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Yi Dao Reiki

by Master Tam(more info)

listed in reiki, originally published in issue 92 - September 2003

I am a well-qualified and authoritative Master of both Taoist and Tibetan tantric spirituality and healing. My purpose, in this phase of my life, is to raise the standards of what is now being currently taught in the fields of energy work and spirituality, by restoring to the world what was once a whole body of traditional secret knowledge now almost completely lost.

Master Tam and a client
Master Tam and a client

The first part of the secret knowledge I want to present to the world is Yi Dao Reiki, which has been practised by Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist healing masters for over a thousand years. Its techniques and insights come directly from the ancient medical and spiritual classics written by the great physicians of their time.

I have further developed and refined this body of knowledge so that it fully addresses the needs of our present time and lifestyles with a standardized body of basic energy working skills that energy healers of any school should know and be competent in (See Table 1 Not Shown here).

Reiki and similar schools, have played an important part in the evolution of the personal awareness and re-empowering of the individual in terms of their health care. However, these schools of energy work, as they are currently being taught, represent only the shell of what the therapeutic possibilities are, when they are not combined with greater technical skill and accurate, traditional medical and spiritual theory.

The curricula of many energy schools I have encountered represent only the most basic training of skills in psychic and somatic awareness, and are, therefore, only the first step for people who want to go beyond basics, and learn a comprehensive and truly authentic system of healing.

Despite claims to be 'wholistic', few of the current styles of energy work have an accurate and clinically effective diagnostic procedure. Nor do many offer skills by which a client can maintain the perceived gains they have made. Many do not have in-depth understanding of the signs and symptoms of the various energy diseases and they do not know how to apply specific effects to the energy bio-system to achieve specific results.

Even when government laws forbid the practice of 'diagnosis', each school and practitioner should have a reliable method for their own reference points, as well as a systematic approach to the 'diagnosed' pattern of disease.

The inducement of relaxation through Reiki and other styles of energy work, even at presumably 'profound' levels, cannot, in any way be called 'wholisitc' therapy. Using the word 'wholistic' in this one-dimensional context, only emphasizes how big the 'gaping hole' really is in the associated, supposed body of knowledge.

It is important that energy healers have an honest understanding of what level of accurate knowledge and competent skill they are practising. To use a Zen metaphor – is your practice only at the level of the skin, or do you know and practise your subject at the marrow? Sadly, most practitioners, even 'masters', remain barely beyond the skin. They mistake unrelated pieces of information for authentic and testable knowledge.

In the training within the Yi Dao Reiki System, many secrets are taught. Knowing these secrets will help you to formulate the deeper questions that are already taking shape inside you. When my students can ask these questions, then I take them to another level of insight and skill.

Yi Dao's specialized training will take you far beyond your present level of skill in the areas of energy and spiritual healing. It will give you the practical knowledge and experience of what energy and consciousness really are, especially at the different levels of reality.

The World Mission of Yi Dao Reiki

As many would agree, the world as a whole has moved to a higher level of personal and group consciousness over the last 20 years. This shift in human self-responsibility and personal consciousness, requires a new, yet ancient and well-proven, method of training for the maturing of the future healing and spiritual masters.

The Yi Dao Reiki System, as taught by an authentic medical and spiritual lineage and tradition, meets the needs of the Healing Masters of the future.

With the Yi Dao Reiki System begins the next great stage in the evolution of profound personal, social and universal healing and consciousness all over the world.

There are no attunements in Yi Dao Reiki, but there are skills to learn and be tested upon. Why no attunements? It is for a number of reasons, both traditional and critical.

It has bothered me for some time that Reiki Masters that I have had treatments with firstly had very low energy flowing through their hands and, secondly, had constantly wavering concentration.

If someone has a Master degree in energy attunement and healing, you might expect their hands to be more alive and vital. Does this mean that their initiating Reiki Master did not, in fact, connect them to the universal energy? And in terms of the people they are in turn initiating, what is their level of 'connection'?

During an initiation, how does the 'Master' measurably know how much of this 'connection' the student has received, and how much of this 'connection' the student is able to hold on to? To believe that the connection is continually held, without any effort on the part of the student, is ludicrous. I would suggest that no objective, checking method for this exists, and saying that it is 'intuitive' would be nonsense. Even at higher, psychic levels, if you truly know what you are doing, everything is objectively measurable.

Of a thousand practitioners of any art, there are always a few who are outstanding in the practice and understanding of their art, because of their own innate greatness. These people tend to carry the reputations and claims of the rest.

