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Mark A Brudnak PhD ND has authored over 40 peer-reviewed scientific and trade journal articles and is recognized worldwide as a leading expert in the areas of probiotics and enzyme. Brudnak has written or contributed to books such as The Probiotic Solution, Probiotics For Dummies, PCR In Neuroscience, Pathway Cloning: Investigation Of A Novel Eurkaryotic Cloning And Cellular Engineering System. Dr Brudnak was the Technical Director for MAK Wood, Inc., where his duties include technical writing, research, and product support/development. His major areas of interest are anti-cancer nutrients, enzyme therapy, pro/prebiotics and biologically active carbohydrates and peptides. Dr Brudnak is also a board-certified naturopath, maintaining a natural health consulting practice in Grafton, WI USA and can be reached via mark@markbrudnak.com      http://markbrudnak.com

Articles by Mark Brudnak PhD ND

  1. Natural Weight-loss Supplements:

    Listed in weight loss

    As the problem of obesity continues to increase in the Western world, pharmaceutical companies have responded by developing weight-loss drugs that target certain biochemical pathway...

  2. Cancer-Preventing Properties of Essential Oil Monoterpenes D-Limonene and Perillyl Alcohol

    Listed in cancer

    When people first hear the word monoterpene (MT), typically the terpene portion conjures up images of some sort of cleaning fluid such as turpentine. Associated with this image is t...

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