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Michael Cohen is the founder of the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation and RaphaYad. Having established his treatment clinic, Michael subsequently founded the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation for training and research. His on-going exploratory and experimental approach to his work at the leading edge of Bio-energy medicine and healing treatment, has seen the techniques continue to enhance and evolve into RaphaYad. For details on one-to-one treatments, training courses and treatment techniques, contact the administration office at the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation. Michael may be contacted via Tel: 0845 456 1336; info@bioenergyhealing.org.uk; www.bioenergyhealing.org.uk..

Articles by Michael Cohen

  1. The Living Matrix - Key to Interconnectedness

    Listed in energy medicine

    The Living Matrix is our body continuously interconnected electronic network. This total interconnectedness corresponds to our complete health – physical and/or emotional tra...

  2. Can the Brain Really be Re-Wired?

    Listed in energy medicine

    This article looks at how the brain can be re-wired and whether it can be done without the person having to work out how, why or when, through RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing treatments....

Book reviews by Michael Cohen

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