Many people claim to be distant healers; however I would challenge this claim for the one reason that these people have no objective method of determining the therapeutic effectiveness of their projection. This is not to say that many innately skilful practitioners don't get amazing results, but that these accomplished practitioners of their art carry the rest who don't.

In the Yi Dao Reiki System, I have a policy of 'Stand and Deliver' for both my students and myself. So instead of making empty claims of expertise, we rigorously test our effectiveness in everything we therapeutically do. As a result, Yi Dao Reiki practitioners know what clinically works with full confidence and certainty. I have devised a clinically objective test for the Yi Dao Reiki skills in distance work.

Some years ago, when I was a little bored while giving a beginners Chi Kung class, I taught these students how to do organ specific distant healing. The distance used was only 20 metres away, but it was enough to prove the point. Each person in the class was able to successfully complete the exercise. One of the students in the class was experiencing gall bladder pain, which, during the experiment, was reduced to half intensity. By the next day, he was pain free.

The Yi Dao Reiki System is the perfected integration of higher Taoist and Tantric medical/spiritual psychology and insight, together with the path of profound healing skills.

It is comprised of 13 branches, each of which is both a general and specialist area of healing in itself. This makes it a truly wholistic path of healing, which has no equal in the world today. These branches comprise:

  1. Mantra and sacred sound therapy;
  2. Dietary therapy;
  3. Energy healing, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion;
  4. Feng Shui and astrology;
  5. Chi Kung, general exercise and Internal Martial Arts like Hsing Yi, Pa Kua and Tai Chi Chuan;
  6. Herbal medicine;
  7. Psychotherapy and psycho-spiritual integration;
  8. Meditation from basic level to highly advanced skills of internal alchemy;
  9. Affecting through magic;
  10. Exorcism;
  11. Prescription of a personal spiritual practice or sadhana;
  12. Direct spiritual transmission from the practitioner to the client;
  13. Accurate predictive methods.

What is a 'Master'?

When people claim the title 'Master', I believe this means that they have completed an apprenticeship with a well-qualified and authoritative Master of a living, spiritual, medical or yogic tradition, and are accomplished in a body of accurate theory and authentic traditional knowledge, that has been passed from teacher to student over several generations.

In the tradition I trained in and now practise, a student was awarded the title of Master when they had completed their training and could actualize:

  • Being a 'baggage free' and integrated individual;
  • Being a practitioner of both intellectual and perceptual rigour;
  • Having direct experience at the higher levels of at least two traditional and living spiritual traditions;
  • Having direct experience of the many levels of reality that are beyond any religious doctrine or 'ism';
  • Being a mature practitioner of a classical medical system that fully integrates with their yogic and spiritual training;
  • Having a wide understanding of how all other spiritual systems work.

In the Yi Dao Reiki System, our behavioural training is based upon seven tenets and three principles. Learning to wholly live the seven tenets and three principles is a profound spiritual path in itself, without the need to learn anything else. The seven and three, themselves, will reveal all kinds of secrets to you. When they are married to your healing or other path-work, the true inner teachings of your practice will reveal themselves to you. This level of training is ultimately about intellectually learning less but refining yourself more.

The Seven Tenets of the Yi Dao Lineage©

  • Resolve and release your past;
  • Be present most of the time;
  • Know why you do what you do most of the time;
  • Cultivate intellectual and perceptual rigour;
  • Be connected to a higher power and be able to demonstrate it;
  • Be world-focused, rather than self-centred;
  • Cultivate conscious connectedness to everything, both within yourself and outside yourself, and be able to demonstrate it.

The Three Principles of the Yi Dao Lineage©

  • Everything needs to be acknowledged for who or what it really is;
  • Everything seeks to fulfil itself through actualizing its purpose;
  • All things seek union with all other things.

As you can see, the Yi Dao Reiki System is the new benchmark in the training and practice of healing and applied consciousness for at least the next 50 years, or at least until a further maturing of personal and world consciousness emerges. I look forward to this new emergence, as we are all only part of the evolutionary history of humankind.


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About Master Tam

About the Author Master Tam is the founder of The Yi Dao Lineage, Yi Dao Healing System, Yi Dao Feng Shui, Yi Dao Reiki, Yi Dao Reflexology, and creator of the Finally Free Emotional Release and Transpersonal Re-Integration Process. With over 30 years experience, he is an acknowledged Master in the following subjects: Meditation from basic skills to higher levels of internal alchemy, Yi Dao Reiki, Yi Dao Feng Shui, Tantric Magic, Tantra Yoga, Exorcism, Spiritual Psychology, Taoist Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Taoist and Buddhist profound energy work, Yi Dao Reflexology, Yi Dao Bodymind release and re-integration. He can be contacted on

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