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Su Fox BSc PGCE UKCP Reg MTI Reg CSTA Reg has worked as a complementary therapist and psychotherapist since 1988. For over twenty years she taught massage and related skills in day care centres for the elderly, people with learning difficulties, and mental health issues as well as professional massage qualifications at Hackney Community College. She was director and chair of The Massage Training Institute between  1991 – 2000 and during that time co-authored, with Darien Pritchard, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Massage and authored The Massage Therapist's Pocketbook of Pathology, which has just been revised and reissued as The Massage Therapist’s Pocketbook of Pathology  published by Lotus Publishing.

During this time she was also running a successful private practice in psychotherapy at The Burma Road Practice in North London, focusing particularly on trauma work. She is a trained EMDR practitioner. Su has always believed that the talking therapies need to address the body, and that alternative therapies often failed to consider mental and emotional health, and this led her to write Relating to Clients. The Therapeutic Relationship for Complementary Therapists, published in 2009. In 1993 she added craniosacral therapy to her qualifications and has been a regular contributor to Fulcrum, the journal for the Craniosacral Therapy Association, including a series entitled ‘In The Supervisor’s Chair’. She currently serves on the supervision committee for the Association.

Her current interests are spirituality and its contribution to well being, and the psychology of the ageing process and end of life issues. Su can be contacted via sufox56@gmail.com   www.burmardpractice.co.uk/therapist-counsellor-london-n16/13-su-fox-therapist-n16

Articles by Su Fox

  1. Massage and the Importance of Medical Input

    Listed in massage

    The author, a Massage, Craniosacral and Psychotherapist, focuses on the importance of medical input in relation to body massage. As her brother is a Medical Consultant, she is in th...

  2. The Massage Practitioner and the Medical Profession - Then and Now

    Listed in massage

    This article focuses on the changes over the years on massage techniques and requirements. The author says massage is no longer just a therapy of indulgence and pampering but one th...

  3. Aftercare or Afterthought? What Happens at the End of the Massage Session

    Listed in massage

    The column concludes that consultation, massage treatment, aftercare - at the beginning, during and after a session - have a valuable place in good holistic massage practice.

  4. Don't Pick up the Client's Negative Energy: From White Light to Neuroscience

    Listed in clinical practice

    The author has always followed white light protection practices, intended to protect the practitioner from a client negativity, but has had reservations – would these practic...

  5. Massage, Sex and Supervision

    Listed in clinical practice

    This article focuses on the erotic aspect of body massage and why practitioners and clients rarely get turned on, despite there being some similarities between some of the rituals i...

  6. Massage and Complex Trauma: A Case Study

    Listed in massage

    In this column on Body Massage, the author presents a case study of massage techniques regarding a client who suffered complex trauma as a result of prolonged, overwhelming abuse an...

  7. Massage is Relaxing. Discuss...

    Listed in massage

    The author touches on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy), the internationally recognized and well-researched treatment for trauma, and the Holosync technology - developed b...

  8. Letter to a Newly Qualified Practitioner from a Massage Elder

    Listed in massage

    The information contained in Su Foxs latest column are indeed exciting and valuable, and to be treasured by newly and experienced practitioners alike. She refers to herself as a Mas...

  9. Massage Matters: Massage and Medication

    Listed in massage

    This column focuses on the use of proper medication and massage techniques on an elderly woman with a complex medical picture....as she suffers from lower back pain due to wear and...

  10. In the Event of Your Death?

    Listed in massage

    The author was impressed by an article about a 91-year-old massage therapist, who has been massaging for sixty years and has just had her license renewed. But evidently, she may not...

  11. The Importance of Pathology for Massage Therapists

    Listed in massage

    The branch of medicine concerned with the cause, nature and origin of disease, including the changes occurring as a result of disease;

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