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Michael James Edmondson Lic Ac ICOM worked for the NHS for eight years. Michael switched over to alternative medicine and graduated from the International College of Oriental Medicine in 1994. Over the last 20 years Michael has practised clinical acupuncture in both private and NHS clinical settings. Having taught Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong for many years, Michael co-founded the TaiYoga fusion fitness system and is co-founder of Birthday Oils. Michael may be contacted via    michael.edmondson11@gmail.com  info@masteracupuncture.co.uk  www.masteracupuncture.co.uk/    

Articles by Michael James Edmondson

  1. Aromastrology - the Art of Scent

    Listed in chinese oriental medicine

    Aromastrology harnesses the scented power of aromatic essential oils to the Chinese lunar astrology system that gave birth to both the Chinese civilisation and the energy art of Chi...

  2. Cancer And Master Acupuncture

    Listed in cancer

    Cancer is a western medicine disease whereas Master Acupuncturists practise oriental medicine, so how is it going to be possible to reconcile these two entities - the western medic...

  3. First Aid and Master Acupuncture

    Listed in acupuncture

    A friend recently shared a link - how to survive a heart attack when you are alone - on Facebook, which got me to thinking this; how many people know that there are acupuncture firs...

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