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Tanya Milne ISRM SMA FHT Director of The Active School of Complementary Therapy (ASCT), has worked as a deep tissue massage practitioner with a wide variety of clients, both individually and as part of National Sports Medicine teams. She has provided massage treatments, First Aid/Injury cover, training courses and workshops for numerous organisations. Through her clinic, she now provides massage for local sports, as well as treatments for non-sporting persons and NHS patients.

Tanya trained with one of the world's foremost authorities in massage therapy, and through her training courses she successfully passes on her skills to many aspiring therapists. Some of her students have successfully practised massage therapy right through to elite level. Tanya may be contacted on Tel: 01509 556101; Mob: 07971 192787;  tanya@activerecovery.co.uk      www.ukmassagecourses.com

Articles by Tanya Milne

  1. Soft Tissue Therapy - More than Sports Massage

    Listed in massage

    Sports Massage has been steadily gaining recognition over the last forty years, although it has been practised since Egyptian and Roman times. It has been used as a way of aiding re...

  2. Lower Back Pain

    Listed in back pain

    Most people with back problems, and back pain suffer in the Lumbar region. Lower back pain has many causes but the vast majority are caused through bad posture and overuse conditio...

  3. The Potential For Increased Lung Capacity

    Listed in bodywork

    Most of the adult population (in this country), probably only use about a third of their lungs available capacity when inhaling. This situation can happen very quickly when caused ...

  4. What is a Sprain?

    Listed in bodywork

    A Sprain is when the Ligament(s) at a joint (any joint) are injured. The Ligament’s job in the body is to support the internal organs and join Bone to other Bone. They restrict mo...

  5. What is Tennis Elbow?

    Listed in bodywork

    Tennis Elbow is an overuse condition/injury which is generally located on the outside of the elbow joint. The medical name for this condition is Lateral Epicondylitis.

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