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Working with Sound and Flower Essences in Combination

by Clare G Harvey(more info)

listed in flower essences, originally published in issue 213 - April 2014

Exploring the Nature of Sound

Essential to our nature, sound gives us a sense of space, depth, and form. Like colour, it adds richness to life and our world, and a feeling of interconnectedness with others and the environment we find ourselves in.

Soundwava Buddha

Sound is significant in creation myths. This puts one in mind of Christian Mythology in their legends of the beginning of creation, where it is stated: “In the beginning was the word!” This is also echoed in Aboriginal Mythology where they believed that: Their ancestors sung the worlds alive, calling the flowers and trees into being with sacred words that wrapped the planet in a web of song, and tells of how they walked the ‘song lines’ to keep the world alive!

In particular, harmonious sound has a profound healing effect on our systems engendering us with a sense of well-being. Even in nature, bird song stimulates seedlings to open their pores in order to encourage the absorption of nutrients and therefore ensure profuse growth.

The DNA Role

In esoteric science and mythology it has been said that the DNA within each cell has its own harmonic note or song, and every atom, molecule and cell in the body has its own frequency. Therefore, cells sing the vibrational patterning of the body alive into its own dance of frequency, into the chakras and beyond. All together they create such a synthase of vibration, that the body has its own unique individual frequency, hum or song.

We understand that all sound is vibration which travels from one source to another as waves, each with their own frequency and pitch. As each person vibrates at their own unique frequency, it is important that the balance within this frequency is maintained. Continuing the aboriginal’s instinctual understanding and grasp of the importance of sound, and its effect on our physiology, they believed it was at the point at which we felt most out of tune, was the moment we had forgotten how to sing our own song.

dna photo

We all know what a powerful force sound can be, various sounds have different and profound effects on us, both in a destructive as well as healing and transformative way; some may irritate us causing dissonance while others will please us creating harmony. A glass can shatter when a perfect note ‘C’ is held long enough by the human voice; equally a fractious baby is soothed and will fall asleep when sung a melodious lullaby.

Research into the effect of sound on DNA

Carl Sagan, the American astronomer and astrophysicist, wrote that much of our genetic information (about 97%) is [apparently] unused DNA which permits tremendous room for growth and expansion.

Crystal Bowls Sound Essences
Crystal Bowls Sound Essences

During research on DNA, it has also been found to be extremely sensitive to sound frequencies; the latest research carried out by Biochemists finds them now using the frequency 528Hz to repair human DNA. It is interesting to note that it’s not the regular note ‘C’ (which vibrates at 512 Hz) that we are familiar with, that is used, but the note ‘C’ of 528 Hz that has been discovered to be most effective. This note ‘C’ had been a part of an ancient scale called the Solfeggio Scale, a part of a 6-tone scale sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies and not the diatonic scale of do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do, that we know and hear often on the airwaves today.

The difference in the scales existed because of different tuning methods that were utilized in ancient times. This can be heard best in Ancient Gregorian Chant, the high Renaissance sacred music of the 15th century where the Flemish composer Josquin Desprez was considered to be master of the polyphonic vocal style (the interweaving of many voices). A good example of this is his chant Gaude Virgo. This type of music was further developed by the Italian composer Palastrina who studied the sacred texts to shape the music and sound in order to express spirituality. Indeed an excellent example is his, Excelsis Deo composition which was believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings and upliftment when sung in harmony. This was especially enhanced when sung in churches due to the acoustic qualities of the churches and cathedrals of the time.

The healing power of harmonious sounds is said to have opened up the body’s whole subtle energy system allowing vital chi to be absorbed and circulated.

Dr Leonard Horowitz in his book The Healing Codes of Biological Apocalypse describes this Original Solfeggio Scale, of which the 6-tone scale sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies is a part of, to be an ancient scale. These particular frequencies were rediscovered by Dr Joseph Puleo, who received them in a wonderful almost mystical experience, who reports that these frequencies are not something new, but something very old.

As they progress up the scale, the six Solfeggio frequencies each have qualities associated with them which indicate they can initiate a process of transformation.


