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  1. 'Natural' Progesterone - why this is not the answer

    by Marilyn Glenville, PhD

    Extracted from Natural Alternatives to HRT by Dr Marilyn Glenville.

  2. 7 Ways Menopause is Putting Women at Risk of Avoidable Nutrient Deficiencies

    by HSIS

    Almost half of women are worried their diets aren’t meeting their nutritional needs around the menopause. That’s according to a new research report[1] just about to be published by...

  3. A Barn Door Case

    by Dr Angela Jones

    In her column this month Dr Jones looks at a case that was uncannily typical of the remedy that she needed. The patient was experiencing menopausal symptoms, especially hot flush...

  4. A Case of Soy too Much

    by Hannah McDonald

    The author presents a case study of a client suffering with constant bleeding and several months of perimenopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, who wanted to avoid HRT, a progest...

  5. A Holistic Approach To Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    by Marilyn Glenville, PhD

    Polycystic ovaries are ovaries that are actually covered with very small follicles in which the egg develops. In each menstrual cycle, follicles grow on the ovaries. Within those f...

  6. A Working Mother's Experience of Extended Breastfeeding

    by Kathleen Finch

    When I discovered that I was unexpectedly expecting, I decided that I would give breastfeeding a try. My late mother bottle-fed all three of her children, so I had no idea whether ...

  7. Another Urinary Dilemma

    by Dr Angela Jones

    The patient in this case study had suffered from endometriosis and from bowel symptoms; however, it was her urinary symptoms that had brought her to seek the help of a homeopath.

  8. Aromatherapeutic Management of the Menopause

    by Dr Vivian Lunny

    When undertaking the aromatherapeutic treatment of menopause, of a client who does not wish to go on H.R.T. I have found that with the appropriate dietary advice and aromatherapy, ...

  9. Aromatic Pregnancy and Childbirth in the UK - An American Nurse's Perspective

    by Pam Conrad

    In the middle of Indiana, an English nurse named Jane Buckle taught the multiple ways aromatherapy could enhance the care of patients. I was hooked, and began to imagine one day ...

  10. Bodywork for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood

    by Suzanne Yates

    This article focuses on body support for women during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. The author touches on the different forms of bodywork, adding that most forms, from Arom...

  11. Case Study: Herbal Medicine for Menopausal Issues

    by Carol Rogers

    This Case Study is a detailed account of treatment of a patient for menopausal symptoms over a period of over a year. It concludes with a statement from the patient that after two ...

  12. Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of Menopausal Problems

    by Maria Mercati

    In this Expert Column, Maria Mercati looks at Chinese medicine, and in particular Tuina and Acupuncture. She tells us that Tuina is a powerful, energizing form of massage, manipula...

  13. Complementary Therapies can Help Discourage Women from Choosing Caesarean Section due to Fear of Childbirth

    by Denise Tiran

    Often, women perceive CS as the 'easy' option, avoiding labour pain and over-stretching of the perineum (women often referred to as being 'too posh to push'). They do not realize t...

  14. Complementary Therapies for the Menopause - Research Study

    by Laura Longstaff

    The author is a fourth year medical student at Newcastle University who intends to become a GP and specialize in women's health. She believes in the relevance of complementary medi...

  15. Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy: Recognizing and Dealing with Complications

    by Denise Tiran

    This paper provides detailed information about the responsibilities of complementary therapists in regard to pregnant women, including the responsibility to do nothing when indicat...

  16. Dignity and death in childbirth: the conflict between satisfaction and safety

    by Denise Tiran

    October 2013 saw the inaugural conference for the newly-formed Birthrights charity, which explored why women giving birth in the UK are frequently dissatisfied with their experience...

  17. Dysfunctional Hormones

    by Mary Martin

    Hormones are minute chemical messengers that circulate in the bloodstream. A tiny alteration can affect us physically and emotionally. Environmental chemicals can cause hormonal di...

  18. Empowering Women: Natural Approaches To Pregnancy And Childbirth

    by Denise Tiran

    Denise Tiran looks at the use of complementary therapies during pregnancy and labour. Many women and midwives are now demanding less interventionist maternity care, which will not ...

  19. Endometriosis

    by Penny Crowther

    This column focuses on endometriosis, a relatively common condition which is believed to affect around 15% of women. The author presents a case study of a client who had initiall...

  20. Endometriosis - An Urgent Priority

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Why isn't endometriosis featured in headline news articles? This blighter of women's lives is not some obscure or insignificant condition – far from it. Rather, this painful and ...

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