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Health Applications of Flower Essences

by Clare G Harvey(more info)

listed in flower essences, originally published in issue 117 - November 2005

Flower remedies are most commonly know for their emotional and physical applications, the revival of this ancient healing system is also proving invaluable in its ability to impact positively on the health challenges that we are faced with today.

An Ancient Healing Art

There is no doubt that flowers are the most delightful expression of the natural world. Nature has provided us with the most stunning variety of flowering plants not only to delight us by lifting our spirits but also by giving each plant species specific therapeutic values. A quality that the ancient peoples were acutely aware of and utilized to the full.

As historical research shows, the ancient art of harnessing a flower's healing essence, is not new medically. It has been discovered that the Egyptian civilization also possessed knowledge of the therapeutic qualities and curative powers of flowers and had well-documented evidence of their use for all sorts of ailments.

When you consider the prolific array of ancient flowering species of plants that are indigenous to Australia, it comes as no surprise that the original aboriginal people also developed a unique system of medicine that was integral to their culture.

Flower Remedies are the energetic imprint of the flowering part of the plant, what's known as its unique signature; basically the quality of its healing potential is suspended in a water and alcohol solution and then ingested as liquid drops.

It makes sense that the highest concentration of the plant's vitality and energetic potency is focused in its blooms. The bright display of vibrant colourful petals and sweet aromas are the plant's way to guarantee attracting to itself the bird and insect life needed for pollination and to ensure continued growth and survival.


It was discovered that the dew on the petals which had been potentized by the sun had a profound healing effect on all levels, which led the aboriginal and other indigenous peoples to continue to explore these effects in greater depth.

Although partly lost throughout the ages, the understanding of the flower's remedy was re-discovered later on in the 15th century by Swiss Alchemist Paracelcus, who collected the morning dew from blossoms to treat emotional imbalances in his patients, believing that as long as there was harmony between the mind, body and spirit there could be no room for disease and disharmony. The validity of his holistic approach is being realized in our modern world.

Today we are more familiar with the work of Dr Edward Bach. His Flower Remedies have gained the reputation for being effective for healing the mind and the emotions.

At the heart of Bach¡¦s philosophy is the understanding that shock and stress is at the root of many modern day problems that can result in physical ailments.

This is a concept echoed by both Ian White of the Australian Bush Essences and Dr Judy Griffin of the Petite Fleur range of essences, both of whom address the weakening of the immune system as being due to stress caused by the inability to cope with the fast pace of life as well as the stress placed on the body due to the increase in environmental toxicity.

Continual stress causes the fight or flight mechanism to be activated; the immune system is then over stimulated and put on constant alert, causing it to become compromised. This can heighten our allergic response to the external world, be it the food we ingest, the air we breathe or the water we drink.

Incidence of other allergic reactions are on the rise, i.e. food intolerance, hay fever, asthma, eczema, chemical sensitivity. A growing number of people are being affected by and reacting to electromagnetic pollution and radiation, due to the build-up from extended use of computers, mobile phones, living close to power lines and the increase of amount of air travel.

Remedies work by flooding the system with positive frequencies, and when ingested, they are drawn to the area of most distress, through the principle of sympathetic resonance, correcting the immune system or the nervous system or wherever the imbalances are found.

This is where both Ian White and Dr Judy Griffin have carried out extensive research and developed combinations of essences especially targeted for the specific problems that we face today.

Flowers to the Rescue

Cleansing and Detoxing

With the amount of chemicals and pesticides present in our foods, the air, the wide variety of products we use daily, the build-up of toxicity is increasing, as well as our sensitivity to them. The Purifying Combination from the Australian Bush Range cleanses and detoxes the body by aiding the organs of elimination, relieving sluggish conditions, headaches, constipation, oedema, and is excellent for eczema and other skin conditions. One ingredient, Wild Potato Bush, in particular, releases stored heavy metals and chemical toxicity, helping the kidneys to process and eliminate more efficiently.

Daylily from the Petite Fleur range aids those who suffer from chemical sensitivity as well as environmental pollution.

