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Aromastrology - the Art of Scent

by Michael James Edmondson(more info)

listed in chinese oriental medicine, originally published in issue 212 - February 2014

I recently met a woman who had once had a conversation with Mahatma Ghandi. I was fascinated at this and asked her what she remembered from meeting him. She replied that the only thing she could remember about the whole episode was that he had very smelly feet! The power of scent, admittedly odious in this example, to immediately affect us and to remain stored in us throughout life is the most powerful of all our senses. It's the only sense that has a direct connection from sense organ to brain!

Aromastrology harnesses the scented power of aromatic essential oils to the Chinese lunar astrology system that gave birth to both the Chinese civilisation and the energy art of Chinese medicine.

The therapeutic properties of aromatic essential oils have been known for thousands of years, to before even Cleopatra's time, who, in her search for a formula that would bestow the elixir of life, made popular the power of scent. It was in ancient China that both the classification of aromatic plants and the development of medicine originated. Their common ground was their shared energy model, whose theory is based upon the twin systems of yin/yang and five elements.[1] The properties of aromatic essential oils could be classified according to their yin/yang and five element balances. They could then be used to restore the yin/yang and five element balance within a human.

Of course, to do this it would be necessary to know firstly, the yin/yang and five element balances of a person ( and we are all balanced differently when it comes right down to it!); and then secondly, to be able to judiciously blend aromatic essential oils for promoting health, harmony and wellbeing in each and every person.

So, how could that be done?

Well, let’s start with first things first. Someone’s date of birth.

Astrology Compass
Astrology Compass

This is vital, because according to the ancient energy model, a human being at birth takes on the energetic imprint of that moment in time and space. This pattern is known as a personal energy signature. As Goethe poetically put it "no power can undo the living form that life created of you".[2] That's our pattern of balance set for life, and the twists and turns in our lives will either knock us in or out of balance. The more in balance we become, the more healthy, harmonious and well we become. And vice versa, so goes the theory.

Let's choose May 12th 1984 as an example date of birth. Someone born on that day is going to have a personal energy signature that can be calculated by using this astrology compass:-

And here is their personal energy signature:-

Part of a Rats Energy Signature

Part of a Yang Wood Rat's Energy Signature

So what does it all mean?

Well, if I were a yang wood rat (born 12/5/84), I would reply:-

“I am a yang wood rat and like all rats I am good at making decisions and acting upon them; only I am the most active out of us five different types of rat (metal/water/wood/fire/earth). Of course, us rats are all intelligent, the fire rat being the most intelligent. But I would say in all modesty that I am the one, the wood rat, that’s most likely to get things done. I’m always on the move. The elemental energy of wood is centrifugal, expansive, and I’ve got it in spades!

The thing is, though, I do get feelings of frustration. It takes a bit of time, but as my frustration slowly increases I feel this urge to ‘vent my spleen’, and if I can I do so then I feel much better. This because my Heavenly bit, my celestial stem, the yang of wood bit, started off inevitably out of balance – we are all born out of balance, it’s the price we pay for being conscious individuals – and being surrounded by the Great Movement of Earth means all that woody, expansive energy builds up against the firm earth before breaking through!”

Quantum physics[3] has confirmed the ancient theory that energy creates, controls and sustains form. By analysing personal energy signatures we can, therefore, determine the energetic make up of people and their constitutional strengths and weaknesses. Aromastrology can then help to restore the energetic balance that promotes health, harmony and wellbeing.

Let's take our example of the yang wood rat and translate their personal energy signature into their five element balances:

Five Element Balances
Five Element Balances

The yang wood rat might put it like this:-

“My five element balance from birth shows a lack of the metal element, and as is well known, metal controls wood (think of the axe needed to cut down trees). If my metal energy increases I am more balanced, less out there and less impulsive. It helps me to get aerobic, loosen off some of that excess wood energy by working out (muscle is a physical manifestation of wood energy) and at the same time increase my lung (the yin organ of metal energy) capacity.

My weakest deep energy is heart energy, so my working out also helps my cardiovascular system, and if I can put some of my excess energy into doing something for good causes, well that would be ideal, would give me such a buzz!

All the stuff I do gives me a really good appetite and fortunately, with my metabolic energy being fiery (shao yin) I can eat almost anything and not put on weight.

I know that taking time to calm down and switch off my mind is something I need to do (and don’t do!) but I am what I am and whilst a metal rat might be able to go there, it’s a foreign country to me!”

So, with the knowledge gained from analyzing the yang wood rat's five element balances we are now in a position to create an aromastrology blend of aromatic essential oils that will promote the balance that leads to health, harmony and wellbeing.

We know that a yang wood rat has the metal element weak from birth by studying the natal energy charts for the first half of 1984. So in creating a balancing blend of essential oils we will need to include at least one essential oil that is known to support and nourish the metal element. We might choose eucalyptus or pine or peppermint or cedarwood - choosing which one will depend in part on the harmonic ‘notes’ (an aromatherapy term) present in the rest of the oils that make up the completed blend.

We know that a yang wood rat’s great movement is earth in excess, and that because of this the water element is overcontrolled. Using water element essential oils, such as thyme or clarysage, will help to rebalance the elemental earth / water balance. By increasing the water element we are nourishing the yang of the wood element with cool yin energy (see how water nourishes wood in the sheng cycle diagram).

A yang wood rat’s heart energy can be overwhelmed by the pressure placed on it from all that yang wood energy. According to the five element sheng cycle, the yang of wood (the gall bladder energy) feeds the yin of the fire (the heart energy).

There are two aromatic essential oils that smooth the transformation from yang of wood to yin of fire: black pepper and ginger.

Yang wood rats do find it difficult to relax, they usually have to go to extremes to unwind. So choosing an essential oil with the properties to calm and relax is a no brainer! There are so many, so which one? Chamomile is the perfect choice for yang wood rats as it gentles the wood element.

So, there we have it - aromatic essential oils blended according to aromastrology as a means to promoting health, harmony and wellbeing through energetic balance!

Aromastrology is the truly holistic version of aromatherapy. Even better, it's not necessary to go to the expense of consulting an aromatherapist (although if you already see an aromatherapist you might like to mention aromastrology to them!). The complete aromastrology range of essential oils, blended according to anyone's date of birth has been created by those clever people at birthday oils. To find out which aromastrology blend is suitable for you, and how to use these aromatic essential oil blends, just visit  and key in your date of birth.


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