Original Solfeggio Scale

Original Solfeggio Scale

Image from

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

  • UT - 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear
  • RE - 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
  • MI - 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
  • FA - 639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships
  • SOL - 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition
  • LA - 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order

The frequency 528Hz relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase ‘MI-ra gestorum’ in Latin meaning ‘miracle’. Stunningly, the note ‘C’ (solfeggio) as referred to earlier is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA - the genetic blueprint upon which life is based!

The recent book, Medicine for the 21 Century written by Fabian Mammon, a sound researcher and musician, also offers amazing photos and information from laboratory research on the positive effect of musical tones on human cells and haemoglobin. Fabian shows how he uses sound to affect damaged cells, to disrupt their chaotic frequency and to heal and repair discordant and damaged cells.

Sound, Vibration and Form

For over 200 years, researchers have been validating the connections of Sound and Vibrations on physical form. In 1787 the German scientist Ernst Chladni, the first to make this connection, detailed his research in his pioneering book Discoveries Concerning the Theory of Music. He explained ways to make sound waves generate visible structures. He detailed how a violin bow, drawn at a right angle across a flat plate covered with sand, produces shapes and distinct patterns. These shapes and patterns are called Chladni figures today. Followed up on Chladni’s discoveries, mathematician Nathaniel Bowditch concluded that the conditions that allowed these designs to arise were because the frequencies, or oscillations per second, were in whole number ratios to each other.

The study of wave phenomena, the ability of sound to organize and re-pattern matter, is called Cymatics. John Beaulieu in his book, Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, reports that “Form is the more elusive component of sound. Sound-forms can be seen by subjecting mediums such as sand, water, or clay to a continuous sound vibration.”

Latterly the eminent quantum physicist Professor David Bohm said,

"Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of
everything, including ourselves. The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy."

Sound, Vibration and Water


Dr Emoto’s research on water’s ability to record or hold a frequency truly demonstrates the reality of this formula. Remember that water comprises over 70% of a mature human body and covers the same amount on our planet. Water is the very source of all life. The fact that the molecular structure of the water can be affected by our consciousness, our intent and our sounds is extremely important and may have great implications for future of personal and the planetary harmony and healing.

Sound Essences that Support the Transformational Process

In her book, Molecules of Emotion, Dr Candice Pert PhD describes energy and vibration as reaching the molecular level in the body, and its effect on the seventy different receptors located on the molecules when vibration and frequency reach them; they begin to vibrate and sort of touch and tickle each other, play and mount each other. It is this whole energetic dance ritual, at the cellular level, that opens the chromosomes and exposes the DNA to the frequencies. At this DNA, molecular and cellular level it seems that sound gathers and collects and focuses the cells individual song.

Through sound these tones can assist all the channels in staying open and keeps the life force (the Chi) literally flowing freely through the Chakra system. When using sound it can be a way to direct energy for transformational purposes. Not only are the six electro-magnetic frequencies able to accomplish this but given that water is able to record frequencies, and store memory molecules, it is possible to make Sound essences. When water is specifically? used as a vehicle to capture sounds waves and its frequency stabilized, as it is with flower essences, then a mother tincture can also be made from sound waves.

In the case of the range of Sound Wave Essences, the first inspiration came to me when working in a session on Being, Vibration, and the Nature of Original Sound in 1993, with Beautiful Painted Arrow a Native American visionary. Simultaneously, during her dreams and work as a therapist and gifted healer, Colette Prideaux Brune, was also listening and absorbing the original teaching of sound.

Together we created Sound Wave Essences from two sets of Crystal Singing Bowls. They were created in Star House, a building built on the principals of sacred geometry, with the ancient sound of ‘OM’ built into its very structure. Each crystal bowl is tuned to each chakra and these essences were made during significant phases of the moon and on the solstice. We produced two sets of Sound Essences using the SUN (active principle) and the MOON (receptive principle) energies.

Not only transformative, the Sound essences help to restore the spin and vibration
of the chakras so that they can shine with their pure colours once more

Liquid Sound Essences

Set of Sun and Moon Essences

Liquid Sound Essences - Sun and Moon

The ‘Sun’ set of essences work with the masculine aspect of vibrational energy, whereas the ‘Moon’ set reflects the feminine aspect.

