.  Aligns with Group 2 and Group 6.

7  Chilli Seed Essence  Key Quality  Clarity

Chilli Seed Essence brings purity of thought.  Aligns with Group 6.

8  Dandelion Seed Essence  Key Quality Cosmic Seed

Dandelion Seed Essence brings our awareness to our connection with the cosmos within, our own star seed.  Aligns with Group 7.


9  Dock Seed Essence  Key Quality Birth

Dock Seed Essence aids in the process of birth, be that physical or metaphorial.  Aligns  with Group 5.

10  Enchanter's Nightshade Seed Essence  Key Quality  Darkness

Use Enchanter's Nightshade Seed Essence when we are in the darkness.  Aligns with Group 4.

11  Euphorbia Seed Essence  Key Qualities Fear, Inspiration

Euphorbia Seed Essence puts in touch with the earth so we can become more rational about our fears. Euphorbia Seed Essence puts us in touch with our creativity so we can feel more inspired.  Aligns with Groups 4 and 6.

12  Fig Seed Essence  Key Qualities Value, Recovery/Convalescence, Alchemy/Magic

Fig Seed Essence helps us better understand and appreciate what is of true value.  Fig Seed Essence is an excellent essence to use during convalescence because it slows us down and takes us inside to the place where our recovery begins.  Fig Seed Essence works in the mystical darkness, creating alchemy and magic.  Aligns with Groups 2, 3 and 4.

13  Foxglove Seed Essence   Key Qualities Wisdom, Hope, Expectancy

Foxglove Seed Essence puts us more in touch with our accumulated knowledge and experience, drawing the wisdom out of our being.  Use Foxglove Seed Essence to foster a greater sense of hope and expectancy, like that of the seed waiting to germinate.  Aligns with Groups 2 and 4 .

14  Fumatory Seed Essence Key Qualities  Letting go, Independence

Fumatory Seed Essence helps in the process of release, just like the seed that has left the mother plant.  Fumatory also helps us develop a greater degree of independence.  Aligns with Group 3

15  Goat's Beard Seed Essence  Key Quality  Adjustment

Use Goat's Beard Seed Essence for any type of adjustment or coming to terms.  Aligns with Group 5.

16  Goose Grass Seed Essence  Key Qualities Protection, Expectancy, Direction

Seeds are well protected, use Goose Grass Seed Essence to enhance our ability to self-protect.  Goose Grass Seed Essence brings balance to situations where expectancy is either too high or too low.  Goose Grass Seed Essence helps us to see with greater confidence and clarity our future direction.  Aligns with Groups 1, 4 and 6.

17  Gorse Seed Essence   Key Quality  Vigour

Use Gorse Seed Essence in any situation that requires a greater degree of dynamism or vigour.  Aligns with Group 5.

18  Groundsel Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Maturity, Growth

Groundsel Seed Essence is an excellent remedy to take when mature in years. Use Groundsel Seed Essence to strengthen any type of growth.  Aligns with Groups 5 and 6.

19  Holly Seed Essence  Key Qualities Defence, Inheritance

Holly Seed Essence is for self defense, it strengthens the outer layers of the aura.   Holly Seed Essence puts us in touch with all that has made us who we are.  Aligns with Groups 1 and 2.


20  Honesty Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Security, Relaxation, Trust, Cosmic Seed

Honesty Seed Essence is highly versatile in its uses.  Honesty Seed Essence is used to increase our sense of personal security to help make us feel safer.  Honesty Seed Essence is an excellent remedy to slow us down so we can better relax. Use Honesty Seed Essence if we want to increase our ability to trust. Honesty Seed Essence is one of the three cosmic seeds in the set of 50 seed essences, putting us in touch with the cosmic seed we carry within our being.  Aligns with Groups 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Combining Flower and Seed Essences

Flower and seed essences can be universally combined.  Here at Aquarius Flower Remedies we have marketed flower essence combinations from our inception in 1994.  Over the years the number of combinations has steadily increased.  After two years of working with seed essences it became apparent that some of our flower essence combinations would benefit from the addition of a seed essence or two.  On closer appraisal it become clear that most of our combinations would benefit from the addition of seed essences.  Out of the 33 combinations we currently sell, 25 have seed essences added.  That works out to over a 70% inclusion rate.  They are proving to be very useful and versatile vibrational healing tools


* Whilst working as a homoepath Bach undertook research into immunology and recognised parallels between the concept of vaccination and the homeopathic treatment approach. This insight led Bach, along with his co-worker John Paterson, to develop seven homeopathic nosodes that were derived from bowel bacteria.  These are still used today.

Further Information

Aquarius Flower Remedies has been in the business of making, researching and distributing natural remedies since the summer solstice of 1994.  Founded by Simon France and Phillippa Lee in the beautiful but sparsely populated North Tyne Valley of Northumberland, it is now based in Devon.  Aquarius is a worker's co-op; Contact details are Tel: 01626 854289;


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Simon France works for Aquarius Flower Remedies, a company dedicated to all aspects of flower essence therapy. Simon initially trained as an astrologer and started using the Bach Remedies with his clients in the late 1980s. Since then he has gone on to make and document many of his own essences that are distributed through Aquarius Flower Remedies. The flower remedies and other vibrational products, which number well over 200, are spread all over the globe through a mail order catalogue, and retail outlets. Simon has written 3 books on the remedies he has discovered and holds regular workshops on different aspects of his work. He can be contacted on Tel: 01626 854289;

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