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Sarah Noble, Chairwoman of the BCMA, has been an acupuncture practitioner and the owner of her own multidisciplinary clinic for 12 years. She has been a business consultant for Complementary Medicine practitioners, clinics and Spas, (Member of Institute of Management and Institute of Directors). She is on the executive committee of the Parliamentary Advisory Group for Complementary Medicine, and has lectured on Nursing Degree Courses, Health Studies Degree Courses, Radio 2 and TV programmes for Doctors. She is the Director of the Spa Division for Six Senses. info@bcma.co.uk

Articles by Sarah Noble

  1. How To Find a Qualified, Competent Practitioner

    Listed in clinical practice

    This article addresses the some of challenges presented to patients and practitioners, including: how, as a patient, you can find your way through the maze of qualifications and tit...

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