  • Heart of the earth/base chakra: Connects one directly to the heart of mother earth. It is the doorway to grounding, dealing with our relationship to our tribal roots. This gateway connects us directly to the feminine principle. Roots of energy travel down the legs into the ground, creating stability and security. This forms a solid foundation for the luminous energy and chakra system to anchor itself into the body. The doorway to the heart of the earth simultaneously grounds and protects us whilst enabling us to deal with the unique relationship to our tribal roots;
  • Sacred void/sacral chakra: Connects with the waters of life, renewal and rebirth and deals with issues around our own birth and returns us to a place of innocence. The void is not empty but contains both elements of the sacred fire and water. Alchemically blended these two vital forces create a state of dynamic balance that provides the fuel to empower our dreams. Reconnecting to the waters of life, it renews, refreshes and deals with issues around our own birth, returning us to that sacred place of innocence;
  • Warrior’s solar/plexus chakra: Connects to the universal warrior’s energy. It allows access to the universal courage that enables us to move forward with empowerment along our true path. It strengthens the inner core, the column of light that embodies the principles of solar light and connects us to the universal warrior’s energy, the vehicle for both the solar and lunar qualities inherent in the male and female form. When in balance it allows access to the courage that abounds the universe, and reflects back our unique interaction with all life enabling us to move forward with empowerment along our true path;
  • Listening heart/heart chakra: To walk the path of the heart. Enables one to hear the whispering voice of our soul and opens the doorway to the heart of the universe and hear the imperceptible teachings of the earth and the universe. To walk the path of the heart is to walk the path of the soul, hearing the inner whispering of our soul's voice. Circulating its wishes through the compassionate spirit of the heart, the soul reveals the nature of its true self. This is the key to opening the doorway to the heart of the universe whilst simultaneously hearing the imperceptible teachings of the cosmos;
  • Divine purpose/throat chakra: Connects us to our true journey on the planet and opens the doorway to the divine purpose of the universe. Empowering one to become an instrument for speaking our truth and trusting in the clear expression of our soul’s journey, this enables us to call back the threads of our timelessness and reconnects us with our lives on the planet.
  • Perceiving spirit/third eye chakra: To perceive spirit behind all things cutting through illusion. To perceive the web of life as an indivisible matrix that holds the blueprint of all time. The awareness of spirit behind all things cuts through illusion and opens perception to the space between the worlds;
  • Universal present/crown chakra: Standing in the present moment enables direct access to the doorway to the universe, a moment that holds all time. Eminessence in the present is the moment that holds all time. The portal to the heavens, illuminating and guiding our passage towards who we are becoming. Aiding the mastery and transcendence of time;
  • Star traveller/eighth chakra: To become a traveller through time and space, and reconnect to our original source. The golden orb of spinning light held in the luminous energy field above the head contains the imprint of our next incarnation waiting to be born. It inspires one to become a star traveller through time and space - journeying to the union with our original source.

Working with Liquid Sound - Balancing and Adjusting the Subtle Energy System

The following sound essences were developed to hold the dynamic balance and integrity of the chakra system as a whole.

The Rebalancers: Sun and Moon

The Chakra Rebalancers are combinations of all eight Sound Wave Essences - one comprises the Sun Sound Wave essences and the other the Moon Sound Wave essences. They are especially formulated to harmonize the energies of all as well as specific chakras, and to assist with their stability and realignment.

The Sun Rebalancer particularly strengthens and nourishes, while activating what we are aware of in the present, at a conscious level. Whilst the Moon Rebalancer reflects what is going on at the subconscious level. By using both combinations, the two aspects of inner and outer (male and female) are brought together in an alchemical Dance of Light. Any disruption in the coordination of this alchemical dance within ourselves creates an instability that contains within it the seeds of potential disharmony and disease. These sound Rebalancers activate the cell’s innate ability to re-coordinate and readjust itself and to hold the correct dynamic pattern, as we move through the discord of daily life.

The Integrate and Transmute Combination Essences

Since the earth quake in Japan last year, many of us are experiencing difficulties in regaining our balance. This is as a direct result of the Earth wobbling on its axis and parts of Japan shifting by as much as 13 feet.[1] As our usual point of reference has shifted , it is important to reset our vibrational patterning to a new matrix, with this in mind Integrate and Transmute were developed - for times like these not only specifically developed after the Japanese disaster but for future events.

