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Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques: Volume 1 – The Upper Body

by Leon Chaitow and Judith Walker DeLany

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[Image: Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques: Volume 1 – The Upper Body]

Having reviewed this historically important publication, I eagerly await Volume 2 – The Lower Body.

This publication is presented to us at an important and poignant period of time in the evolution and continuing development of soft tissue manipulation modalities worldwide.

It is both unique and worthy of purchase from several viewpoints. Both authors are accepted leading authorities in the area of Neuromuscular therapy / technique. One, (Walker DeLaney) offering the modern American version, while the other (Chaitow) provides the European Neuromuscular Technique approach.

Following the genre of Travell and Simons' regional approach model, Chaitow and DeLaney have added detailed anatomical and physiological descriptions accompanied by clinically practical 'bodywork' solutions, to the problems located in each region.

The overall view is a triad, embracing biochemical (nutritional, hormonal, etc.), biomechanical (posture, respiratory, habitual, etc.) and / or, psycho-social (anxiety, depression, stress, etc.), promoting a need for local and global considerations contributing to pain and/or dysfunction.

A wonderfully written publication embracing and marrying science-based research with the art of skilful soft tissue manipulation. This publication will appeal to the qualified professional, academic and student alike. It has something for everyone. As your skills and knowledge improve, this book will act as an important resource. For the qualified practitioner, it provides detailed information on diagnosis and treatment from a holistic perspective, supported by academically sound research.

This is all achieved by effectively embracing a language that is easily digested, absorbed and assimilated. This language is expressed as a multi-disciplinary approach, utilizing a wide variety of soft tissue techniques.

It is user friendly and reflects typical conditions, regularly presented in the clinic environment. The contents of this book and the manner in which they are presented, will motivate the reader in the same way a classic novel grips from beginning to end.

All practitioners must develop a rigorous approach to the acquisition of a broad knowledge base, employ a range of specialized skills, evaluate information, using it to plan and develop investigative strategies and to determine solutions to a variety of unpredictable problems, operate in a range of varied and specific contexts taking responsibility for the nature and quality of outputs. Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques provides the practitioner and student alike, with a written support mechanism to achieve these objectives.

This is a unique publication, which I strongly recommend to the widest possible audience.

About the reviewerJohn Sharkey, International Lecturer & Exercise Physiologist, is a member of the Olympic Council of Ireland's, Medical Team and Course Director of Ireland's National Qualification Scheme in Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy. John is a member of the Technical Expert Sub-committee on Sports Massage, National Sports Medicine Institute (UK). With more than twenty years experience in bodywork and movement therapies, John is a recognised authority on Anatomy and Soft Tissue Manipulation. He can be reached at 16a St. Joseph's Parade, Dorset Street, Dublin 7, Ireland. Tel: +353-1-8308025; Fax: +353-1-8308757; email:

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John Sharkey
Churchill Livingstone, Harcourt Publishers
ISBN 0-443-06270-6

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