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  1. A Spotlight on Reiki Healing

    by Richard Eaton

    This review of the published research literature and organizations regarding Reiki is Richard’s last article written for Positive Health PH Online prior to his untimely and far too ...

  2. A Vision for Reiki Healing

    by Joan Hitchco

    The author, a Usui Tradition Reiki Master/Teacher, explains how she discovered the power of Reiki - meaning 'universal life force energy' - can be harnessed to clear blockages, bri...

  3. Evolving with Sekhem

    by Lina Ramchand

    Such is the transformational effect of this ancient Egyptian hands-on energy of Sekhem, which in early Egypt did not relate directly to healing but rather to a higher state of consc...

  4. Healing the Spirit with Reiki

    by Chris Parkes

    Throughout history healing methods based on the transfer of universal life force energy have always existed. Thousands of years ago, the Tibetans possessed a deep understanding of ...

  5. Reiki - Hands-on Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit

    by Sharon Baylis

    The author's involvement with Reiki began eight years ago while she was having a cut and blow dry and her hairdresser said she'd just had one of the best weekends of her life. Lear...

  6. Reiki - Healing and Harmony Through the Hands

    by Tanmaya Honervogt

    The author is a Reiki Master-teacher, healer, lecturer, author and seminar leader, who found that Reiki healing provided the answers to her long journey of self-exploration.

  7. Reiki - Healing Tool

    by Teresa Parrott

    A full Reiki treatment covers all the major organs, endocrine system, acupuncture meridians and chakra energy centres, and it can be used very effectively on a self-treatment bas...

  8. Reiki - Personal Journeys in Healing

    by Carol Welstand

    Today, there are probably more than a million people around the world who have Reiki. Perhaps you are wondering, as many people are at the moment, if you would benefit from havin...

  9. Reiki - The Gentle Healer

    by Graham Christie

    Roslyn Aston is a practising homeopath. In a road accident her right leg was severely crushed and had to be amputated above the knee. After the surgery she experienced phantom pa...

  10. Reiki as a Clinical Therapy

    by Andrew Chrysostomou and Dawn Mellowship

    The authors of this article are both trained reiki practitioners and they talk about Active Reiki - the form of Reiki that was developed by Mikao Usui. Active Reiki allows practiti...

  11. Reiki Attunements - A Personal Journey

    by Stanley Giles

    Stanley Giles, a nurse for 25 years, is also a Kinesiologist and Touch for Health Instructor, and a founder member of the Scottish Holistic Health Association, which teaches nurs...

  12. Reiki Belongs in Hospitals

    by Carole Easton

    One of the wonderful things with Reiki is that whilst you are giving it, you are also receiving it yourself, which means that in emergency situations, it is enabling you to stay ca...

  13. Reiki Today

    by Christine Johnston

    In the west, Reiki developed as a healing practice, in which the practitioner intention must be towards the well-being of the client. In the absence of contact with Japan, many heal...

  14. Reiki Training

    by Janice Tidy

    The technique is an ancient Japanese hands-on, hands-off method of healing that can be learnt by anyone. It is simple, powerful, harmless and complements other complementary therap...

  15. Reiki: A tool for personal and global transformation

    by Hannah Lambert

    The story of Dr Usui's rediscovery of the ancient hands-on healing system has now become familiar knowledge and its successes in the physical domain are well documented. It is prov...

  16. Sekhem - A Form of Ancient Egyptian Healing

    by Kylie Holmes

    This article teaches us about the ancient Egyptian healing art of Sekhem. Sekhem means the 'power of powers' and is connected with our own empowerment for both healing and spiritua...

  17. The Beauty of Reiki

    by Peter Campbell and Catherine Hill

    The word 'Reiki' means universal life energy. Broken down, the first syllable 'Rei' describes the universal, boundless aspect of this energy, while 'ki' is the vital life force ene...

  18. The Power of Reiki Techniques

    by Frans and Bronwen Stiene

    In this article on Reiki, the authors offer some practical hints for success in practising Reiki techniques and how to choose the technique which best suits individual practitioner...

  19. The Wisdom of Reiki Healing

    by Indira Joygobin

    Reiki is a spiritual practice, but is not aligned with any specific religion or belief system. Teaching is done in three levels.  The first is self healing, the second is healing ...

  20. Yi Dao Reiki

    by Master Tam

    Master Tam is a qualified Master of both Taoist and Tibetan Tantric spirituality and healing. Yi Dao Reiki is the first part of a secret knowledge that he wishes to restore to the ...

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