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Can the Brain Really be Re-Wired?

by Michael Cohen(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 139 - September 2007

Sarah*, a client who was diagnosed with Clinical Bi-Polar Depression turned round during her treatment session and said:

“There was something small I forgot to mention. I usually travel around London on double-decker buses. I always sit up top so that I can look for vantage points on tall buildings to jump from… but this week it has stopped!”

This all happened halfway through her fourth RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing treatment, having offered no feedback at the beginning of the session. Sarah at the time was 32 years-old, had been diagnosed with Clinical Bi-Polar Depression since 2001, as well as long term depression from the age of nine. Crisis hit one year before she started RaphaYad treatment when she attempted suicide.

Client’s energy being stretched and lasered – Author treating client with these techniques to release memory patterns and to defragment their circuitry
Client’s energy being stretched and lasered – Author treating client with these
techniques to release memory patterns and to defragment their circuitry

Manipulation Technique – Author treating a client using the finger to manipulate blocked points on the client’s cranium
Manipulation Technique – Author treating a client using the finger to
manipulate blocked points on the client’s cranium

Client treating himself – Student self-treating a blocked point on the cranium
Client treating himself – Student self-treating a blocked point on the cranium

Michael and students – Michael scanning the work of students working on each other during a training workshop
Michael and students – Michael scanning the work of students
working on each other during a training workshop

What was transpiring about this episode was life-changing for Sarah; it would be true to say ‘life-saving’. She just woke up one day after her third session and her perception had shifted. She never had any suicidal thoughts again!

What was so shocking from a practitioner’s point of view was how distorted her perception was, that she perceived it to be so small, that she nearly did not mention it. For me, within my four walls of the clinic, this was like the first landing on the moon, ‘a gigantic step for… in this case Sarah’.

When we look at the potential to re-wire and re-configure the brain, the biggest obstacle to overcome is the way we think based on our current perception, which in Sarah’s case was totally distorted. How many attempts will she have to make to break the code, just to open the door, let alone know what she will find on the other side?

Sarah chose the Bioenergy Healing door. It gave her the opportunity to move forward without having to do any more cognitive work. With RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing treatment she was able to switch her brain off and stop trying too hard.

What Bioenergy Healing treatment results reveal is the way a client’s brain can be defragmented, to turn chaos into order and cause major shifts in a client’s perception by way of enhancing neuron communication. It is like pressing some master reset buttons. Just like your new computer which, after six months of downloading software, hardware and the odd virus, gets sluggish and starts to crash. Those who are wised up will ‘Defrag’ it to remove the corrupted data and condense the rest of the data blocks, so it can work effectively and efficiently.

Bioenergy Treatment entails working with the body’s electrical circuitry system using hands-on and hands-off techniques. By addressing the body’s psychological and entwined physical circuitry using Bioenergy Healing ‘Defrag’ technique, it can release the memory patterns holding such disorder and distorted perception in place.

Scanning the Blockages

For the last four years Mark*, a forensics scientist, had experienced a dull fuzzy head for days, and sometimes weeks, at a time. His symptoms included: irritability, lethargy, migraines, headaches, outbursts of anger and lack of motivation.

Rather than Mark having to determine which issue to address first, or the practitioner working a textbook approach, the RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing practitioner utilizes a unique and advanced tool that determines the pace and priority of the treatment. With his eyes and hand he has the ability to scan a client to reveal every blockage that is linked to the physical and psychological symptoms. Having configured this tool in such a way he is able to pinpoint the primary blockage point to determine treatment based on what Mark’s body’s system required. Scanning is like having an X-ray on an energy level.

The scanning technique is so vitally important because we do not want to label Mark’s symptoms, and treat him the same as everyone else. At the end of the day Mark is Mark and no two people are the same, and should not be treated using a standard textbook approach.

What was transforming for Mark was that he shifted at the pace he needed to. At first he had a few dips, but then the major shifts were sustained. He experienced the ‘Jigsaw Effect’. The Jigsaw Effect determines the pace and priority of treatment. By scanning and starting treatment with the most important blockage it allowed the first piece of the jigsaw to fit in place.

With on-going scanning, subsequent blockages were released, enabling adjoining pieces of the jigsaw just to slot into place. Then gradually the picture started to reveal itself as he moved forward to complete treatment. As for Sarah, she wasn’t so overwhelmed about the work she had to do. Neither did she have to work out how and what was involved in making it happen, as with her previously tried treatment techniques… this time it just happened.

When Man’s Body Entwines with his Mind

Some people say that our physical body is a reflection of how we feel inside and vice-versa. Well there is certainly truth in this as far as Matt* was concerned. He was the victim of a major hit-and- run road traffic accident in 2004. His T12 vertebrae, was shattered into 30 pieces which left him with spinal cord damage.

What was so evident in Matt’s case as demonstrated on the chart (see pg. 11) is how Bioenergy Healing Treatment released memory patterns on both cellular levels and psychological levels. As treatment progressed, not only did Matt’s physical rehabilitation dramatically increase but the surprise for him was the shifts on a psychological level, enabling him to leap further forward.

The chart shows the evaluation report at the first and last evaluation session. Matt was asked to score from 0 (low) to 10 (high) in respect to each category.

Matt did not come for treatment to address the emotional and psychological; it was strictly physical. RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing memory release techniques broke the memory loops to enable the cells to regenerate to bring about an enhanced physical rehabilitation, yet simultaneously caused major psychological and emotional shifts… a re-wiring of the brain.

Chart of Matt’s Rehabilitation Progress
Chart of Matt’s Rehabilitation Progress

Switching on the Brain

Our research here at the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation has revealed a remarkable case where treatment had switched on parts of Amanda’s* brain which she had never used before.

Amanda, 16 years-old, has development and learning difficulties, speech and language Dyspraxia and an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Her pre-case notes and statement quote that she had the mental and learning age of someone between five and seven years-old, poor communication and very limited learning and motor skills. She was unable to process information and had little recall of day-to-day experiences and events.

After 15 Bioenergy Treatment sessions she was using skills and attributes that she had never used before. These included her being able to reiterate information, recall experiences, have a complete conversation, process information, be more attentive in class, more able to take instruction, increased focus, and a change in her demeanour.

The dynamic aspects to Amanda’s shifts were due to the way the hands-on Bioenergy techniques were used to manipulate scanned blocked points that activated neuron communication. This was combined with the hands off [stretching energy technique] to defragment and release memory patterns.

In each of the above cases the individual clients were all able to make dramatic steps forward without ever having to look into the past, address the psychological issues, or having to work out how they were going to recover.

Amanda’s case helps to quantify this, as due to her mental age she had no awareness of her disorders or learning disabilities or that she was having treatment. For her it was a weekly social visit to see Michael ‘who played eye-spy whilst he touched her head, and kept on walking backwards from her [stretching energy techniques]’.

Going back to my first case Sarah, a few months later I reminded her about the circumstances surrounding her shift from her suicidal tendencies. She just laughed, and could not believe how distorted her perception was.


The full-published case notes of all of these clients can be found at
*All case notes have had the clients names replaced in order to protect their privacy. Should you wish any case history to be verified please contact the administration office.


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