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Pat Reeves, DN, DthD. Practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine employing kinesiology, dowsing, iridology, biochemic medicine, Alexander and magnetics. She can be contacted on Tel: 01384 270270; pat@reeves-online.fsnet.co.ukhttp://www.foodalive.org/  www.reeves-online.fsnet.co.uk

Articles by Pat Reeves

  1. Case Study Issue 68: Nutritional Therapy - Success With Stabilising Cancer

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    Pat Reeves, a practitioner of nutritional medicine, tells her personal story of how she combated cancer, firstly in the form of a brain tumour diagnosed in 1984, then a knee tumour ...

  2. Case Study Issue 119: Continuing Success with Stabilizing Cancer

    Listed in case studies

    The author provides an update of her success with stabilizing the cancer in her, through a naturopathic and living-food therapeutic lifestyle, comprising live and virtually raw food...

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