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Lynne Booth BA (Hons) BRCP IIR ART (regd) Hons HMAR began studying reflexology for over 22 years and went on to train with the International Institute of Reflexology (Original Ingham Method). She has a private practice and also runs a reflexology clinic at a 400-resident St Monica Trust in Bristol as well as a clinic for professional Championship footballers. The research, development of VRT and the small medical study were conducted at the Trust in the early to mid-1990s. She frequently presents VRT at conferences internationally and Lynne and VRT Appointed Tutors have taught VRT courses in the UK and internationally to over 8000 qualified reflexologists. Lynne is the resident reflexology columnist for Positive Health PH Online Journal (www.positivehealth.com ). In 1998 Lynne was awarded an ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques) fellowship for services to reflexology and in 2008 The Association of Reflexologists (AoR) also gave her an Honorary Fellowship. In 2011 the respected Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine gave Lynne the prestigious Highly Commended ICNM award for Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine.  Her best-selling book Vertical Reflexology was published by Piatkus Books in September 2000 and Vertical Reflexology for Hands was published in 2002. The highly acclaimed Vertical Reflexology DVD was produced in 2008. For more information on VRT, practitioner courses or the nearest available VRT practitioner contact Booth VRT on Tel: +44 (0)117 962 6746;  contact@boothvrt.com   www.boothvrt.com

Articles by Lynne Booth

  1. Vertical Reflexology

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    Vertical Reflexology, or Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) was developed by Lynne Booth six years ago when working with chronically ill residents at the St Monica Trust nursing home in ...

  2. Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) for Sports Injuries

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    The author has developed the practice of Reflexology to include work done while the feet (and hands) are in a weight-bearing position. Newer research has concentrated on Hand VRT, a...

  3. Vertical Reflexology for Hands and Feet: Do not neglect the beneficial role of hand reflexology

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    The author gives an account of the basis for reflexology. She then explains the concept of vertical reflex therapy (VRT), which involves standing up so that the dorsal areas of wei...

  4. Reflexology - Caring for Older People

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    Reflexology is suitable for older people, as it helps circulation, normalizes bodily functions and can aid detoxification. It is easily accessible, as only the shoes need to be rem...

  5. Reflexology: Helping to Alleviate Migraines and Headaches

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    The author lists possible precipitating factors for headaches, and more specifically migraines, and explain that hand reflexology can be used to address the various areas relating ...

  6. Reflexology: Working Corresponding Limbs to Ease Cramp, Restless Legs and Painful Elbow

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    The therapy of Reflexology has mapped areas of sensitivity on the feet which are connected to all parts of the body

  7. Reflexology and Shoulder Issues

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    Shoulder problems are some of the most common conditions that people present to complementary practitioners and medical doctors. Many people complain of muscular tightness around th...

  8. Self-Help Reflexology - Empowerment for Holistic Health

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    Reflexology is one of the more accommodating therapies when it comes to self-help techniques.

  9. Reflexology for Children and Babies

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    Many parents seek out complementary therapies to help their children when they suffer minor ailments; reflexology is particularly helpful, as it is gentle and non-invasive as only t...

  10. Reflexology and Breathing Techniques for Respiratory Issues

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    During the winter months many people will succumb to coughs and colds and, although the initial acute symptoms may disappear quite quickly, a person can be left with a residual tic...

  11. Reflexology to Help Stress and Anxiety

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    Reflexology can work very specifically to help the body heal itself and clients will often seek a reflexologist for help with common ailments such musculo-skeletal pain, insomnia, h...

  12. Reflexology’s Role in Cancer Care and Support

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    Almost everyone knows someone who has developed cancer; reflexology is a gentle, supporting, non-invasive complementary therapy that is used widely to support people who are living ...

  13. How Reflexology can Support those Living with Dementia

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    For decades dementia has been on the increase due to a burgeoning ageing population and is now one of the greatest pressures on healthcare systems around the world.

  14. Back Issues and Reflexology Support

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    Thousands of working hours are lost each year due to backache or back trouble, but this vague generic description can cover a wide range conditions ranging from very acute to chroni...

  15. Reflexology can Help Sleep Issues

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    Reflexology has always been considered to be a particularly relaxing and pleasant therapy as well as being very therapeutic in supporting specific conditions. Many reflexologists of...

  16. Reflexology: the Feet are an Underestimated Part of the Body

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    This article examines an extraordinary technique, very similar to reflexology, that brought fame and fortune to a Canadian physician in the 1930s, and also highlights areas in ther...

  17. Reflexology's Supporting Role for Complex Combat Injuries

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    When complementary therapist Zoe Warner’s husband was injured in a roadside explosion and later medically discharged, she used complementary therapies including reflexology alongsid...

  18. Research and Reflexology

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    I studied for my reflexology diploma nearly 25 years and in those days I spent a lot of time explaining to people what reflexology actually was. There were few articles about it and...

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