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The Living Matrix - Key to Interconnectedness

by Michael Cohen(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 93 - October 2003

Modern science acknowledges that every part of your body, including all of the molecules, form a continuously interconnected electronic network, The Living Matrix.[1,2] Each component of your body, even the smallest part, is immersed in, and generates, a constant stream of electronic pulses which send vibratory information[3] throughout your body, enabling activities to take place.

This total interconnectedness corresponds to your complete health. Throughout your lifetime you and everyone else accumulates physical and/or emotional trauma that impair the connections. When this happens, your body's defence and repair systems become impaired, and disease has a chance to take hold. Energy therapies restore and balance the vibratory circuitry, with obvious and profound benefits. The body's defence and repair systems are able to repair themselves.[4]

In order for you to appreciate the interconnectedness within the body we need to look at the underlying reasons as to why your body becomes impaired or diseased.

When you are confronted with an issue on a subconscious level, which your psyche perceives as a conflict or trauma, it creates energy blockages in The Living Matrix, which are a disruption to a single or group of electrical pulses. When your psyche perceives a conflict/ trauma, that specific type of conflict/ trauma is linked to a specific region of your brain. This, in turn, causes a disruption to the electrical pulses between that specific region of your brain and the organ/part of your body that it is connected to.[5]

The disruption of the electrical pulses causes a breakdown in communications and cause that affected organ/part of the body to become disfunctional/diseased, prohibiting it from fully undertaking its task i.e. production of a hormone, function of an organ or physical movement.

During the conflict/trauma, your body learns to adapt and, for most of us, until the conflict/trauma is resolved or released, this disruption can cause the symptoms to persist, increase or cause further conflicts/traumas in response to subsequent diagnosis, invasive treatments and side-effects.

Releasing the Blockages

As we have discovered, it is the blockages in The Living Matrix that need to be released in order for the electrical pulse to normalize and your body to go into a healing phase leading to an increased flow. When you have flow, your body can perform and heal on an enhanced level preventively, effectively and efficiently, leading to total interconnectedness and complete health.

Medical research is changing and there is a resurgence of interest in energy medicine. We can start to appreciate the dynamics of the cause and effect and how, by enhancing our energy flow, we can move beyond illness and disease and increase our quality of life.

As a Bioenergy Healer, I work to enhance performance and ability to heal by working with your Living Matrix and its biomagnetic field that is created around your body. Due to a heightened perception and sensitivity to energy, a strong biomagnetic field emanates from my hands, which enables me to tune into an individual's biomagnetic field and work on an instinctual level.

Working on an instinctual level, I work with a person rather than just on them, at the pace, and in the priority order that their body requires rather than what they or I perceive. In other words, I switch off my brain and stop interpreting. An interpretation is a matter of opinion; it is not a matter of fact. For this reason, I am not interested in analysing the past – it's been and gone and we can't change it. Similarly, when I start to work, I move beyond labelling/naming an ailment or condition. On a bioenergy level, an ailment or condition is just a blockage, and the psyche cannot bring it alive.

Working on an instinctual level, I use a technique known as Bio Plasmic Manipulation (BPM).[6] BPM is not a textbook approach and I do not work with known body maps (meridian lines or acupuncture points) that are related to a specific ailment or part of the body. We do, however, cross over them. When I work, I am able to interact with a person's biomagnetic field enabling me to scan the main blockage areas with my hand. I then manipulate the blockage points (with my finger using mild pressure) in the priority order that the body signals.

The points I manipulate are neither random nor pre-planned or pre-determined. Once I find the heart of the blockage area, my finger is pulled like a magnet along a specific blocked energy line that is unique to the person, and that day and that moment in time. As my finger moves along the line, it is drawn to stop over the blockage points that need manipulation. Working on this instinctual level enables me to work at the pace and priority that the Living Matrix requires. The healing energy from my hands using this manipulation technique is of a particular frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues, increasing blood flow and re-oxygenating the blood on that specific point and the surrounding area.

Stretching Energy

I also stretch energy bands, which is a form of defragmentation. And I literally mean stretching the energy; the only limitations are the walls in the room. Simply explained, the body has rings around it, similar to when you throw a pebble into water. When I stretch the energy, I walk away, hit the rings and tune into a different frequency. It's like tuning into your radio. It's fuzzy in between the stations, but, as soon as you tune into the station, it peaks and you get clarity. When I stretch energy bands I literally stretch them like an elastic band which, when released, brings about order that allows the electrons (electrical pulses) to re-settle without the old memory patterns.

Throughout the experiential healing session, not only do I feel the energy in my hands, but the client is able to feel varying sensations in their hands and body, including pulls, stretches, releases, shifts, tingling, heat, warmth, vibrations and energy flowing.

By continuing the healing work we bring an ongoing cycle of releasing blockages and memory patterns, culminating in the interconnectedness within and beyond the body, enabling the person to move beyond past limitations and restrictions.

Moving Beyond Limitations

Due to social, cultural, education, family and peer pressures, one's past and current performance have been limited, even prior to birth, all the way through childhood and adult lives. Everyone can enhance their natural ability to perform and excel beyond past limitations and restrictions. The only limitation up to now is the mind. Bioenergy Healing can widen perception, enabling you to enhance, increase, excel and adapt on the following levels:

Physical Efficiency

By releasing old memory patterns in respect to past achievements, physical injuries and psychological restraints. Achieving new levels of achievement, strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance and results by efficient use of your body's energy within the laws of nature.

