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Manisha Jain MA Eng Dip Journalism is an independent journalist based in Delhi, India. She specializes in social sector issues. She has completed assignments with Economic Times, The Statesman and Deccan Herald. She has studied MA English and holds a diploma in journalism.

Manisha may be contacted via Mob: +91 95827 01452;  majain52@gmail.com

Articles by Manisha Jain

  1. Depression - The Fast-Spreading Malady

    Listed in depression

    Depression, as the word itself suggests, is a low feeling, an experience of nothingness and low spirits and depression is a growing health problem and one of the least understood di...

  2. Natural Remedies: Increase Your Immunity with Plants and Herbs

    Listed in herbal medicine

    Natural remedies and alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular. Because of modern lifestyles and high-stress living, psychosomatic disorders are becoming very common. ...

  3. Young Lives Snuffed Out …Marks didn’t Add Up?

    Listed in depression

    The headlines scream at you every morning. One dreads to switch on news channels nowadays. Reason: Reports of students ending their lives over a few measly marks just hit you betwe...

  4. Schizophrenia is Incurable – Myth Blighting Patients

    Listed in mind matters

    While any mental illness needs to be treated and taken seriously, schizophrenia commands extra attention as it is ridden with several myths and an utter lack of awareness among the ...

  5. Mental Health Concerns during the Pandemic

    Listed in psychospiritual

    The raging Corona pandemic has taken a heavy toll on human lives and health. Grim statistics stare you in the face every morning. Apart from people dying and hospitals bursting at t...

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