Bush Fuscia
Bush Fuscia

Environmental and Electromagnetic Pollution

Ian White has created Electro Combination to protect against and clear the body of the side-effects of electromagnetic pollution. This addresses the worrying effect on our immune and nervous systems from the over-exposure to radiation, especially on our children who spend their days either texting or emailing their friends, sitting in front of the TV, playing video games, or surfing the net.

As part of The Green Cross Radiation Rescue Programme, a special study using the Electro Combination was conducted by their specialist medical team in Belarus (near to Chernobyl). This was designed specifically for children severely contaminated with high levels of accumulated radioactivity as a direct result of the fall out from the Chernobyl disaster 20 years ago.

Their results were astounding; after only two weeks of taking Electro, with those children who had the highest levels of radiation in their bodies, the radiation was reduced by 43%. Research continues to discover just what this combination is capable of! With more and more evidence of the possible link to cancer with the use of mobile phone, it¡¦s important to protect our health. A recent Swedish study by Professor Anders Ahlborn has shown that for those using a mobile phone for more than ten years there is a four-fold increased risk in developing a tumour on the same side of the head on which the phone is used.

Radiation in Air Travel

Another factor to be aware of is the over-exposure to radiation due to the increase use of air travel. A very practical solution is found in the Australian Bush Travel Combination which has been specially designed to counteract the effects of radiation in planes, strengthen the endocrine, immune and nervous systems which can be weakened by the constant engine vibration of the aircraft.

It is helpful for dehydration and digestive disorders.

The Banksia Robur in the combination is particularly helpful with fatigue and tiredness that happens with jetlag and the Mulla Mulla releases the static electricity absorbed whilst flying, especially at take-off. Bush Fushia and Bush Iris relieve vertigo, travel sickness and balance the pineal gland to regulate our body clock which is the cause of jetlag

Applying the Travel cream on the feet and legs aids the lymphatic system, circulation problems, fluid retention, (the swollen feet that happens at the end of a flight) and muscular stiffness associated with flying, especially long haul.

A companion combination essence is Solaris which is an excellent first aid remedy for releasing the effects of heat and over-exposure to the sun and easing the pain of all types and degrees of burns and burning sensation in the body. Sun Burn! An added benefit is that it reduces radiation absorbed from not only the sun but also from X-rays and can be applied topically.

The Stress Factor

While all remedies relieve stress, the following essences and combinations are specifically designed to reduce and handle stress effectively.

As we know, stress is often at the root of many physical problems and can definitely heighten or even bring on an allergic response.

Black-eyed Susan (Australian Bush) is perhaps one of the best remedies for stress, especially when your energy bank is in deficit. It works on the adrenal glands, tells the body/mind to chill out and relax, and finds space to centre oneself before moving on.

Black-eyed Susan is a major component of the Australian Bush Combination Calm and Clear which clears overload, anxiety, worry, obsessive thoughts, irritability, insomnia and stress affecting the stomach. It calms and centres, enhancing coping mechanisms.

When stress directly compromises the Immune System, The Australian Bush Combination Dynamis aids recuperation. It regenerates the body's energy, stabilizes endocrine imbalances, boosts the immune system, clears burnout and exhaustion, renewing zest and enthusiasm.

Fringed Violet
Fringed Violet

Allergy Petite Fleur Combination

Reduces the allergic reactions and intolerances to foods, the environment, i.e. hay fever, etc.


Asthma is on the increase, and can be caused by allergic responses to food stuff, household dust mite, air borne substances, and from chemical contact in the work place, known as occupational asthma.

Ian White of the Australian Bush Flower Essences recommends Tall Muller Muller and Emergency Essence for the acute attack, and Crowea for bronchiole spasms, to ease tension and tightness, also Fringed Violet to decrease the general reactions to allergens.