Integrate Essence

  • This combination essence is a blend of the Sun and Moon Sound Wave essences, especially designed in a sequence in order the of essences chosen, a blend that encourages balance and integration of the male and female polarities, both physically and within our psyches;
  • When this alchemical balance occurs within the cellular structure of the body, and as the ancient male and female archetype guidelines are dissolving, there is a need for a new perspective and envisioning on how these energies are intermingled and consequently ultimately expressed. It is important in this time of transition that this delicate alchemic balance is achieved without getting caught by the limitations of previous traditional concepts. It is vital that this happens with mutual respect and honour whilst maintaining the integrity of both polarities;
  • The Integrate essence maintains one in a state of dynamic balance whilst completing this transformation process. In addition it helps us to discover our soul’s purpose.

Transmute Essence

  • This combination represents the interwoven energy of the male and female fully harmonized and integrated with the finer vibrations of the higher chakras including the 8th higher dimensional chakra situated above the crown. It facilitates the transmutation of the cellular structure into the matrix of the subtle levels;
  • Now equal in balance and strength a sacred marriage can occur between the male and female energy. This fusion ignites the spark of the soul and creates momentum to move the soul forward;
  • The Integrate and Transmute essences can be used separately or together. The Rebalancers create a solid foundation to anchor the male and female energy, Integrate weaves them together in an alchemic dance and Transmute creates a dynamic fusion which results in the sacred marriage within the soul.

Eclipse Clear and Protect Spritz

A unique blend of Sound Wave frequency essences, essential oils, and sacred site essences, it was designed to clear discordant and electromagnetic energy. It uplifts and refreshes, fine tuning and raising the overall vibration of the body and subtle anatomy. It was made during a total solar eclipse - incorportating essences made at world sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, [in 1993] Palenque and the Pyramids of Guimar - with crystal sound bowls.

It has been blended with Lotus & Pink Lotus flower essence essential oils of Pink Lotus, Ylang-Ylang and May Chang to create a cleansing, uplifting and refreshing effect on the aura and subtle bodies as well as clearing negative atmospheres in rooms and workspaces.

This spritz clears the subtle body’s electromagnetic field protecting you from picking up the residue and negativity that usually clings to the subtle anatomy through daily interactions with discordant energies. Leaving you feeling clean, centred, protected and in control of your personal space, it facilitates clarity of thought and emotional calm. This spritz also shifts the vibrational patterns of the body, fine tuning its frequency and generally raising its overall vibration, aiding in meditation and attunement to your higher self.

Sound gathers, collects and focuses the cell’s individual song at the DNA, molecular, and cellular level, whereas flower essences seem to adjust, modulate and direct the cell’s vibrational frequency. Therefore, it is important to use sound and flower essences together as they mutually enhance one another. When working with chakras that are not in balance and need their frequency or polarity readjusted, combining the following flower essences with the Sound Wave essences can help to adjust and stabilize our movement forward and evolutionary process.

Flowers of the Orient Essence Range

This range was developed as a result of a journey that I took to Thailand, a land lush with exquisitely perfumed blooms. In its purest unadulterated form, Thailand is a deeply powerful and sensual land that calls to one’s inner beauty. The essences were made at a sacred site in beautiful gardens with pagodas dedicated to Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of grace, beauty, love and femininity.



As the range has grown, the essences have been sourced from flowers and trees in remote areas around Hai Hin and Phuket. Their qualities are not just about transformation of the feminine but for managing transformational shifts as a whole. Whilst working with shifting disharmonic frequencies and adjusting to major shifts and change, it’s crucial to keep the base of the nervous system stable. Hibiscus essence does this by maintaining the integrity of the nerves, stabilising one’s inner core, and encouraging the mind to rest, relax and refresh.

To create greater stability, I recommend blending Hibiscus with the appropriate Chakra Rebalancer.

Sacred Banyan Tree

Sacred Banyan Tree

In order to transmute ancient conditioned patterns, Sacred Banyan Tree essence is a vital decoder that initiates change; it’s a decoder in order to re-code. To initiate the re-coding process I suggest making a potent mix to aid the integration of re-patterning any discordant programing, by including the Banyan Tree essence in combination with Integrate Sound essence.

