1. Anatomy Trains - Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists

    (Thomas W Myers) Reviewed by: Joel Carbonnel

  2. Anatomy Trains and Bodies in Motion

    (Thomas W Myers and Susan K Hillman respectively) Reviewed by: Caroline Barrow

  3. Born to Walk: Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement

    (James Earls) Reviewed by: Joel Carbonnel

  4. Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques: Volume 1 – The Upper Body

    (Leon Chaitow and Judith Walker DeLany) Reviewed by: John Sharkey

  5. Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction

    (Evan Osar DC) Reviewed by: John R Cross

  6. Cranial Manipulation Theory and Practice: Osseous and Soft Tissue Approaches

    (Leon Chaitow DO) Reviewed by: Joseph Goodman

  7. Every Body Tells a Story: A Craniosacral Journey

    (Liz Kalinowska and Daška Hatton) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  8. Face to Face with the Face: Working with the Face and the Cranial Nerves through Cranio-Sacral Integration

    (Thomas Attlee DO RCST) Reviewed by: Jonathan Lawrence

  9. Fascial Fitness - How to be Resilient, Elegant and Dynamic in Everyday Life and Sport

    (Robert Schleip) Reviewed by: John R Cross

  10. Fascial Release for Structural Balance

    (by James Earls & Thomas Myers) Reviewed by: Tanya Milne

  11. Fascial Release for Structural Balance 2nd Edition

    (James Earls & Thomas Myers) Reviewed by: Jonathan Lawrence

  12. Flexibility First: A Fitness Approach for Life

    (Marjorie Brook) Reviewed by: David Lintonbon

  13. Muscle Energy Techniques: A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists

    (by John Gibbons BSc(OST) Dip Manip Dip FTST Dip IIST Dip ITEC) Reviewed by: John R Cross

  14. Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self- Help

    (by Valerie DeLaune LAc) Reviewed by: Anthony Agius

  15. Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists 2nd Edition

    (Lauriann Greene CEAS and Richard W Goggins CPE LMP with contributions by Janet M Peterson PT DPT) Reviewed by: Joel Carbonnel

  16. Stability, Sport and Performance Movement

    (Joanne Elphinston) Reviewed by: Jennifer Wayte

  17. The Anatomy of Exercise & Movement: for the study of dance, pilates, sport and yoga

    (Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones) Reviewed by: Kent Fyrth

  18. The Anatomy of Pilates

    (Paul Massey) Reviewed by: Mario-Paul Cassar

  19. The Anatomy of Stretching

    (Brad Walker) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  20. The Art Of HVT DVD

    (by David Lintonbon DO PG Cert (Clin Ed)) Reviewed by: Jonathan Lawrence

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