Skin Imbalances/Eczema

Salvia of the Petite Fleur works on the emotional aspects of skin conditions on how we feel about ourselves, mentally on how we think about ourselves, then physically on the skin which often relates back to lack of self-love and self-worth. In Chinese medicine, skin conditions are related to the lungs and colon, both organs of elimination, which implies the food-related allergic response. This creates a skin imbalance and suggests the skin is not able to eliminate toxins efficiently.

Topically the FES Self Heal Cream, a flower essences cream, with essences included for skin problems has proved to be of great relief with all forms of skin condition from rashes to eczema and psoriasis.

Women's Problems

The rising incidents of hormonal imbalances in women are another area of concern which may be due to stress as well as the amount of hormones present in our drinking water due the increase use of the pill.

These factors can upset a woman¡¦s delicate balance, and result in PMT, irregular periods, hot flushes, menopausal problems, weight gain and most worryingly infertility.

Ian White has been working with the flower essences from She Oak and its benefit on the 25% of infertility that is due to unknown causes. He has successfully addressed infertility stemming from deep emotional causes. He suggests, from his naturopathic stance, that dehydration of the uterus is the cause of infertility. He has discovered that She Oak is a tissue rehydrator which will correct the lack of hydration whilst simultaneously balancing the hormonal levels, regulating the cycle and the oestrogen/progesterone levels which greatly enhance fertility and the ability to conceive. When working with She Oak, Ian and other Flower Essences practitioners had a 75% success rate and one Sydney Doctor over 90%!

She Oak is one of the ingredients of Woman Essence combination which is designed to harmonize hormonal imbalances, menstrual cramps, PMT, irregular menstruation, weight gain and has proved to be very good at alleviating hot flushes and the general discomfort of menopause.

In hospitals in Brazil and Switzerland She Oak and Woman Essence are being successfully used as an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) without the increased risk of breast and cervical cancer.

Flower essences are so safe to use that it is one system of complementary medicine that can be given throughout pregnancy without fear of contra-indications, in fact they are a tremendous support right from conception through to birth. Significant research into the use of essences continues.

The beauty of Flower Essences is that they are readily available and are proving to be very supportive and effective in their innate ability to promote gentle but deep changes totally in harmony with our individual healing processes.

In my practice I suggest taking seven drops under the tongue first and last thing in the morning and evening. There is no need to worry about taking them close to teeth cleaning or hot drinks as you have to in homeopathy. Flower remedies are very user-friendly and you cannot overdose with them. It's clear that Flower remedies have a lot to offer in the treatment of stress-related conditions.

Further Information

Clare G Harvey is director of FlowerSense. Flowersense is a UK distributor of Australian Bush Essences, Masters Mother and Child Range, Korte PHI Orchid Essences, Petite Fleur Fung Sui Spays, Flowers of The Orient Womans range Supplying Neals Yard, Fresh and Wild, Napiers, Nutri Centre, Baldwins, Rivital and other health Food Stores. Postive Health subscribers receive a 10% discount when they buy on-line at

Flowersense will be hosting Workshops with Ian White of Australian Bush Essences Level 1, 111, and White Light in May/June 2006.

Flowersense may be contacted on Tel: 020-8567 9412/01963 250750;


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About Clare G Harvey

Clare G Harvey  Dip Shen Tao is an internationally recognized Harley Street Consultant, formulator, inventor, and author in the field of complementary and integrative medicine.  She is a world expert on Flower Remedies, a third generation healer who learnt from her grandmother who was herself taught Flower Remedies by Dr Edward Bach. She is the author of several books on Flower Remedies, including The Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies, The Healing Spirit of Plants and the Principles of Vibrational Healing. Clare has been a flower essences consultant for 30 years, formerly at The Hale Clinic, The Centre for Complementary and Integrated Medicine in Upper Harley Street and now consults at her Flower Essence Clinic 103-105 Harley St. She is the Executive Director of International Science and Nutrition Society - ISNS. Her distribution businesses Flowersense and Quantum Blooms supply major health food chains and the public with remedies. Clare also has her own range of essences especially designed for women. For Private Consultations with Clare please Tel: 01963 250750 / 07778 059660;

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