Intellectual Flexibility

Enhance your intellect, versatility, adaptability, focus, logic and rationality. Effectively enhancing your ability to study and learn, improve work performance, communication and interpretation skills and expression and creativity.

Emotional Equilibrium

Working towards a state in which your emotional energy is evenly distributed and balanced i.e. your mental composure, evenness of temper, ability to adapt and tuning into/transposing your sensitivities into positive tools.

Instinctual Awareness

To enable you to develop an innate impulsion, to act without conscious awareness. Learn to trust and have unequivocal faith in your actions, thoughts and decisions, listen to your inner voice, interpret physical signals and understand the interconnectedness of your every action, event and thought.

Spiritual Openness

To increase your knowledge/ consciousness of religious, holy, sacred and non-material beliefs and the ethics of consciousness and your interconnectedness with the wider universe.

Total Interconnectedness

Complete health corresponds to the total interconnectedness of The Living Matrix. The application of Bioenergy Healing opens the network to the flow of energy and information. Once the whole network is functioning, natural biological communications can flow freely through the entire system on a cellular level. This enables you to perform, adapt and enhance on all levels. Along with it comes confidence, stillness of the mind, focus and clarity.

A key factor to why Bioenergy Healing is effective in bringing about change and shifts is the subtle way it just happens. Human development and evolution has a natural pace/flow. It is when you confront and challenge this pace that it brings with it resistance, frustration, conflict and traumas, which in turn brings with it the aches, pains, illness and disease.

Total interconnectedness also brings with it a feeling of newness and freshness about life. Because you are not living in memory you can enjoy each moment for what it is here and now. That alone can enhance your quality of life, enabling you to move beyond, the repetition and monotony that you have to endure throughout your lifetime.

Most importantly, as your perception widens, you then start to better appreciate who you are, what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you can fulfil your life purpose. With your wider perception the pieces begin to slot into the jigsaw and the full picture reveals itself when it is ready. This leads to a feeling of interconnectedness within and beyond your body and all the events in your lives. Nothing happens by chance, coincidence or accident. Everything has a purpose, or forms part of a lesson, enabling you to move beyond.

Looking at evolutionary biology, the body's ability to transmit and receive healing energy is a natural and universal design feature of the living system. Our ancestors lived in a world full of risks and dangers, yet without hospitals and modern day medical technology. There is good documented evidence that our ancestors were able to survive because they had a natural ability to undertake injury repair in each other, which had obvious survival value. Evolution by natural selection took care of rest.

This points to a simple conclusion: no medical device, regardless of its sophistication, is likely to achieve the efficacy and safety obtainable by imposing a naturally generated signal to living tissue.[4]

Bioenergy Healing enables you to experience total interconnectedness, which corresponds to complete health and a high quality of life. Bioenergy Healing is very dynamic yet subtle in self-empowering you to heal and perform on an enhanced natural level.

Looking at the aspect of prevention, Bioenergy Healing can be of profound significance to the body if no specific problem is present. A healthy person will not only have a higher quality of life, but is less likely to have an injury or disease. If problems do arise, they will recover more rapidly when the body's communication channels are open and balanced.

Case Study – Ellen Dunkley in her own words

It was April the 24th 2003. I woke that morning with dread knowing there was another day to get through and then the night. I knew what to expect, it had been going on for a long time. That morning my Grandson had called in to see me – his work had taken him away a lot. I told him I was losing the will to live and he said, "hang in there nan".

I am 82 years of age and was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. I also have asthma so surgery was not an option. I was given tablets to take that had lots of side effects. Then I had 30 treatments of Radiotherapy. The Breast Clinic were quite pleased with the outcome of the Radiotherapy, but I felt the side effects of the tablets were making my life a misery, and I thought, at my age, I should have some quality of life. So, eventually, they said it was my choice if I wanted to stop taking the tablets, so I did. Weeks later I was still getting the side effects and felt life was not worth living. Then I started having energy healing, and since then all sorts of little changes have happened. I have started going out again, reading the paper, doing crosswords, watching TV. All the little things I just couldn't be bothered with doing. Jobs around the house I found myself doing again. All the time I was not well I still went to the hairdressers every week, so I would get my hair washed (not out of vanity). During the last few weeks the staff have remarked on how much better I was looking. Friends who ring me from time to time, said how much different I sounded. My grandson popped in to see me yesterday. He hadn't seen me since 24th April and was so pleased at the difference he saw in me.

I know I still have a long way to go, but when I consider how far I have come over these last few weeks, and I no longer dread waking up these mornings and feel life is still worth living.
Ellen Dunkley 25 June 2003


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6. Bjornstad T. The founder of Bio Plasmic Manipulation & Moxi Foundation.

Recommended Reading

Oschman J. Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis. 2001. World authority on energy and complementary medicine.
McTaggart L. The Field. 2002. The story of a group of frontier scientists who accidentally discovered the importance of the Zero Point Field, an ocean of microscopic vibrations, which appeared to connect everything in the universe like some invisible web.


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