Issue 114 August 2005


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  1. Identity and Immunity

    Dorothy Rowe - Deceased

  2. Case Study Issue 114: Alexander Technique - Lessons for Life

    Tamar Dhiri

  3. Ayurveda - In Harmony with Osteopathy

    Elisabeth Bird

  4. Wander-Full, Wonder-Filled Thinking

    Caroline Barrow

  5. The Role of the Gut in Psychology

    June Butlin

  6. The Role of Homeopathy in Grief

    Dr Neil Slade

  7. Heavy Metal Toxicity - An Unsuspected Illness

    Janine Bowring

  8. Homeopathy and the City II: The Poison Nut

    Elizabeth Kaye

  9. Qigong for Optimum Health

    Dr Lianting Zhao

  10. Recovery from CFS / ME

    Denise Kingsley-Acton

  11. The Health Benefits of T'ai Chi

    Sheila Dickinson

  12. Unleash Your Mind Power to be in Control of Your Life

    Elena Nanos

  13. Editorial Issue 114

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  14. The Role of Fatty Acids in CFS/ME

    Professor Basant K Puri

  15. Letters to the Editor Issue 114


Research updates in this issue:

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  1. acupuncture

  2. alternative medicine

  3. cancer

  1. colon health

  2. healing

  3. heart

  1. herbal medicine

  2. nutrition

  3. psychoneuroimmunology

  1. women's health

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