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Stewart Mitchell B.Phil, Cert. Health Ed., is a complementary health specialist and director of the School of Complementary Health in Exeter UK. He studied nature cure methods in Edinburgh, India and the USA. He holds research awards in complementary health from the University of Exeter and the University of Plymouth and is a member of the Society of Health Education. He is the author of numerous publications and books on healthy living including Under- standing the Healing Power of Nature (1998); Understanding the Healing Power of Touch (1998) and The Complete Illustrated Guide to Massage. (1997). He is conducting research into hydrotherapy for pregnancy.

Articles by Stewart Mitchell

  1. Hydrotherapy for a comfortable bath

    Listed in women's health

    The bodys physiological response to water makes hydrotherapy the perfect accompaniment to all stages of pregnancy - in preparing the circulatory, neurological and musculo-skeletal s...

  2. Case Study Issue 121: The Case for Traditional Naturopathy

    Listed in case studies

    The author puts forward a cogent and authoritative argument for using Naturopathy for healthcare. He talks about how Naturopathy can offer a solution to solve a health issue rather ...

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