Spider lily

Spider lily

When we are encountering periods of transition and change, it is often a fragile time where both the nature of the shift and the person are vulnerable and need multileveled protection in order to stabilize and consolidate the transformation. The essence White Spider Lily acts as a strengthener for the auric field. As it provides protection deep within ourselves, this then means that energy which would have been spent in keeping up defences can be utilized elsewhere. It has an umbrella like form of protection, especially whilst the subtle system adjusts to a natural form of filtering which has a more refined and accurate discernment and protective ability. As it helps to dissolve over protectiveness resulting from past trauma and shock, it readjusts and soothes the energy bodies.

Just as important as stabilizing, is the clearing and cleansing of those hard to reach subtler levels. Pink Powder Puff essence, a cleanser for the more subtle levels of the energy system, roots out any corners of discordant energy. Acting like a feather duster in its adjustments, it whisks away impurities in addition to fine tuning these subtle levels.

The Eclipse Clear and Protect Spritz is an excellent support for maintaining clear, fresh vitality and a balanced energy field. An extra powerful effect is achieved by adding White Spider Lily and Pink Powder Puff essences to the Eclipse Spritz, thus assisting the process of continuously cleaning the system of discordant energy that has arisen from within, or encroaching from outside and keeping the energy field sweet and clean.

Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus

For the final stabilization of any transformation process, Pink Lotus Essence is a transformative essence that spiritualizes the heart chakra, the flower is sometimes known as the "flower of the heart". In completing this process, one needs to be centred back into the heart chakra and is as the Buddhist say enhances “the way of compassionate spirit”. Adding warmth and compassion when interacting with others, this essence enhances the feeling of love and allows space for true intimacy to develop. Encouraging spontaneity and a “lightness of heart” spring from a “joyous heart” that needs to be shared. This essence was made in Phuket by the sea soon after the Tsunami. I’ve found that Transmute Sound Essence works beautifully with Pink Lotus Essence to give transformative movement not only to the compassionate spirit of the heart, but to that of the soul.

At this moment of major evolutionary change, where the vibrational frequency of the planet is increasing, where mother Earth and higher energies are initiating significant change, and not forgetting the force of the inner movement of our own souls, Soundwave Essences and essences from the Flowers of the Orient Flower range have a vital role to play in supporting our own evolutionary shift and transformation.

The Sacred Banyan Tree Essence- a Decoder in Order to Recode

  • Made at Chiva Som in Thailand, the essences from this sacred tree embodies inner strength, courage and enables rejuvenation from deep within. Fosters reverence for the sacred and profound re-connecting deeply with one’s soul;
  • With use clears the propensity for disease encoded in the DNA due to the trees longevity, it holds the pattern for healthy positive DNA energy. It encourages the ability to re think outside the box;
  • "Just because something has been like that for generations doesn't not mean its set in stone.
  • You can change, re-generate, re-invent yourselves, almost on a daily basis";
  • This essences helps us to get that message, wakes up the cells, enlivens/ignites damaged ones. It actuates, helps to re build, is fast acting and holds the seed of en-light-en-ment.

White Spider Lily Essence - Multileveled Protection

  • Provides protection from deep within spreading; it is a strengthener which strengthens the auric field, so that the energy spent in keeping up defences can be utilized elsewhere;
  • This essence has an umbrella like form of protection, especially whilst the subtle system adjusts to a natural form of filtering which has a more refined and accurate filtering and protective ability;
  • Helps to dissolve over protectiveness gained through trauma and shock, and readjusts and sooths energy bodies;
  • For the very sensitive who are just opening up spiritually, offers multi-levelled protection.

Pink Powder Puff

  • A cleanser for the more subtle levels of the energy system roots out any corners of discordant energy, fine tunes and is like feather duster in its adjustments whisking away impurities.

The Pink Lotus Essence

  • The way of compassionate spirit of the heart;
  • Pink Lotus spiritualizes the heart chakra so that perception is through the window of the heart. Adds warmth and compassion in interactions with others, enhances feelings of love, allowing the space for true intimacy to develop. Encourages spontaneity, a lightness of spirit which springs from a joyous heart, a joy that is to be shared.




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