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Kylie Holmes is married to Eric and has three children; Jade (seven), Amba (five) and Baby Leo (six months old). Kylie runs Courses, Lectures and Workshops on Working with Angels, Energy Healing and Meditation and is an Intuitive Angel Therapist, Transpersonal Therapist and Counsellor.Kylie's other passion is writing fairy and angel stories for her two girls. If you have a story about children's imaginary friends, for her forthcoming book, you can contact her on Tel: 0870 780 8413; kylie.holmes@btinternet.com; www.touchedbyanangel.me.uk

Articles by Kylie Holmes

  1. Childhood Imaginary Friends

    Listed in psychospiritual

    This article looks into the world of make believe. According to the author imagination can be a child best friend or worst enemy. From imaginary playmates to scary night-time monste...

  2. Case Study Issue 117: How Three Miscarriages Have Affected Me

    Listed in case studies

    In this article on miscarriages, the author provides some first hand insight into how her miscarriages (three in all) affected her emotionally and how she coped.

  3. Sekhem - A Form of Ancient Egyptian Healing

    Listed in reiki

    This article teaches us about the ancient Egyptian healing art of Sekhem. Sekhem means the power of powers and is connected with our own empowerment for both healing and spiritual d...

Book reviews by Kylie Holmes

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